Birk x Alice Autumn 2023

** PUPPIES BORN 03.11.23 **

The first week

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2 Weeks Old

4.5 Weeks Old

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The Planned Litter


We were super excited to announce our Autumn breeding plans, with a successful mating taking place between our own Alice & the handsome Birk (both pictured below in wheel, enjoying a training run as part of a 9 dog team whilst on holiday together earlier in the year) and puppies born early November 2023.

Birk & Alice

Sire of the litter, Birk (a Norwegian reference to the Birch tree for those English speakers like myself) is bred by Gisle Uren (Kennel Rennfokk) & owned by Therese Øye whom he lives with in Norway.

Birk enjoying a rest break.

Although only shown a handful of times pre-Covid, Birk possesses 3x Excellent / 1st place awards (including claiming a CK CERT towards his NOR CH title) and having had the pleasure of meeting him in person I can confirm he has pleasing overall construction with ample bone for his size, balanced construction and a wonderful, masculine headpiece without any coarseness – all traits he shares with his littermates and immediate family who, although generally worked more than shown, have between them gained numerous Excellent Grades, Best of Breed & Speciality Show wins across multiple countries.

Our first meeting with lots of smiles all round!

In harness he is strong and capable, easily able to go from a solo worker to slotting in with a family team without any issues and showing the typical, amiable temperament that his pedigree would suggest.
His family too have completed numerous races and expeditions with great success and have promisingly passed these traits onto their offspring both within Gisle's own breeding programme and elsewhere, so we are hopeful he too will pass on these strong genes.

Birk pictured in wheel with Gisle's family team.

Dam of the litter, Alice, was imported into the UK by myself in 2019. She is bred by Marit Anes of the Suna-Sanik Kennel and is from a pairing between two Suna-Sanik bred parents, both of whom are Champion titled in their native Norway and share multiple show accolades. As with Birk, Alice possesses a strong working pedigree, with her Mum, Aunt, Uncle and Cousins all proven workers in Marit’s team, earning Norwegian Trek Champion titles and with numerous racing accolades under their belt - including placing at prestigious races such as the Polardistans & Finnmarksløpet.

Alice aged 4 years (Photo Credit: Jenny Shorer-Wheeler)

Alice herself has the sweetest of personalities - generally non-reactive with other dogs and spending most of her time either on her back for tummy tickles or on two legs for kisses. This kind nature has made her a fantastic breed representative at multiple KC Discover Dog events and breed seminars where she very much enjoys wooing her crowd.

Alice at KC Discover Dogs March 2023

Alice has proven a real dual purpose girl and a fabulous foundation for our kennel, possessing her Irish & Swiss Show Champion titles (as well as being pointed towards International, French, Netherlands & Belgium Champion awards) and holding multiple show accolades, with over 20 Championship Show Best Bitch awards across 6 different countries including Crufts Best Bitch 2020 & Best of Breed at the Championnat de France whilst attending the Paris EDS 2022 (where she also claimed the European Winner title).

Alice with daughter Jess at a Polar Speciality in Denmark

In harness she is a motivated and consistent worker - always keeping the line tight and full of enthusiasm whether running with dogs from within our own kennel or with others - and can claim podium places in every rally she has attended alongside a weightpull personal best of over 20x her bodyweight in competition.

Alice running in lead with a friend's Greenland male & daughter Jess in wheel.

Our first litter from Alice was in 2020 and we couldn’t be more happy with how she and Dylan (our resident black dog) produced in terms of temperament, type & work ethic.

Alice and her newborns in December 2020

Her offspring have made us super proud and between them can claim multiple breed records & firsts, including the current UK weightpull breed record holder for both overall percentage of bodyweight pulled & highest weight pulled by a female, the first Greenland Dog Show Certificate of Excellent title holder (whose Open Show accolades also include being the first & only Greenland to win a Reserve Best In Show at an all Breed Open Show & to hold multiple group wins), the first female / UK bred Greenland to place in a UK Championship Puppy Group - not to mention Crufts Best of Breed / Best Bitch /  Reserve Best Bitch winners, World & European Winner title holders as well as a rally & weightpull podium placers and breed seminar / KC Discover Dogs breed representatives.
With such a strong debut, it can be understood why we have such high hopes for her second litter.

Crufts 2023 Open Bitch Class seeing Alice (right) with three of her daughters

Alice & Birk both share a typical Greenland expression and head piece, with lovely, oblique eyes, moderate overall size with balanced angulation and solid bone, traits likely to be shared with their offspring along with their high energy, tactile and people-orientated natures.
With this in mind, we expect the temperaments to be very loving but likely quite high in working drive so certainly not for the first time sled dog owner, but with sharing a solid pedigree of proven show & working dogs behind them and we have high hopes this anticipated enthusiasm can be channelled well by any future puppy owners.

Birk on a restbreak. Photo Credit: Gisle Uren

Both parents are hip scored below breed average (Birk HD-A & Alice BVA 11) and as a member of the Greenland Dog Club of GB this breeding will abide by their Code of Ethics, in line with the UK RKC regulations.

All puppies will be Kennel Club Registered with endorsements (export pedigrees to be made available for those registered outside the UK).

Puppies will be wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and weaned on both raw food and dry food.

Puppy buyers will be expected to sign a contract ensuring the puppy is returned to the breeder in the event they are no longer able to keep them but in return will receive lifetime support from ourselves.

Alice enjoying a weightpull competition

We welcome anybody interested in learning more about the breed or this pairing to get in contact with us for a chat.


Please use the 'Contact' link to send us a message.

Birk in wheel with his family.