Harry's Results

Date Show Judge Class Place  


2023 Results

23/09/2023 Great Yarmouth Gorleston & District CS Premier Open Show Heather Snelson (Ashtrax) Open 2nd & Reserve Best of Breed  
30/08/2023 Norfolk & Norwich CS Premier Open Show Doug Bedford (Chateaunewf) Open 2nd & Reserve Best of Breed CRITIQUE:
"This 10 year old was full of life today, excellent size and a very pleasing head with good depth to his muzzle and correct pigmentation, good transition through stop to broad enough topskull and well set ears of good shape, he is well ribbed and in excellent condition, I would like a tad more bone for his size but he carries himself so well and moved with great enthusiasm powering around the ring. RBOB"
13/05/2023 Redditch & DCS Toni Jackson (Elbereth) Open 1st & Best of Breed CRITIQUE "Correct wedge head, broad in skull and strong muzzle , good eye and ear. Moderate angles moved very well especially for 10 year old. Good firm topline with correct slope. BOB"
07/05/2023 AMCUK Speciality Open Show Marina Page (Cedarcreek) Special Working Certified Dog 2nd  
07/05/2023 AMCUK Speciality Open Show Ed Forsey (Muzoku) Special Veteran Dog (10+ Years) 2nd CRITIQUE: "Good sized male, pleasing head with strong neck well set on shoulders. Not quite front angulation of 1st. He had a good length of leg to body. Well sprung rib. Slightly longer in body than some, nice turn of stifle at rear. Well toned throughout and moved with good extension front and rear."
28/01/2023 Lichfield CS Premier Open Show Glynne Payne (Fearnought) Veteran 1st, Best Veteran & Reserve Best of Breed  


2022 Results


26/11/2022 The Nordic Open Show Doug Bedford (Chateaunewf) Veteran 2nd & Reserve Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "9-year male, very well balanced and of good size, another correct in head, with nice arch to neck and excellent topline, plenty of body but not as well off for bone as 1, well angled especially to rear which allowed him to move really well on a difficult surface."
16/10/2022 Aberystwyth & DCS Open Show Kris Kinglsey (Dainoak) Open & AV Working Veteran 2nd & Best Veteran in Working Group CRITIQUE: "9.5yo balanced male of good type, excellent markings and coat texture, well-proportioned head with lovely dark, obliquely set eyes, strong neck, moderately sloping shoulders, well off for bone, good feet but slightly looser with age, correct topline, moderately bent stifles, hocks well let down, good tailset, a lot to like with this dog, but not the movement of 1, and just giving away a few merits which were age-related in the breed class. AV Working Veteran winner."
28/08/2022 Horley & DCS Open Show Elizabeth Dziergas (Nunataq) Open 1st & Best of Breed  
15/05/2022 AMCUK Speciality Open Show Lisa Mort (Arcticbreeze) Special Working Certified Dog 1st CRITIQUE: "9 year old, grey and white male with ears larger than my preference but still a quality male shown in fit condition. Good length of leg and correct sloping topline, I would have preferred more width of chest but he still moved inside this smaller indoor ring with plenty of reach & drive."
15/05/2022 AMCUK Speciality Open Show Tate Forsey (Muzoku) Special Veteran Dog (7-9 Years) 2nd CRITIQUE: "This boy exudes power on the move and could quite easily work all day I’m sure He has a super personality and really made his handler work hard to contain his energy. Plenty of bone and substance, very good coat texture and large feet. Excellent tail which waved constantly. Broad skull nice thick ear leather and well toned all through."
09/04/2022 Wellingborough & DCS Premier Open Show Marina Page (Cedarcreek) Veteran 2nd CRITIQUE: "9 year old who did not cope with the floor very well which reflected in his movement. Lovely boy with a happy go lucky attitude, Nice head, dark almond eye, correct bite, neck strong, slight sloping topline with straight back. This boy has one of the best coat texture with a real harshness to it. Correct tail set carried well, ample bone with large compact feet, what I did see finally in movement was true going round the ring"
10/03/2022 Crufts Championship Show Keith Givens (Shomont) Veteran Dog Reserve  
27/02/2022 Cheltenham & DCS Open Show Racheal Bailey (Akna) Open 1st & Best of Breed ** ShCEx Title Closed **

CRITIQUE: "I had an entry of 8 sadly with 5 absent on the day. The three remaining dogs didn’t disappoint all with wonderful temperament and well handled. It’s interesting judging dogs at different times of the year and how condition and coat can be vastly divergent...  Open. 1st... another dog I judged previously now just shy of his 9th birthday. Similar style to the puppy with so many breed characteristics such as correct slightly sloping top line, waving plume of a tail set on well and steady, ground covering gait which won him his challenge against the bitch and puppy. Front angulation a little upright compared to rear which is moderate with excellent drive. His coat and body condition were fantastic and I feel he almost knew he was on show today as he was a little excited at times, hard to believe he is a veteran. A well deserved BOB today."
19/02/2022 Ashington & DCS Premier Open Show Linda Pierson (Kiltonoaf) Open 2nd  
05/02/2022 Isle of Ely CS Premier Open Show Adrian Bicknell (Shimano) Open 2nd & RBOB CRITIQUE: "A 9 year old male of good size and still with a spring in his step. Very nice head type, well proportioned to body. Good clear eyes well set ears and strong muzzle. Strong neck with correct arch, strong shoulders and correct straight front. Good chest and correct topline. Powerful rear with good angles. Powered round the ring full of energy. Res BOB"
29/01/2022 Lichfield CS Open Show Josh Henderson (Olijah) Open 1st & RBOB CRITIQUE: "9 yrs male who belies his age totally, super condition and very fit, won this class on his profile movement which was the most fluent, had power, reach and drive. As he can be a little OTT on the energy side he doesn't present himself well on the stack. Head is strong with correct expression but lacks a little fill under the eye. Almond eye with small triangular ears. A little short in neck which he tended to roach his topline at times. Correct 'C' tail. Strong second thigh and upper. Moved true coming and going. I would like more depth of chest. RBOB"
03/01/2022 Worcester & Malvern CS Open Show Lorraine Ratter (Seafar) AV Working Veteran 3rd ** Veteran Warrant Title Closed **
03/01/2022 Worcester & Malvern CS Open Show John Ritchie (Dykebar) Open 2nd  


2021 Results

28/12/2021 Ashbourne & DCS Open Show Pete Simmons (Simmovon) AV Working Veteran 3rd Also VHC in AVNSC Working Open
28/11/2021 Sunderland & DCS Premier Open Show Michelle Blackburn (Mobox) Open 2nd Also Res in AV Working Veteran (judge Susan Benyon)
07/11/2021 Coventry (Foleshill) CS Open Show Gaving Robertson (Soletrader) Open 3rd Also 3rd in AV Working Veteran (judge Christina Chapman)
19/09/2021 Sheringham & DKA Open Show AV: Maggie Foreman (Marazzo)

BIS: Rachel Barney (Verrami)
AV Working Veteran 1st & Best Veteran In Show AV CRITIQUE:
"Impressive & handsome 8 yr old d Strong hd, with a well proportioned body, excellent bone and angulation front & rear. Overall well balanced, nice feet in ex coat and moved with drive. BWV & delighted to hear he was BVIS Congratulations"

"Powerfully built dog who was shown in lovely condition, broad head, well set eyes, well made front & rear, with a strong body, moved out with a powerful drive."
19/09/2021 Sheringham & DKA Open Show Helen Gutteridge (Qiqern) Open 2nd CRITIQUE: "G/W male 8 years. Very friendly temperament. Lighter in bone and with less tight feet [than 1st]. He has a well proportioned body and correct leg length with strong pasterns. Good topline. His side gait covers a lot of ground, but less tidy coming and going than the bitch"
15/09/2021 Thame & Oxfordshire County CS Open Show AV: Avril Roper (Tokosha)

BIS: Jeff Horswell (Drakesleat)
AV Working Veteran 1st & Best Veteran In Show AV CRITIQUE:
"Stands strong & power is evident in this Veteran. A nice head well carried. Broad skull with correctly placed medium colour eyes. Neck is strong & well set. Good proportions over all with plenty of bone. Moved effortlessly. BVIS"

Six lovely veterans came forward, all in great form. Best veteran in show went to the Malamute... He is such a sound dog, full of personality. Well made, in correct coat and with a lovely tail."
15/09/2021 Thame & Oxfordshire County CS Open Show Ed Forsey (Muzoku) Open 2nd & RBOB CRITIQUE:
"Veteran male of good size and firm muscle tone throughout. Correct dentition and hazel eyes set obliquely, moderate stop. Well arched neck, quite tall boy but with good lay of shoulder, sloping topline and nice turn of stifle which propelled him well on the move - RBOB"
30/08/2021 Great Yarmouth Gorleston & DCS Cath Moffat (Kyleca) AV Working Veteran 1st CRITIQUE:
"Free moving 8 year old Alaskan Malamute with masculine head and expression. Good feet and bone, nicely angulated in front and rear with sound top-line. Well muscled and fit."

Also 3rd Open Alaskan Malamute under judge Sue Bird (Bridus)
26/08/2021 AMCUK Speciality Open Show Joe Smith (Mowgli) Special Veteran Dog (7-9 Years) VHC Handler: Donna Jarvis
16/08/2021 Bournemouth Championship Show Sarah Robinson (Rigrunner) Veteran Dog 1st CRITIQUE:
"Big boy, naked for coat currently, has matured very well, correct sloping topline, snipier through head than others and hampered by the very small ring, well-handled and enjoying his life as usual"
25/07/2021 Leeds Championship Show Averil Cawthera-Purdey (Lireva) Veteran Dog 3rd  
14/07/2021 East of England Ladies KS Open Show Breed: Elizabeth Ashcroft

Group & AV Veteran: Frances Richards
Open Dog or Bitch 1st, BOB, WG3 & Best AV Working Veteran AV Veteran Critique:
"8 ½ years Alaskan Malamute. Well balanced with dog in good coat and condition. Good strong head correct body proportions. Good lay of shoulder and matching rear angles. Good feet. Powerful mover."
11/07/2021 East of England Championship Show Fran Kaye (Dafrabek) Veteran Dog VHC  
07/07/2021 East of England Open Show Breed: Maureen Betts

Group: Derfel Owen
Open Dog or Bitch 1st, BOB & WG4 Group Handler: Hazel Allsop

Breed Critique:
"8 yr male with strong, pleasing head of good proportions & well set ears. Strong neck onto well placed shoulders & deep chest.  Strong topline & balanced rear.  Good outline both standing & on the move. BOB & pleased to see him take group 4."

Group Critique:
"Nicely balanced dog, strong and well muscled, moved well"
03/07/2021 CEDCGB Open Show Tim Ball (Kaitak) AV Working Sled Dog 2nd CRITIQUE: "8 yr old Alaskan Malamute. Another with so much to like and one who appealed for overall size and balance. Masculine head with good breadth between his well set ears, almond-shaped eyes and muzzle of good depth and width. Moderately arched neck, firm topline with slight slope from withers to tail, good depth to chest, strong loin and tail set and carried correctly. Covers the ground as he goes and so very well handled. Coat of good texture."
22/06/2021 Royal Cheshire CS Premier Open Show Glynn Payne (Fearnought) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & RBOB  
20/06/2021 Southampton CS Open Show Racheal Bailey (Akna) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & RBOB Also 3rd in AV Working Veteran under judge Terry Purse


8 year old grey and white male. Certainly had more coat than the female and of correct texture and presentation. Hard to believe this boy is a veteran as he clearly was enjoying his day out. This showed in his movement as he was excited on the move but did settle more later on in the challenge. His expression is sweet and alert with correct eye shape, set and colour. Ears set well although for me a little large. Strong neck and good depth of chest clearly masculine throughout. Correct sloping top line on the stand. I felt his rear angulation was better than his front which was a little upright. His body condition was not that of one but certainly anyone with sled dogs will know a moult can do this to a dog especially an old timer. Another beautiful waving plume which suggested his further enjoyment of his day out. Reserve Best of Breed."

16/05/2021 AMCUK Speciality Open Show Lauren Perfitt (Samjoe) Special Open Import 2nd Also VHC in Special Veteran Dog under Angela Anderson (Cherubini)

CRITIQUE: "8 years with a masculine head and good eye. Nice arch of neck leading to a sloping top line. Good tail carriage and coat texture. Powered round the ring effortlessly."


2020 Results

15/03/2020 Retford CS Open Show Anna Ballington-Graham (Catua) Open Dog / Bitch 3rd  
01/03/2020 Crufts Championship Show Sharon Loades (Snowolf) Veteran Dog Shortlisted  
23/02/2020 Billingham Synthonia CC Open Show Peri Burnside (Libertia) Open Dog or Bitch 2nd CRITIQUE: "7 yr old grey & white strong male top measurement in height although in overall proportion. Is in good coat & was well presented, not as well balanced in outline as my BOB but has a lot of good breed qualities .A little longer in muzzle than I prefer but has correct bite & dentition, excellent pigmentation, correct shape of eye dk in colour, good width of skull ears slightly larger than I prefer but when attentive in correct place , has kind expression & lovely temperament. Gd width & depth of chest strong front well muscled forelegs . Excellent sloping topline well muscled hind quarters & gd turn of stifle although a little long in hock, feet of gd size would like them a little tighter ,would like better tail set, he moved with good drive although I did feel he would have benefited from a much larger ring & different surface today ."
16/02/2020 Matlock & DCS Open Show Kat Copley-Holland (Katabatic) Open Dog or Bitch 2nd CRITIQUE: "

Broad skull with correct proportions, correct bite, dark eye and pigment. Nice arch of neck and angulation / proportions. Balanced top line. Very unsettled on the move due to venue so hard to judge movement, when did settle moved with drive."

15/02/2020 NW&PBAS Open Show Kerry Rushby (Leosrus) Open Dog or Bitch 2nd  
09/02/2020 Huddersfield & DCS Open Show Breed: Marina Page (Cedarcreek)

Group: Bridgette Bodle (Kitarn)
Open Dog or Bitch 1st, Best of Breed & WG2


"Strong m just short of 7 years old, masculine head with oblique eye, well boned legs, slightly sloping topline and very well muscled quarters, moved with power around the ring"

01/02/2020 Isle of Ely CS Open Show Doug Bedford (Chateaunewf) Open Dog or Bitch 2nd & Reserve Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "A good size veteran male with a strong masculine headpiece to match, well bodied and excelled in topline, maybe a fraction more bone for his size, he pushed 1 very close with his correct purposeful movement, RBOB"
25/01/2020 City of Cambridge CS Open Show Sue Finan (Marahootay) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "I would like to take this time to thank the committee for offering me the opportunity to judge at this show, and the exhibitors for taking the time to attend. I was very lucky to have some lovely dogs brought for my consideration ... The flooring made movement for the dogs difficult to find their feet when they wanted to drive around the corners of the ring but both dogs and exhibitors made the most of the space afforded us..... Mature male with a pleasing expression set in a masculine head. Good eye colour, correct ear set, lovely thick harsh coat, with adequate bone and angulation in lovely condition. Covered the ground with good reach and drive but again struggled on the corners to keep his feet. BOB"
16/01/2020 Manchester Championship Show Sue Ellis (Chayo) Open Dog 3rd  


2019 Results


27/12/2019 Wealdstone & Northolt CS Open Show Tate Forsey (Muzoku) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & Best of Breed  
01/12/2019 Burton On Trent KA Open Show Stephen Anderson (Sabakazure) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & Best of Breed  
23/11/2019 The Nordic Speciality Open Show Mike Vine (Parvodene) Open Dog 1st & Reserve Best Dog CRITIQUE: [...] well constructed male [...] At times so much to like about him. Strong masculine head. Confident expression, well placed ears. A high wither firm top line and very good angles fore and aft, really good feet, ok for bone. Very well ribbed, with the appropriate depth of chest. Rear assembly needs to firm up, even so put to good use on the move. Fell foul of the floor at times [...] Which I did warn the owners of."
26/08/2019 Leicester City CS Open Show Huw Morris (Cwnhapus) Open 1st & Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "This [6] year old grey dog is moderately heavy in bone and is athletic and powerful in build. He is friendly by nature and has a positive presence in the ring. His skull is fairly broad and the muzzle is proportional. The eyes are almond shaped and are set obliquely. The body has a deep chest and its medium loins are well muscled. [His] hindlegs are broad and hocks are strong and well let down. [His] feet are fairly large [and he] moved well on a surface that other dogs found difficult to display a convincing drive on. BOB."
24/08/2019 Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show Jeff Horswell (Drakesleat) Limit Dog Res  
18/08/2019 Clonmel Nat. Championship Show (IRE) Keith Baldwin (Nightwish) Open Dog 1st, Green Star, Best Dog & Best of Breed

Excellent Grading


Also Shortlisted to final 6 in Group V under judge Cheryl Pattersen (Terrapin / USA)

17/08/2019 Navan Group Nat. Championship Show (IRE) Stephen Hourihan (IRE) Open Dog 1st Excellent Grading
05/08/2019 Paignton Championship Show Noel Melling (Penpriory) Limit Dog 2nd CRITIQUE: "Nice dog with good head of correct proportions, nice stop, good ears and set on well, good short arched neck, nice deep chest and good sloping topline, excellent plume to tail set on well and used effectively. Good angulation front and rear, good feet and bone, nice dense coat of correct texture, moved well coming and going with reach and drive."
28/07/2019 Liege Golden Trophy International Championship Show (BEL) Alessandro Zeppi (IT) Open Dog 1st VG Grading
27/07/2019 Liege Benelux Winner International Championship Show (BEL) Eliza Loizou (PL) Open Dog 1st Excellent Grading
26/07/2019 Leeds Championship Show Louise Forster (Kachemak) Limit Dog Res  
21/07/2019 Kingston CS Premier Open Show Ray Owen (Amblegait) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & BOB CRITIQUE: "5 yr old upstanding male strong head and muzzle, teeth good, medium brown eyes, correct front assembly, needs more spring of rib, quality coat, needs to settle on the move, well balanced, good handling"
20/07/2019 Alfreton & DCS Open Show Breed: 
Graham Taberer (Sicorn)

Hillary Mitchell (Seawolf)
Open Dog or Bitch 1st, BOB & WG3

Breed critique: "Good class of dogs... [6] years. Big lad. Great coat. Well muscled. Strong bone. Good front and rear assembly, good strong, brisk movement with a level top line. BOB."


Group Critique:
"Quality dog just turned 6 years old. Strong head, nice expression, good eye & bite. Good overall shape, moved & presented well."

14/07/2019 Evesham & DCS Open Show Averil Cawthera-Purdy (Lireva) Open Dog 2nd CRITIQUE: "A trio of lovely, strong, typy Malamutes, 2 veterans proving the breed can and does last. I've judged the first 2 before, placed them high and have not changed my mind... 2nd... A 4 year old write up, the last time I judged this boy, says "very much a 'lad' in both behaviour and build"; the same still applies to this Peter Pan. What I liked then I still like, he has a well constructed frame, he is correctly angulated and moves strongly with plenty of reach and drive, and again, so economical and ground covering."
14/07/2019 AMCUK Speciality Open Show Fran Kaye (Dafrabek) Limit Dog 3rd CRITIQUE: "Liked all 3... Good sized male powerful nice depth and width of chest good body moved ok."
13/07/2019 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Association Championship Show Jenny Shorer-Wheeler (Koromandel) Limit Dog Res Handler: Sarah Atkins
05/07/2019 East of England Championship Show Stuart Mallard (Tuckles) Limit Dog 1st CRITIQUE: "Masculine and balanced with strength to head, well shaped and placed eye, would prefer less stop, flat skull with smallish ears set well apart, clean front assembly supported by straight limbs with enough bone, deep brisket and ribcage well shaped, straight back with gentle slope and tail to enhance, moderately defined muscular hindquarters, moved soundly and effortlessly."
30/06/2019 Deise Championship Show (IRE) Grainne Keeling (Kishdriga) Open Dog 1st, Best Dog / Green Star & Reserve Best of Breed Excellent Grading
29/06/2019 Kilkenny Championship Show (IRE) Enrico Drudi (SAN MARINO) Open Dog 1st VG Grading
01/06/2019 Southern Counties Championship Show Joan Sheehan (Amaqqut) Limit Dog 1st CRITIQUE: "6-year-old coming into maturity. Good head with dark eye and well set ears, scissor bite. Nice harsh coat. Deep chest in well constructed front, good topline and moderate rear angulation finished with a lovely wagging tail. He tends to over stretch when standing but once on the move his clean construction can be seen"
25/05/2019 Bath Championship Show Derek Smith (Clickham) Limit Dog 1st CRITIQUE: "Very powerful boy and despite being a touch upright in front is still a strong, reachy mover. Liked his head. Lovely body with a super coat. Decent tail."
18/05/2019 SKC Championship Show Sarah Robinson (Rigrunner) Limit Dog 1st CRITIQUE: "Has matured well and is now coming into his own, leg length now more balanced and the rangeyness has gone, stride is immense, out of coat but texture good, plumed tail, good feet, slightly snipey but kind expression."
09/05/2019 Birmingham National Championship Show Robin Newhouse (Annecy) Limit Dog 3rd  
06/05/2019 Aberystwyth & DCS Open Show Sue Steele (Threadgold) Open Dog or Bitch 1st, BOB & WG1 CRITIQUE: "D, heavy boned giving a powerful appearance nice broad head, almond shaped eyes good use of ears, regular scissor bite mouth, deep and strong chest, in good coat and has the lovely effortless movement BOB & WG1"
14/04/2019 Mountsorrel & DCS Open Show Allyson King (Allyking) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & BOB CRITIQUE: "D BOB Masculine well grown lad larger framed than 2 with ample bone for size and shape. Good shape to muzzle and fitting flews with good dentition, firm muscled body and good top line sound hocks and stifle giving fluid movement and balance gait in a harsh texture jacket just finishing a coat change BOB"
17/03/2019 St Patricks Day Int. Championship Show (IRELAND) Mrs L Zake Open Dog 1st & RCACIB Excellent Grading
16/03/2019 Celtic Winners Int. Championship Show (IRELAND) Mrs R Loch-Romans Open Dog 1st & RCACIB Excellent Grading
02/03/2019 Wath West Melton & DCS Open Show Irene Green (Iolair) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "6 yr dog, eyecatching, mature dog, good masculine head, well pigmented, dark eye, strong neck, well developed front, deep chest, well muscled all through with strong bone, well padded feet, short hocks, powered round the ring. Nice type good example of the breed. BOB."
23/02/2019 Caernarfon & DCS Open Show Karen Fitzsimmons (Lanleadane) AVNSC Working Open Dog or Bitch 1st & Best AVNSC CRITIQUE:

"This is a very upstanding mature male Alaskan Malamute, who has great strength and power throughout and looks like he could do a days work.He has a very strong head with broad skull and large muzzle.He is well off for bone and substance.He is well angulated front and rear. He moved well in front, but was a little untidy in rear action today. He was handled very well to get the best from him. Best AVNSC Working."

17/02/2019 Barrow & District KA Open Show Breed: Linda Peirson (Kiltondale)

Group: Helen Burke (Firedragon)
Open Dog or Bitch 1st, Best of Breed & WG3  
16/02/2019 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Open Show Anne Nevinson (Wintalakes) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "At nearly 6 yrs old this boy has reached maturity, though still a handful for his owner-typical of the breed. He is well off for bone, standing on large feet. Slightly upright in shoulder but good spring of rib & a strong loin. Correct tail set & carriage. Good rear angulation moved with drive and all covered with a full harsh coat. BOB"
27/01/2019 Coalville & DCS Open Show Sue Mycroft (Supeta) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & Best of Breed Critique:

"Strong male not in the best of coats. Head OK. Sound front with elbows close to brisket. Feet OK. Strong topline and super rear quarters which he used to advantage on the move. BOB"

26/01/2019 Lichfield CS Open Show Breed Judge: Julie Botterill (Muddiwarx)

Group Judge: Sandra Taylor (Bruernish)
Open Dog or Bitch 1st, Best of Breed & Working Group 3 Breed Critique: "5 years old, good weatherproof coat, very powerful boy, correct topline and well balanced, he moved with real purpose and was delighted to see him gain Group 3 later on."
03/01/2019 Boston & DCS Championship Show Tim Ball (Kaitak) Limit Dog Res  

2018 Results


30/12/2018 Luton CA Open Show Dave Chapman (Kitsune) AVNSC Working Open Dog or Bitch 3rd  
28/12/2018 Spennymoor & DCS Open Show Sandy Lipman (Lisvane) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & BOB CRITIQUE: "Neat, alert ears on this 5yr old dog, with attractively marked head, correct regular scissor bite and expressive hazel eyes. Strong neck, filled front and muscled throughout. Furnished thighs with furred plume held over his topline kept well on the move. Powerful and steady movement. BOB"
27/12/2018 Stourbridge & DCS Open Show Marion Sargent (Tegwani) AVNSC Working Open Dog or Bitch 2nd & RBAVNSC  
15/12/2018 Amsterdam Winner (ND CH Show) Dick Rutting (NED) Open Dog 1st VG Grading
14/12/2018 Holland Cup (ND CH Show) William Rodriquez (Costa Rica) Open Dog 1st / RCACIB Excellent Grading
09/12/2018 Brussels Dog Show (BE CH Show) Carsten Dirk (DK) Open Dog 2nd / RCAC / RCACIB Excellent Grading
08/12/2018 Brussels Trophy (BE CH Show) Theo Leenen (BE) Open Dog 1st / CAC / CACIB Excellent Grading
02/12/2018 Woolwich & Bexley DCS Open Show Derek Allsop (Sandmel) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & BOB CRITIQUE: "5 year old dog. Has a lovely masculine head with correct ears. Good front, good pigmentation. Good bone. Good reach of neck with correct shoulders. Good topline, well coated. Correct tail set. Nice body, good angulation. Moved well. Well presented and very sound. Although stood alone was a worthy winner. Was pleased to award him BOB."
25/11/2018 Sunderland & DCS Open Show Pamela Carmichael Open Dog or Bitch 2nd & RBOB CRITIQUE: "Large grey male of nice quality and type,nice head and ears. A little loose at front and feet could be a bit tidier"
24/11/2018 Nordic Speciality Open Show Maggi Bryant (Panelma) Limit Dog or Bitch 1st  
10/11/2018 Walsall & DCS Open Show Penny Salsbury (Bambyto) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & BOB  
21/10/2018 Northwich & DCS Open Show Colin Woodward (Wadeson) Open Dog or Bitch 2nd CRITIQUE: "Good head shape with dark eye, strong all through, well boned legs & neat feet, body well developed with big ribs, shown in good coat, not quite as positive on the move as one."
20/10/2018 Tredegar & DCS Open Show Jane Brock (Truvel) Open Dog or Bitch 2nd  
05/10/2018 SWKA Championship Show Christina Chapman (Bukris) Limit Dog Res  
29/09/2018 AMCUK Championship Show Maureen Boyd (Icescape) Mid-Limit Dog 1st CRITIQUE:

"Broad skull of correct proportions, correct bite, good dark eye and pigment, nice arch of neck leading to strong top line, balanced angulations, good spring of rib, well boned, strong hocks and pasterns, harsh coat, good tail set. Moved with drive"

16/09/2018 Sheringham & DCS Open Show Penny Roberts (Archaeus) Open Dog / Bitch 2nd & RBOB CRITIQUE: "4-year-old male who had the extra length of leg, but not the overall balance of 1, providing a squarer picture on the stand.  Attractive head and neck; very good feet.  Shown in good quality jacket, well presented.  Moved ok.   RBOB."
09/09/2018 Stanhope AS Open Show Breed Judge: Mark Wakeford (Bramikdel)

Group Judge:
Russel Jones (Quemerford)
Open Dog / Bitch 1st, BOB & WG3 Group Critique:
"A 5yr old Alaskan Malamute dog.  He is a nice type with a good out-line, correct top-line and neat front.  I particularly liked his rear, moved well"
02/09/2018 Wolsingham & Wear AS Open Show Angela Pedder (Caldermist) Open Dog / Bitch 1st & BOB CRITIQUE: "Impressive, balanced 5 yr old boy of substance. Masculine head properties of correct planes, super eye, good strength of muzzle. Sound construction throughout reflected in his smooth, supple movement which clinched his BOB spot"
01/09/2018 City of Birmingham Championship Show John Phillips (Stormwinds / Monikoona) Limit Dog VHC  
01/09/2018 CEDCGB Open Show Krystyan Greenland (Rajarani) Stakes - AV Sled Dog Not Bred By Exhibitor 3rd CRITIQUE: "An old friend of mine. Such a personality. Just a shade finer in muzzle than I prefer and ears are a little tall and pointed. Super eyes. Proportions are ok. Topline firm. Tail set excellent. Moves well. Handled to perfection as normal."
27/08/2018 Flint & Deeside CS Open Show Kenneth Baines (Torreyabloom) Open Dog / Bitch 1st & BOB CRITIQUE: "In excellent coat, nice head shape followed by a good bite nice depth of chest, good rear angulation but would of preferred tighter in muscle when on the move. BOB."
18/08/2018 WKC Championship Show Richard Kinsey (Kitarn) Limit Dog 2nd CRITIQUE: "Well balanced 5 ½ year old that moves soundly with good reach and drive. Proportionate in head but I would have preferred a bit more strength in muzzle to complete the shape. Excels in body toning all through and easy to see he would be capable of working tirelessly all day. Handled well to get all he had to offer."
06/08/2018 Paignton Championship Show Kath Howarth (Hawkwam) Limit Dog VHC  
22/07/2019 Sunderland & DCS Open Show Doug Bedford (Chateaunewf) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "5yr old male of very good size and full of substance and spirit. Very good head piece, correct in bite, eye and wide set ears, well angled front and correct slope over loin. Moved well in small ring showing great driving action from powerful rear. BOB"
15/07/2018 Kingston CS Open Show Margaret Bayes (Docrema) Open Dog or Bitch 1st & Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "Sturdy 5yr old Grey & white dog, lovely head with brown eyes, good bone, hindquarters well muscled with slight bend of stifle, good coat and tail carriage, moved powerfully round the ring BOB"
14/07/2018 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Association Championship Show Rodney Oldham (Towmena) Limit Dog Res  
08/07/2018 East of England Championship Show Barrie Croft (Malcro) Limit Dog Res  
30/06/2018 Windsor Championship Show Frank Kane (Hirontower) Limit Dog VHC  
16/06/2018 Border Union Championship Show Jim Broadberry (Hyteton) Limit Dog Res  
10/06/2018 Ashfield & Notts CS Open Show
Rosalie Cobley
AVNSC W Post Graduate Dog 1st CRITIQUE: "Good head with slightly rounded skull, flat cheeks, slight stop and good strong finish to jaw. Correct dentition. Attractive facial markings accentuate his oblique set eyes. Small ears set wide at back of skll, used to advantage. Very impressive and alert temperament. Forequarters heavy boned and adequate muscle. Good depth of brisket topline and tail set. Moderate angulation. Free, easy movement."
09/06/2018 Honley Open Show Keith Rushfirth (Hikays) Open Dog / Bitch 3rd  
07/06/2018 Three Counties Championship Show Liz Bruns (Kirakoo) Limit Dog 2nd CRITIQUE: "This boy was slightly lighter in build than 1 and longer in leg. Head is in proportion to body. Strong neck leading to a good front assembly. Correct topline. Strong powerful movement."
03/06/2018 Ripon & DCS Open Show Leana Lewis Open Dog / Bitch 1st & BOB  
02/06/2018 Southern Counties Championship Show Unto Timonen (Woodbrooks) Limit Dog 1st CRITIQUE: "Strong male of good size and proportions. Well shaped front. Excellent body and topline. Good legs and feet. Well angulated hocks. Powerful movement."
31/05/2018 Staffordshire & Birmingham AS Open Show Jay Horgan (Aritaur) Open Dog / Bitch 1st & BOB  
29/05/2018 Boston & DCS Open Show Anne Nevinson (Wintalakes) Post Graduate Dog / Bitch 1st CRITIQUE: "5 yr old male now fully mature and in good coat. Correct bite and dark eye. Good bone and in fit condition. Good rear angles. Moved with purpose. Very well furred tail correctly set and carried."
27/05/2018 Bath Championship Show Sue Hewart-Chambers (Sunhaze) Limit Dog 3rd  
19/05/2018 Redditch & DCS Open Show Krystyan Greenland (Rajarani) Open Dog / Bitch 1st & RBOB CRITIQUE: "Masculine boy with such a lovely outlook on proceedings. Almond shaped eyes which are of super set. Ears rather tall and pointed. Muzzle for me tapers rather too much to a more pointed end. Skull broad enough. Quite long in foreleg and tad square in body. Moderate angulation. Topline slopes slightly from withers to croup. Chest deep and broad enough. Moved out ok and was very true coming and going. Excellent condition in both body and coat. RBOB"
18/05/2018 SKC Championship Show Helen Burke (Firedragon) Post Graduate Dog 3rd  
13/05/2018 Birmingham National Championship Show Jill Peak (Bayard) Post Graduate Dog 1st  
07/05/2018 Aberystwyth & District CS Open Show Chris Burscough (Kilfinan) AVNSC Working Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st, BAVNSC & WG3 CRITIQUE: "Not easy to assess this 5 year old Alaskan Malamute dog as he was a little uncooperative as I was going over him, tending to drop whilst being handled at the rear. He therefore appeared a little more angulated at the rear compared to the forehand. Liked his head and expression,   moderately angulated in front as required and with good depth of chest and correct slightly sloping topline, reasonable length of rib, good tail carriage and excellent, well padded and shaped feet. Would prefer a little more width to chest but well off for bone and in good double coat. Best NSC on his more precise movement."
05/05/2018 AMCUK Speciality Open Show Jenny Shorer-Wheeler (Koromandel) Special Working Certified Dog 1st CRITIQUE: "This boy settled much better in this class, he has to hold himself together for you to really see him (and that doesn't happen much) but he is an honest, powerful animal though perhaps a little more rangy than my ideal.  Moved out with drive to win here."

Also Reserve in Special Open Import Dog / Bitch
05/05/2018 AMCUK Speciality Open Show Jane York (Snowstruck) Limit Dog VHC  
28/04/2018 WELKS Championship Show Sue Ellis (Chayo) Post Graduate Dog 2nd CRITIQUE: "5 year old grey & white who I have judged a few times as a youngster and now he’s really starting to come together. He’s well off for bone, has good feet, super tail and very dense coat. His head still needs to fill out a bit more and I would prefer a smaller ear. Whilst still very exuberant on the move, I now see this being used to advantage and he covers ground with a lot of power - big improvement overall."
08/04/2018 Mountsorrell & DCS Open Show Angela Anderson (Cherubini) Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st & RBOB CRITIQUE: "5 year old grey and white dog.  Maturing nicely. Well presented and in good condition. Nice masculine well proportioned head with broad muzzle but would have preferred smaller ears. Correct dark oblique eye with kind expression and correct bite.  Harsh coat texture and correct tail set with a lovely waving plume which didn't stop moving. Well balanced and muscled with good angulation front and back, who moved round the ring with drive.  RBOB."
30/03/2018 Edwinstowe & DCS Open Show Adrian Bicknell (Shimano) AVNSC W Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 2nd CRITIQUE: "Nice shaped head, well placed ears and correct bite. Good front with deep chest. Well angulated rear. Moved well."


2017 Results


04/11/2017 Working & Pastoral Breeds of Scotland Championship Show Pamela Addison (Mersothis) Post Graduate Dog 3rd  
28/10/2017 Selby CS Open Show Barry Wanless (Northcoast) Open Dog or Bitch 3rd  
27/10/2017 Midland Counties Championship Show Hedd Richards (Sheridel) Post Graduate Dog 3rd Handler: Donna Jarvis
28/09/2017 Driffield Championship Show Veronica Avory (Terrica) Post Graduate Dog Res  
24/09/2017 AMCUK Championship Show Pary Dauvet (Stormy Monday) Post Graduate Dog VHC Handler: Afear Logan
13/08/2017 Bournemouth Championship Show Keith Baldwin (Nightwish) Post Graduate Dog Res Handler: Lisa Mort
07/08/2017 Paignton Championship Show Avril Roper (Tokosha) Post Graduate Dog Res  
29/07/2017 Alfreton & District CS Open Show Joan Sheehan (Amaqqut) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st  
15/07/2017 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show Derek Smith (Clickham) Post Graduate Dog Res Handler: Lisa Mort
18/06/2017 Border Union Championship Show Jo Sugden (Campfire) Post Graduate Dog Res  
11/06/2017 Pudsey & District CS Open Show Janet Forshaw (Janzan) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st  
28/05/2017 Bath Championship Show Graham Hill (Yanjoy) Post Graduate Dog 2nd CRITIQUE: "A sizeable 4 year old male who is well boned and has substance of body. Masculine in head but preferred strength of muzzle and under eye of 1st. Pleasing overall length of body and leg. Balanced in angulations front and rear. Moved with a free driving side gait but needing to settle in front action."
27/05/2017 AMCUK Open Show Anna Ballington Graham (Catua) Post Graduate Dog 1st


"Has really matured nicely since I last judged him, with good bone and substance. Correct scissor bite. Lovely arched neck and really good shoulder placement and angulation. A little narrow in front. Soft coat. Well muscled and powerfully built. Excellent tailset and carriage."

Also Res Rescue Stakes Open Dog (Sue Finan) & Reserve Working Certified Dog (Anne Nevinson)

21/05/2017 SKC Championship Show Chris John (Cristakell) Post Graduate Dog 2nd CRITIQUE: "4 year old with reasonable head and lovely dark eyes. Topline OK. Enough bone for his size and lovely harsh coat. Moved with plenty of drive"
20/05/2017 Redditch & DCS Open Show Jay Horigan (Aritaur) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st & BOB  
07/05/2017 Birmingham Nationals Championship Show Keith Nathan (Supernova) Post Graduate Dog 3rd  
09/04/2017 Mountsorrel & District CS Open Show Hayley Henworth (Wolfraven) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st CRITIQUE:
"4 year old male who was in full coat today showing a lovely well furred tail, lovely dense undercoat and good coarse guard coat. Since last year when exhibited under me his chest has developed and today was shown in tip top condition, he is well muscled and has a good tail set. Good head shape which he is developing into, slightly longer in muzzle, good eye shape and ear palcement. He has a good front and in good overall proportions and has the apperance of a powerful working dog, he just didn't move as well as the other winners today."
05/01/2017 Boston Championship Show Sarah Robinson (Rigrunner) Post Graduate Dog 2nd CRITIQUE:
"Rising 4 years, very happy chappy, thoroughly enjoying his day and exhibiting a ground eating side gait, however he is a large male with a touch snipey large head, short in back, long in leg, very good feet, soft coat, good stifle"

2016 Results
26/11/2016 The Nordic Open Show Caroline Friend-Rees (Amical) Limit Dog or Bitch Res  
20/11/2016 Hyde & DCA Open Show Cath Moffatt (Kyleca) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 2nd  
19/11/2016 Edinstowe & DCS Open Show Sue Mycroft (Supeta) AVNSC W Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st CRITIQUE:
"This 3 year old male was full of himself today and made his handler work really hard.  Head OK with good expression.  Correct backline with well angulated rear quarters.  Won this class on his profile movement."
05/11/2016 Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Scotland Championship Show Barry Wanless (Northcoast) Post Graduate Dog 3rd Handler: Susan Wrightson
29/10/2016 Selby CS Open Show June Connor (Tazfuji) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 2nd  
27/10/2016 Midland Counties Championship Show Andrew Brace (Tragband) Post Graduate Dog Res  
22/10/2016 South West Working & Pastoral Breeds Society Open Show Storm Wheeler (Northspirit) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st CRITIQUE: "Excitable 3 years boy who clearly loved his time in the ring & was very attentive to his handler. He has all the right attributes, he just needs time to grow into them. He is in excellent condition, with good reach & drive, nice compact feet & beautiful tail carriage."
15/10/2016 Grantham & District CS Open Show Kat Copley-Holland (Katabatic) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 2nd  
09/10//2016 SWKA Championship Show Jeff Horswell (Drakesleat) Post Graduate Dog VHC Handler: Kirsten Druce
29/09/2016 Driffield Championship Show Roger Cruden (Shamsky) Post Graduate Dog VHC  
26/09/2016 AMCUK Championship Show Sue Ellis (Chayo) Mid Limit Dog 3rd Handler: Donna Jarvis

"3 year old dark grey & white. This boy just needs to grow into himself all over and everything needs to drop into place. It’s all there, but he’s not looking the part yet. He is very athletic and in really good condition, with ample bone and coat. Fabulous tail. Pleasing head and expression. Moved ok."
19/09/2016 Nidderdale AS Open Show Leanne Parkinson (Jaberjax) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st CRITIQUE:
"3 year old male, eyecatching profile, very happy to be there. Lovely head & expression. Good ears size & set. Good neck & topline. A little narrow in front, standing close. Forward going, moved OK"
29/08/2016 Leicester City CS Open Show Hayley Henworth (Wolfraven) Open Dog or Bitch 2nd CRITIQUE:
"Grey and White 3 year Old Male – Lovely good dense under coat and coarse guard coat. Still a fairly young dog and still needs to develop in the chest. Longer in muzzle correct scissor bite and slightly larger ears than the other exhibits today. Would prefer longer neck, but he had a good front good bone and was in good proportion - very powerful working dog."
14/08/2016 Scunthorpe CA Open Show Roger Cruden (Shamsky) AVNSC W Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 3rd  
08/08/2016 Paignton Championship Show Lorraine Bolton (Rikarlo) Post Graduate Dog VHC  
30//07/2016 Heckington Open Show Anne Hardy (Amhard) AV Sled Dog Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st & Best of Breed  
26/06/2016 Blackpool Championship Show Christina Chapman (Bukris) Post Graduate Dog VHC  
18/06/2016 Border Union Championship Show Kath Howarth (Hawkam) Post Graduate Dog Res Handler: Donna Jarvis
07/05/2016 AMCUK Open Show Louise Forster (Kachemak) Working Certified Dog Res  
24/04/2016 WELKS Championship Show David Killilea (Redwitch) Post Graduate Dog 1st Handler: Charlotte Druce

"3 year old male of good size with a pleasing head and expression. Needs more width of chest on the stand. Nice overall body shape, correct top-line and tail carriage. Firm in the rear, in good coat and moved OK."
21/02/2016 Matlock & District CS Open Show Lauren Perfitt (Samjoe) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 3rd  
31/01/2016 Leigh CS Open Show Elaine Coldwell (Zentaur) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st  
24/01/2016 Ashton Under Lyne & District KA Open Show Colin Woodward (Wadeson) Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st CRITIQUE: "Upstanding dog of good substance, masculine head, big ribs, straight front, needs to strengthen in movement."
07/01/2016 Boston Championship Show Hedd Richards (Sheridel) Graduate Dog 2nd CRITIQUE:
"2 year old of different type & still developing in many ways. Chest more developed than it appears, muscling up well & showing good coordination when he put his mind to it. A slightly darker eye would be my ideal"


2015 Results


25/10/2015 Midland Counties Championship Show Liz Cartledge (Ryslip) Post Graduate Dog Res  
24/10/2015 Selby CS Open Show Clive Lunt (Louarne) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st  
17/10/2015 Grantham & District CS Open Show Anna Ballington (Catua) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 2nd CRITIQUE:
"Tall, out of coat boy who needs a few more years to mature and to broaden in chest. Well muscled with good side gait and powerful rear drive."
09/10/2015 SWKA Championship Show Steve Myring (Fortezza) Post Graduate Dog 2nd CRITIQUE:
"2 ½ yrs. A nicely made boy of good size with a good head that is pleasing throughout. He was not keen on me going over him but we got there in the end, When he moves you can see how well balanced he is and his front impressed me and he moved with purpose and was pleasing on the eye. He was a very close second."
27/09/2015 Pollard CS Open Show James Rogerson (Kessem) Graduate Dog or Bitch 2nd  
26/09/2015 AMCUK Championship Show Carol Atherton (Casiat) Special Rescue Stakes Open Dog Reserve  
14/06/2015 Northwich & District CS Open Show Louisa Rogerson (Nosregor) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 2nd  
17/05/2015 SKC Championship Show Barbara Stanier (Arctictrek) Post Graduate Dog 2nd CRITIQUE: "Masculine head with correct dark eye ears a little large but as head matures will grow into them. strong moderately arched neck Well placed shoulders & hind quarters. Good length & slope to back deep chest with Ample spring to ribs. Correct angulation front & rear well balanced & muscled throughout. Sound on the move."
02/05/2015 AMCUK Open Show Avril Roper (Tokosha) Special Working Certified Dog 1st Handler: Charlie Bowden (Staggan)

CRITIQUE: "Energetic lad of good size but I would prefer more substance. Out of Coat today. Firm and strong in rear. Moves soundly holding his topline well leading to a well carried tail. Ground covering movement from this lad"
22/02/2015 Billingham Synthonia CC Open Show Lynne Barker (Graburlynn) Graduate Dog or Bitch 3rd  
08/02/2015 Jarrow & Hebburn CS Open Show Gary Hooker (Garsak) Graduate Dog or Bitch VHC  
07/02/2015 Darlington & District CS Open Show Paul Worsley (Malpa) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 3rd  
08/01/2015 Boston & District CS Championship Show Nicola Singh (Sledog) Graduate Dog VHC  
04/01/2015 North & South Shields CS Open Show John McNulty (Bernhaven) Graduate Dog or Bitch 2nd CRITIQUE:
"22 month... strong in head & neck into slightly sloping topline. Although well off for bone, would benefit from a little more weight..."


2014 Results


07/12/2014 Lincoln CS Open Show Billy Henderson (Tuwos) AVNSC Working Post Graduate Dog or Bitch Res  
29/11/2014 Wirral KA Open Show Pete Simmons (Simmovon) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st CRITIQUE:
"Won the class on his movement. Pleasing head & eye, good expression. Good front assembly, nice overall shape, of good length to height ratio nice rear angles, moved well in a small ring, in good condition"
22/11/2014 Nottingham Sherwood Forresters KA Open Show Barry Blunden (Licassa) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch VHC  
09/11/2014 Hyde & District CS Open Show Louise Forster (Kachemak) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 2nd CRITIQUE:
"Lively 20 months lad. Head coming, dark eye & ears starting to fit properly. Liked his length of neck, correct topline & tailset. Bags of energy which meant he struggled with the small ring. On the stand he presented a good outline when he relaxed, with moderate angulation, front & rear. Plenty of bone & great feet. In good harsh coat. Needs time to fill out & settle a bit but the structure is there"
01/11/2014 W&P Breeds Association of Scotland Championship Show Anne Nevinson (Wintalakes) Post Graduate Dog 2nd CRITIQUE:
"22 months rangier type, lighter in bone than 1. Head yet to break but with lovely dark eye, again would prefer a smaller ear. Very free movement with good length of stride"
25/10/2014 Midland Counties Championship Show Derek Smith (Clickham) Yearling Dog 1st  
19/10/2014 Hillsboro' (Sheffield) & District CS Open Show Amanda Hearne (Snoanda) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 3rd  
18/10/2014 Grantham & District CS Open Show James Syson Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 2nd CRITIQUE:
"A nice male that is maturing nicely every time I see him in the ring. Good overall balance, not compact. Correct scissor bite with a nice wide muzzle with good length and dark brown, almond shaped eyes. Correct ear placement but I personally prefer a slightly smaller ear.  Wonderful harsh coat.  Excellent slightly sloping topline that always held on the move, strong pasterns with good musculation on the powerful hindquarters. Good moderate angulations on the stifles and shoulders. Gait and reach is very good, powering around the ring with ease."
21/09/2014 AMCUK Championship Show Jeremy Brown (Byeyo) Yearling Dog VHC  
18/09/2014 Driffield Championship Show David Killilea (Redwitch) Yearling Dog 1st CRITIQUE:
"Has the size but lacks the substance. Stands OK in front and firm in the rear. In good coat and has well carried tail. Would prefer a stronger head but good eye shape and neat ears. Moves soundly."
13/09/2014 Darlington Championship Show Christina Chapman (Bukris) Northern Event Structures Yearling Stakes VHC  
30/08/2014 City of Birmingham Championship Show Mary Deats (Aradet) Junior Dog Res  
24/08/2014 SKC Championship Show Lorraine Bolton (Rikarlo) Junior Dog 2nd CRITIQUE:
"This dog has an excellent topline and is well proportioned although I would like a little more neck. Construction is sound and he has an excellent coat of really good quality. Muzzle is a little too long. Moving, side action is OK but he is turning his feet out coming towards."
16/08/2014 WKC Championship Show Dr Ron James (Jasmome) Junior Dog 2nd CRITIQUE: "Pleasing profile with breed typical proportions, balanced head of pleasing shape and proportions, good eye and expression, would like more spring of rib and a broader chest, moved well in profile but a little untidy coming and going."
10/08/2014 Bournemouth Championship Show Terry Munro (Stornum) Junior Dog 3rd  
02/08/2014 North East of England W&P Open Show Mark Taylor (Annmar) Junior Dog or Bitch 1st  
29/07/2014 Ryedale & Pickering Lyth AS Open Show Howard Ogden (Beauview) AV Working Junior Dog or Bitch 1st  
26/07/2014 Leeds Championship Show Jeff Horswell (Drakesleat) Junior Dog Res  
13/07/2014 AMCUK Speciality Open Show Sean Gwynne (Lireva) Special Health Stakes Junior Dog or Bitch Res  
13/07/2014 AMCUK Speciality Open Show Averil Cawthera-Purdey (Lireva) Junior Dog 2nd CRITIQUE:
"Still very much a ‘lad’ in both behaviour and build with only a small glance at what ‘man’ he might develop into visible as yet.  He really makes his handler work hard all the time! The essentials are there:  A good strong mouth, a well constructed frame, correctly angulated and moving strongly when settled with plenty of reach and drive. "
13/07/2014 Evesham & DCS Open Show Jane Brook (Snobruk) Junior Dog 2nd  
12/07/2014 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show Albert Wight (Sharval) Junior Dog Res  
05/07/2014 East of England Championship Show David Cavill (Toveri) Junior Dog 2nd CRITIQUE:
"A very nice head but ears set too far apart and is too square outline. He also slopes a little much in the back. Needs to mature"
28/06/2014 Windsor Championship Show Lynne Salt (Woodlyn) Junior Dog 3rd  
22/06/2014 Blackpool Championship Show Frank Kane (Hirontower) Junior Dog 1st CRITIQUE:

"15 months, excellent body shape, topline & very good movement with excellent reach & drive. Skull is broad but needs more strength in muzzle & his ears are too large. Not in his best coat. Tail a little tight. Won on balance & movement"

15/06/2014 Northwich & District CS Open Show Lisa Mort (Arcticbreeze) Junior Dog or Bitch 1st CRITIQUE:
"Grey & White Male of 15 months. Larger frame and full of enthusiasm with a kind expression. Good head, eye colour & placement. Nice topline developing which was held on the move. Moderate angulation, large feet & strong bone. Correct scissor bite. Coat is of a correct harsh texture. Presented in good condition."
14/06/2014 Border Union Championship Show Dolores Montgomery Junior Dog 3rd  
07/06/2014 Three Counties Championship Show John Phillips (Stormwinds) Junior Dog 3rd CRITIQUE: "Another male who lacks maturity at the moment, nice dark eye and pigmentation, ears a little large, good front angulation, he needs time for his chest and body to mature, correct sloping topline, good bone and feet, a little erratic on the move. Another that will come together given time."
01/06/2014 Crewe & District CS Open Show Joan Sheehan (Amaqqut)  Junior Dog or Bitch 1st CRITIQUE:
"14 month old male. Good shape of head, still room to grow into the ears. Lovely oblique eyes, nice scissor bite, good pigment and pleasing expression. Nice topline developing which was held on the move and the overall movement is clean. Moderate angulation, nice tight but large feet, tail set correct but carried too tight. In summer dress but the coat is harsh. Presented in good condition."
27/05/2014 Boston & District CS Premier Open Show Les Griffiths (Silene)  Junior Dog or Bitch  2nd  
17/05/2014 Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show Graham Hill (Yanjoy) Junior Dog 2nd CRITIQUE:
"A 15 month old who is not as advanced in maturity as 1 & needing to settle to give of his best. Attractive in head & having a friendly expression; head carried well & set on a good length neck & nicely developing body. Still very much needing to tighten & body up on what is a good bone structure foundation."
11/05/2014 Birmingham National Championship Show Christina Chapman (Bukris) Junior Dog 1st CRITIQUE:
"14 mth, very much a leggy teenager, also needs more coat, however, on the move he made the best of himself and showed some drive and is quite well balanced for age. Head still to develop, but good again for age, also well muscled."
01/03/2014  Ashton-In-Makerfield & District CS Open Show  Elias Vorrias (Chalkesville) Junior Dog or Bitch  1st & Best Puppy in Breed  
01/03/2014 Ashton-In-Makerfield & District CS Open Show  John Finney (Sanguliano)  AV Puppy Stakes Res  
16/02/2014 Spennymoor & District CS Open Show Breed Judge: Kim Porritt (Blizzardrun)
Group Judge: Les Strudwick (Kumamatata)
Post Graduate Dog or Bitch  2nd, Best Puppy In Breed & Working Puppy Group 4 CRITIQUE:
"Young male, of different type to 1, well balanced for age, good head and expression, dark eyes well set, strong and masculine, well muscled, Good bite and correct dentition, Nicely put together just needs to mature in body and coat, moved well once settled, lovely outline in profile, not in full coat at present, noticeable change to texture of new coat. Well Presented. BP and WPG4"
 15/02/2014 Huddersfield & District CS Open Show Sarah Cochran (Malamaison) Puppy Dog or Bitch 2nd  
01/02/2014 Darlington & District CS Open Show Darren Clarke (Peluche) Post Graduate Dog or Bitch  1st, Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed &  Working Puppy Group 4  CRITIQUE:
"10 months male of good breed type. Well grown & masculine. Lovely head & expression. Well set ears of correct size & shape. Nicely put together all through, just needs to drop & fully develop in chest & body. Moved well showing good profile movement. Coat on the change, correct texture coming through. BP, BOB, WPG4"
01/02/2014 Darlington & District CS Open Show Jeff Horswell (Drakesleat) Puppy Dog Stakes Res  
25/01/2014 The Northern Dog Club Open Show Sylvia Monaghan (Nostradamos) Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st, Best of Breed, Best Puppy in Breed & Working Group 4 CRITIQUE: "Striking & powerful with well shaped head & correct dentition. Lovely expression, all virtues, couldn't fault, including good movement. BOB/G4."
18/01/2014 Manchester Championship Show Richard Kinsey (Kitarn)  Puppy Dog  2nd CRITIQUE:
"Close up to 1 in framework but not quite the same in bone as him. All male in head without any excesses in any department, broad in skull & good width of muzzle & enough stop. Well constructed under his hard clean jacket but needs to bulk up a bit with age to be at his best. Moves freely & with an effortless stride pattern from any angle."


2013 Results


27/12/2013 Sleaford & DCS Open Show Joan Sheehan (Amaqqut) Puppy Dog or Bitch Res  
14/12/2013 LKA Championship Show Robin Newhouse (Annecy) Puppy Dog  VHC  
24/11/2013 Sedgley & Gornal CA Open Show Lisa Mort (Arcticbreeze) Junior Dog or Bitch VHC  
23/11/2013  The Nordic Speciality Open Show Sigurd Wilberg (Kanix) AV Puppy Stakes 2nd  
23/11/2013 The Nordic Speciality Open Show Sue Hewart-Chambers (Sunhaze) Puppy Dog or Bitch  VHC  
10/11/2013 Hyde & District CS Open Show Jane Brook (Snobruk) Puppy Dog or Bitch  2nd  
26/10/2013 Selby CS Open Show Breed Judge: Nikki Wainwright (Vesthuizen)
Group Judge: Christina Chapman (Bukris)
Puppy Dog or Bitch 1st, Best Puppy in Breed & Working Puppy Group 2 GROUP CRITIQUE: "Only 7 mths but what a lovely baby, lots to come but so much to like already, quite positive on the move too."
25/10/2013 Midland Counties Championship Show Jeff Luscott (Jalus) Puppy Dog VHC  
05/10/2013 White Rose CS Open Show Aniko Vasarhelyi (Okinastar)  Puppy Dog or Bitch 2nd  CRITIQUE: "Another lovely puppy, well presented and beautiful on the stand, just needs time to come together on the move."
05/10/2013 White Rose CS Open Show   Liz Millward (Aloann) Carol Copley Memorial AV Puppy Dog Stakes 2nd   
29/09/2013 Pollard CS Open Show Rob Taylor (Minaelea) Junior Dog or Bitch 2nd  
 28/09/2013 AMCUK Speciality Championship Show  Walt Howarth (Hawkam)  Minor Puppy Dog 3rd CRITIQUE: "Different in type, but nicely put together, with good overall body shape. Ample bone, attractive head and expression, would have preferred a smaller ear, good front, nice outline with moderately sloping shoulders and correct angulation."
 28/09/2013 AMCUK Speciality Championship Show Jane Brook (Snobruk) Special Rescue Stakes Junior Dog or Bitch  Res  
23/09/2013 Nidderdale Agricultural Society Open Show Graham Hill (Yanjoy) Puppy Dog or Bitch 1st & Best Puppy in Breed CRITIQUE:
"A 6 month old male who has good bone. Would prefer more body which should come as he develops. He has a pleasing head and profile and moved well enough. Best Puppy in Breed. "
19/09/2013 Driffield Championship Show Steve Myring (Fortezza) Minor Puppy Dog 3rd  
14/09/2013 Darlington Championship Show Sue Smith (Zeelukzak) Minor Puppy Dog VHC   
07/09/2013 Richmond Championship Show Jim Broadberry (Hyteton) Minor Puppy Dog VHC