Alanna's Handling

Having initially avoided going in the ring, I soon realised that it could actually be quite an enjoyable experience and took to handling dogs for others, as well as my own.

Starting with my first breeds (Alaskan Malamutes) it wasn't long before I moved to other sled dogs (Greenlands, CEDs & Siberian Huskies) and then onto other Spitz breeds (ranging in size from Norwegian Buhunds through to Akitas). Having gained my confidence in familiar territory, it has been a delight to find myself at the end of the lead to a variety of breeds, largely in the Working & Pastoral Group (ranging from Tibetan Mastiffs & German Shepherds through to Rough Collies & Hungarian Pumis) but also beyond (Rhodesian Ridgebacks & Czechoslovakian Wolfdogs two such examples). These have varied in age and experience, from CC winners & veterans in double figures  through to 6 month old puppies & dogs at their first shows. I am proud to say that at Champ Shows I have taken multiple BOB, CCs / CACs, CACIBs & Group shortlists - alongside class wins and Crufts qualifying places – but most importantly of all, me and the dogs have had fun!


My sincere thanks to everyone who has entrusted me with their beautiful dogs so far. I look forward to making more canine friends in the ring in the near future :)


Please view gallery below for some shots of my handling in action (hover mouse over the pic to view details).

Handling Gallery