Dylan x Alice - December 2020

** PUPPIES BORN 04.12.2020 **


1 Boy & 5 Girls...


The First Few Days...

1 Week Individual Shots

2 Week Individual Shots

3.5 Week - Sleep & Play Pics

4.5 Week Individual Candids

5 Week - Group and First Attempts at Individual Stands

Just under 6 weeks - enjoying their first snow experience

7 Week Individual Stood Photos

After several years of ownership of the breed, we were very excited to announce our first Greenland Dog litter – an exciting event here in the UK being only the second litter registered for the breed in this country since 2015!!

The sire of the litter is Dylan - IRE / POL / HUN / BEL / NED /  LUX / INT / BNLX CH Sledog Brutte Coffea Del Fenrirkin (AnCh'17, CW'18'19, GW'19, AW'19,  BW.NL'18.BE'18'19, WW'18, EW'18'19)

Bred in the UK by Nicola Singh & Stuart Winterton of the affix Sledog, Dylan is from their breeding between Puck & Java, both dogs imported from the Tasermiut kennel in Norway who made their impact in the UK Show Ring with 4x Crufts Best of Breeds between them alongside many other awards & achievements.

Dylan has not disappointed in making them proud in the show ring and is possibly one of the most highly titled Greenland dogs in Europe. His page can give more details, but he boasts 8 Champion titles, 16 Winners titles, 37 Best of Breeds from FCI Championship Shows with group shortlists in Ireland & Belgium as well as a breed first with Group 3 in Ireland. 

Here in the UK he has 20 Best of Breeds / BAVNSCs from UK Championship Shows, 27 Best of Breeds / BAVNSCs & Multiple Group Placings from UK Open Shows (including a group win, one of only 3 GDs with this accolade), not to mention Top Greenland Dog in the Our Dogs Competition in 2018 & 2019 and Top Greenland Dog in the GDCGB GDOTY Competition from 2016 – 2019.


Not just doing me proud in the show ring, he has proved a strong worker, currently being the breed record holder in weightpull here in the UK with a pull of 1700lb / 21x his bodyweight. As well as running with my Malamutes in longer distance 10-15 mile treks, he has multiple rally class wins & placements running with dogs of different breed & ages from my own and others kennels.

He passed his KC GCDS Puppy Foundation obedience award at 4 months of age and has represented the breed at multiple seminars and Discover Dogs events too, making him an all round ambassador for the breed in the UK.

In character Dylan is an intelligent, charismatic & affectionate, but fairly intense and strong willed; he puts 100% into everythng he puts his mind to (even if that is ignoring you or destroying an item of his choosing) making him hard work sometimes, with a stubborn streak but an appealing eccentricity.

He is a large male at the top end of the UK standard with a harsh coat, good length of leg, strong topline and balanced angulation. He is hip scored under the breed average and has been eye tested clear in Autumn 2016 & 2020.

The dam of the litter is Alice - Suna-Sanik's Freidige Alice Av Fenrirkin (BJW.BE'19)

Bred by Marit Anes of the Suna-Sanik kennel, she comes from two Suna-Sanik bred parents – Pocahontas & Storm - both of whom are Champion titled in their Native Norway and share multiple show accolades.

She also comes from a strong working pedigree, with her Mum, Aunt, Uncle and Cousins all proven workers in Marit’s team, earning Norwegian Trek Champion titles alongside numerous racing accolades under their belt - including placing at prestigious races such as the Polardistans & Finnmarksløpet.

Here in the UK, Alice has certainly made her mark in the show ring – in her first 12 months of showing she earned 8 Best Bitch / BOS awards - including Crufts 2020! - alongside 3 Best Puppy awards at Championship Shows, plus 5 Best of Breeds, 5 Best Puppy & 1 Puppy Group placing at Open Shows.

Outside the UK she started both her Champion & Junior Champion titles with wins in Ireland, Netherlands & Belgium, although thanks to both Brexit and the Coronavirus pandemic those are currently on hold.

Her efforts gained her Runner Up Top Greenland Dog, Top Bitch & Top Puppy in the GDCGB GDOTY Competition for 2018/19.

Not just a pretty face in the ring she has shown a promising start as a worker, with great drive and focus keeping the bigger boys in their toes.

She had her first weightpull competition in December 2019,  giving her a personal best of 16x her bodyweight, and her first rally experience in January 2020 where she & Dylan placed 1st in their class!

In character she is utterly cheeky but a complete sweetheart, generally either on 2 legs for hugs or on her back for tummy scrubs. She is very people orientated and super playful – if a bit pushy – with other dogs, making her a delight to have around, albeit a very stubborn one who specialises in escape artistry when she grows bored!

Like Dylan, she too has earned her KC GCDS Puppy Foundation award and has represented the breed at Discover Dogs and breed seminars, very much enjoying the attention.

Alice shares with Dylan a typical Greenland expression and head piece. She is more compact in build and more moderate in angulation but very well balanced, with solid bone and a dense, harsh coat, traits likely to be shared with their offspring.

She has also been hip scored under the breed average and was eye tested as clear in September 2020.

Both are very intelligent, high energy and very tactile, people-orientated dogs, and so we expect the temperaments to be very loving but likely quite demanding and challenging, so certainly not for the first time sled dog owner, but with sharing a solid pedigree of proven show & working dogs behind them and we have high hopes this drive will be evident and can be channeled well by any future puppy owners.


Alongside Suna-Sanik & Tasermiut, the pedigree boasts many influential kennels on both sides including Racystar, Tinkas & Qornoq's Arctic. It is largely an outcross but linebreeds slightly on NO-UCH NO-TCH Suna-Sanik's Hunting Skar & NO-TCH Suna-Sanik's Frontrunner Era (see pedigree albums on the dogs individual pages for photos of their ancestors).

As a member of the Greenland Dog Club of GB, this breeding will abide by their Code of Ethics, in line with the UK Kennel Clubs regulations.
All puppies will be UK KC Registered with endorsements (export pedigrees to be made available for those registered outside the UK).
Puppies will be wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and weaned on both raw food and dry food.

Puppy buyers will be expected to sign a contract ensuring the puppy is returned to the breeder in the event they are no longer able to keep them but in return will receive lifetime support from ourselves.

We welcome anybody interested in learning more about the breed or this pairing to get in contact with us for a chat.

Please use the 'Contact' link to send us a message.