While the historic purpose of the Alaskan Malamute is as a working dog, I must admit that when I first brought one into my home I just wanted an active companion to explore the outdoors with and had no real interest in formal working disciplines.


However at some point Stan's breeder persuaded us to stick him in an X-back and try him on the rig with his parents. From that tentative start, I knew I wanted to try more, and the main reason I wanted a second dog was to have a team mate to work with Stan in harness.

From that small start, I went on to try different aspects of working - such as backpacking and weightpulling - and it soon became apparent this was something I wanted to continue to enjoy with my dogs in the future, and that working drive was something very important to me in any future additions to our pack and ultimately led to my first Greenland Dog addition.

I have worked with all of my dogs - each of them different in what they enjoy and do best. These have become one of the most fun and rewarding activities we enjoy together, and with AMCA working title legs earned on the way by the Malamutes - as well as competition and Championship wins by both breeds in weightpull & dryland racing - the hard work put in by them is in turn recognised.


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