NAME: IRE / SUI CH Suna-Sanik's Freidige Alice Av Fenrirkin (EW'22, LW-FR'22, BJW-BE'19)

Sire: NO UCH Suna-Sanik's Arctic Storm
(NO-UCH NV-17 Tinka's Wamp x NO UCH / NO-TCH Suna-Sanik's Twilight Bromba NORDV-14 NV-14)


Dam: NO-UCH / NO-TCH Suna-Sanik's Wanted Pocahontas

(Amkida's Ajugakangitok Amarok  x NO-TCH Suna-Sanik's Longdistance Devdi)

DOB: 28th September 2018

Hips: BVA 11 (R5 / L6)
Eyes: Eyes: Clear Sep-20



Show Results (& judges critiques if available)



Irish Champion
Swiss Show Champion

European Winner 2022

Latin Winner (FR) 2022

Benelux Junior Winner (BE) 2019

Crufts Best Bitch 2020
GDCGB GDOTY Top Bitch / BOS 2019 & 20
GDCGB GDOTY Top Puppy 2019

KC GCDS Puppy Foundation Obedience Award

KC Discover Dogs Breed Representative (March & October 2019)


At UK Championship Shows (AVNSC & Breed Classes)...

1 x Best of Breed
11 x Best Bitch in Breed (including 1 x Crufts)!

8 x Reserve Best Bitch in Breed (including 1 x Crufts)!

3 x Best Puppy in Breed
Crufts Qualified 2020-23


At FCI Championship Shows...

Irish Champion
Swiss Show Champion

European Winner 2022

Latin Winner (FR) 2022

Benelux Junior Winner (BE) 2019

6 x BOB (4x IRE, 1x FRA, 1x NED)

3 x BOS (2x BEL, 1x NED)

3 x RBOB (IRE)
5 x CACIB (2x SUI, 3x FRA)

16 x CAC (7x IRE, 4x FRA, 3x SWISS, 2x NED)

2 x Best Puppy in Breed (IRE)


At Open Shows (AVNSC & Breed Classes)...

7 x Best of Breed / BAVNSC

5 x Reserve Best of Breed

1 x Best Special Yearling
5 x Best Puppy
1 x Working Puppy Group 2


In Harness

Weightpull - PB of 900lb / 16.4x bodyweight

1x 1st D3 Class (SHCGB Rally)

1x 2nd in ASFDC Class (AMWA Rally)

In 2019, we welcomed our first female Greenland to the pack - Alice!

She comes from Marit Ånes of Suna-Sanik Kennel in Norway and is cousin to our Noah with their mother's being littermates.


Her Mum, Pocahontas, was a loving girl and a big character as well as an accomplished lead dog in Marit's Team, including stints in single lead for 300km of the prestigious PolarDistans race. She has also earned many excellent accolades in the show ring as well as her Norwegian Champion title & Norwegian Trek Champion title.

Her father is also bred by Marit, and is a sweet boy who has seen much success in showing, including BOB, CAC & CACIB wins culminating in his Champion title.

Already Alice is proving a wonderful mix of sweet-stubbornness and cheeky-energy.
Always ready for cuddles (on two legs and with a running start where possible) she might be one of the smallest dog in our kennels but she more than makes up for it in attitude and certainly keeps the boys in check.

Her show career has started well, with a trip over to Ireland in Mid-March for her first Baby Puppy classes where she gained back to back 1st / Very Promising gradings, and then at 6 months and 2 days she had her first UK Open Show experience, winning her Junior class and then not only winning Best Puppy but Reserve Best of Breed!
Since then, she has picked up the pace in the UK show scene, with numerous Best Bitch & Reserve Best Bitch wins over older competition at Championship Show level, plus Best Puppy & Puppy Group placings at Open Shows and even stealing a Best of Breed or two from the older boys.
In the Summer, she started to show more in Europe and started both her Irish & Netherlands Champion titles, as well as gaining points towards Junior Champion titles the Benelux Junior Winner title in Liege, Belgium. Sadly a combination of Brexit & Covid-19 meant none of these Junior Champion titles could be closed but we are still proud of her awards.

2020 of course has proven a strange year, with the coronavirus outbreak essentially stopping a majority of shows after Crufts, but in the 3 or so months available so far Alice has had a strong start, with class wins, an Open Show BAVNSC & BOB, not to mention Best Bitch at her Crufts debut! What a clever girl!

After giving birth to a beautiful litter of puppies in December 2020 (sired by our resident black dog Dylan), she was more than happy to get back onto the UK show scene when it recommenced in June 2021, Alice enjoyed sharing the ring with her daughters and had a fantastic set of results over the 4 months, including her first UK Champ Show Best of Breed at NW&PBS alongside 3 Best Bitch & 3 Reserve Best Bitch, as well as 2 Open Show Reserve Best of Breeds.

We also had the pleasure of getting back over to Europe between lockdowns in November, where she earned herself 5 CACs, 3 CACIBs and closed her Swiss Show Champion title!

2022 started well for Alice, with a number of Open Show Best of Breeds / Reserve Best of Breeds and multiple Reserve Best Bitch awards at Champ Shows, largely behind her daughters Jess & Zippy (including Crufts 2022), whose wins at this level secured her the award of Our Dogs UK Top Brood Bitch 2022.

She also took another trip to France with us in April to compete at the European Dog Show and Championnat De France, where not only did she win the CAC / CACIB and European / Latin Winners titles on both days, but also claimed Best of Breed at the Championnat!
She also picked up multiple Best of Breeds / Green Stars in Ireland over July / August, closing her Irish Champion title, being the first female Greenland Dog IKC Champion.

With such a good working pedigree it is no surprise she has taken well to working in harness, placing third against more experienced competition with a pull of 16 her bodyweight in her first weightpull competition, and is already proving a motivated team dog on the rig.
She had her first competitive experience running alongside Dylan at SHCGB Sherwood in January 2020, and came away with a trophy for 1st place in their class!

And proving she is not just a pretty face in the show ring, Alice is also one of only 7 Greenland Dogs to gain a KC GCDS Puppy Foundation obedience award here in the UK - 2 of whom are her daughters - passing the requirements just shy of her 6 month birthday. And has also been a willing breed representative at Discover Dogs on more than one occasion.

We have high hopes for what Alice can bring to the breed in this country and hope she will make her family proud :)