Chevy Bel Air Cruiser Of Fenrirkin


Sire: Kenai Aningan At Kaekuta 
(Chief Red Cloud of Kebuck x Ebony Ice)


Dam: Klukwan Ice Maiden For Kaekuta
(Chief Red Cloud of Kebuck x Jiva Nanook)


D.O.B: 14th July 2007


Stan is neutered.



Where do I begin with Stan? My first mal and my steep learning curve into this breed.

Best described as an enthusiastic and people-orientated individual, he has the qualities of a true artisan clown, who will pose with a regal air before performing a slapstick move - especially if there is a pretty lady around (human or canine) to whom he can show off his general silliness!

He vastly enjoys his creature comforts, and when not sneaking up onto the sofa (sometimes less sneaking and more collapsing onto your knees) will often be found laying around like a malamute rug.

He enjoys a tolerant relationship with all the younger dogs, but his real role in the pack for 9 years of his life was as part of my "old married couple" with Maya, taking her continual tellings off for having too much fun in great humour and being her kennel mate and companion until she passed at 13.5 years of age.

After her passing, he was paired up with my German boy Harry in kennels, who dotes on him and has proven a breath of fresh air for him in his later years.

Sadly Stan’s journey from puppyhood to adulthood hasn’t been an easy one health wise, with a fair few hiccups along the way, but despite all this Stan has a definite trooper.

Though I suspect that even as a youngster if given the choice he would prefer a slow walk with plenty of opportunities for meandering and sniffing, Stan undoubtedly enjoyed his brief working life. In his early days he would often run in harness on either the rig or scooter with Maya, and upon occasion some of his family. His poor hips meant this was short lived, but he did get to enjoy some slower-paced backpacking trips which gave him ample opportunity to mark everything in sight.

I owe so much to Stan, for what he taught me as a first time Malamute owner, and for what we have been through together. He changed my life for the better and means the absolute world to me.

Aged 11 years, enjoying the sunshine at home.

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