Alice's Results

Date Show Judge Class Place  


2021 Results

26/09/2021 Birmingham National Championship Show Jill Peak (Bayard) Open Bitch 1st, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex Handler: Lisa Mort

CRITIQUE: "Two and a half yr old bitch very nice breed type, clean head feminine but with strength. Good eye shape nice expression, neck well muscled, shoulders well laid, strong body well ribbed, good quarters and set on. Moved soundly with drive."
19/09/2021 Sheringham & DKA Open Show Helen Gutteridge (Qiqern) Open 2nd & Reserve Best of Breed Handler: Racheal Bailey

CRITIQUE: "3 year old G/W bitch. Strong but feminine head. Excellent skin pigment. Level topline, well ribbed up, firm loin. Moderate angles, proportionate bone. Straight legs, strong pasterns, tight oval feet. Well-muscled, and moved soundly from all views. RBOB"
17/09/2021 Darlington Championship Show Martin Esders (Roxiga) Open 2nd, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex Handler: Mark Plummer

CRITIQUE: " I believe my entry of Greenland dogs topped the rare breeds table today, thank you to all the exhibitors, some good handling certainly shone through today showing the breed to a very high standard. I based my awards on type, soundness and movement, temperament was never questioned and enthusiasm was excellent, well done and thank you again to all handlers, their dogs and the good sportsmanship around the ringside... A very well proportioned 3 year old bitch, shown in excellent condition and handled superbly, feminine head, dark eye and alert expression, good ear set, strong neck and good topline. Movement, both away from and back to me was true and like the first placed male, a controlled trot giving small drop of the head with slight convergence. A very close call between these two dogs as both represented what the differences between male and female represent in the breed, she thoroughly deserved her Best Bitch"
10/09/2021 Richmond Championship Show Simon Parsons (Deavitte) AVNSC W Open Bitch 3rd  
30/08/2021 Scunthorpe CA Open Show Di Atherton (Athersbern) AVNSC W Open 2nd Handler: Racheal Bailey
22/08/2021 Blackpool Championship Show Marion Sargent (Tegwani) AVNSC W Open Bitch 2nd Handler: Mark Plummer
16/08/2021 Bournemouth Championship Show Sue Bird (Bridus) Open Dog or Bitch 2nd CRITIQUE:
"Two and a half year bitch, lovely head with nice expression, neck of moderate length with good shoulder placement firm body and muscular hindquarters, another easy mover in good hard condition"
03/08/2021 Bath Championship Show Jeff Horswell (Drakesleat) Open Bitch 1st & Reserve Best Bitch Handler: Mark Plummer

CRITIQUE: "Very good b who moved well in profile. Super temperament. Strong neck. Well laid shoulder. Strong rear. In harsh coat. Super feet. RBB."
25/07/2021 Leeds Championship Show Barrie Croft (Malcro) AVNSC W Open Bitch 2nd  
17/07/2021 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show Beryl McCallum (Glentops) Open 1st, Best Bitch & Best of Breed CRITIQUE:
"Catches your eye immediately. Standing, she presents an excellent outline and she didn’t disappoint on going over her. Lovely head with correct ear and eye placement. Good bone and musculature, firm back, strong quarters, nice angulation, moved positively with good drive holding her topline. Well handled. BB and BOB. Dam of the puppies. I had a little argument with myself when it came to the BOB. Both were on a par when it came to overall quality, but in the end I decided on the Bitch for the Group ring as I thought the judge may penalise the dog in view of his injury."
14/07/2021 East of England Ladies KA Open Show Eileen Kelly AVNSC W Open 2nd  
11/07/2021 East of England Open Show Hazel Fitzgibbon (Smilesam) Open Bitch 1st Handler: Mark Plummer

"Happy to see a lovely representative entry of Greenland dogs. I have never understood why they are not more popular. All temperaments were typical and sound. I would imagine that they could all work well... Lovely bitch with many qualities in good weatherproof coat. Moderately boned. Excellent reach of neck. Moving out with great easy. Good body and general condition. A little longer in loin than I prefer."
07/07/2021 East of England Open Show Amanda Hearne (Snoanda) AVNSC W Open 1st Handler: Racheal Bailey

CRITIQUE: "Well proportioned head, strong short neck, shoulders well angulated, good bone overall, a little long in body, moves true in front but weaker behind."
03/07/2021 CEDCGB Open Show Tim Ball (Kaitak) AV Sled Dog Progeny 1st (Dam of Team) CRITIQUE: "Interesting class which saw this Greenland Dog and her offspring come out on top. This girl can obviously produce the goods and her progeny are so very similar in overall type and balance to their dam and in my opinion, both an improvement which is what we all hope for when breeding. All similar in head type, well constructed and moving parallel with plenty of drive."
27/06/2021 Southern Counties Championship Show Keith Thornton (Karnak) AVNSC Working Open Bitch 1st CRITIQUE: "Another nice Greenland, full of power, strong body, nice type, moved ok. "
22/06/2021 Royal Cheshire CS Premier Open Show Patsy Hollings (Gunalt) AVNSC Working Open 2nd CRITIQUE:
"Clean, agile, capable of doing the job, with femininity coupled with strength. Economical ground cover."
20/06/2021 Southampton CS Open Show Krystyan Greenland (Rajarani) AVNSC Working Open VHC  


2020 Results


15/03/2020 Retford CS Open Show Anna Ballington-Graham (Catua) GD Junior Dog / Bitch 1st & BOB CRITIQUE: "Very nice bitch on the smaller side of the standard but has everything going for her, lovely head, good front, excellent angulation front and rear, correct feet and pasterns, hocks well let down. Good overall proportions. Tail nicely rested on her back with the correct gap as the breed standard dictates – I liked her a lot. BOB"
07/03/2020 Crufts Championship Show Kevin Young (Sunkap) GD Junior Bitch 1st, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex Handler: Racheal Bailey

CRITIQUE: "Quality young bitch who is well put together. Lovely head with pleasing eye. Liked her expression when she eventually used her ears. Well laid shoulders with enough neck and firm top line. She has good depth and length of body, showing good balance. Moved with strength and purpose. Best bitch"
23/02/2020 Billingham Synthonia CC Open Show Peri Burnside (Libertia) AVNSC Working Open 1st & BAVNSC Handler: Marina Page

CRITIQUE: "Pretty young feminine bitch of 16 mth , one of 2 greenland dogs shown in this class, presented in ex condition ,well balanced outline, ex temperament, head of good proportions with moderate stop, strong skull ,powerful strong jaw with correct bite ,dk slightly oblique eye alert in expression, gd well set ears ,forequarters strong & muscular forelegs straight |& powerful in proportion ,deep chest ,gd level topline, hindquarters strong & well muscled ,ex turn of stifle with well let down hocks, strong tight feet ,correct well fured tail & gd double coat, moved with purpose around ring maintained topline on move , excellently presented."
15/02/2020 NW&PBAS Open Show Penny Roberts (Archaeus) GD Junior Dog or Bitch 1st & RBOB

Handler: Racheal Bailey


CRITIQUE: "As a minority breed with only a small number of dogs shown I was very pleased with my quality entry for my first Greenland appointment.  Temperaments were superb (handlers and dogs!) .... Junior D/B (2).  These two clearly showed the ‘marked difference’ in size required by the standard...  Lovely 16 mo bitch, very feminine with pretty (correct) head, good eyes, and super expression.  Strong neck and really nice angulation front and rear and good muscle tone.  Strong bone and correct feet.  At this point, much more ‘together’ than her kennel mate.  Good depth of chest, strong in body and loin.  Quality double coat.  Very sound on the move - she was straight coming and going and has lovely side gait with drive and good foot placement.  RBOB."

16/01/2020 Manchester Championship Show Marion Sargent (Tegwani) AVNSC Working Junior Dog / Bitch 2nd HANDLER: Lorna Graham

CRITIQUE: "Standard size bitch, good balance, pleasing head with good eye, and ear set, nice front & rear angles, good body with correct ribbing, nice rear with good turn of stifle, holding a good topline & tailset, needs to settle in movement."


2019 Results


27/12/2019 Wealdstone & Northolt CS Open Show Tate Forsey (Muzoku) GD Junior Dog or Bitch 1st & BOB Handler: Racheal Bailey
23/11/2019 The Nordic Speciality Open Show Joe Smith (Mowgli) GD Special Yearling 2nd CRITIQUE: "Lovely [...] bitch of 14 months. Feminine head, super eye and mouth. Clean front, sound rear. Excellent temperament."
29/09/2019 Maastricht INT CH Show (NED) - Day 2 Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki GD Junior Bitch 1st, CAC, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex Excellent Grade

Handler: Naomi Van-Mourik
28/09/2019 Maastricht INT CH Show (NED) - Day 1 Francesco Di Paolo Nuzzo GD Junior Bitch 1st, CAC, Best Bitch, Best Junior & Best Of Breed Excellent Grade
14/09/2019 Darlington Championship Show Tom Mather (Barklots) GD Puppy Dog or Bitch 1st, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex Handler: Sarah Atkins

CRITIQUE: "Quite striking and well balanced.  Broad head with very moderate stop.  Well furred ears and lively expression. Good depth of chest.  Well boned.  Strong, lithe body.  Moved soundly.  Best Bitch. "
31/08/2019 City of Birmingham Championship Show Jean Lanning (Clausentum) GD Junior Bitch 1st & Reserve Best Bitch

Handler: Amie Forman


[critique unavailable]

26/08/2019 Leicester City CS Open Show Trish Goodyear (Harvestbank) AVNSC W Puppy 1st, Best Puppy & Best AVNSC Handler: Lorna Graham

CRITIQUE: "Ten month old bitch . Clean head and eye correct earset. Balanced fore and aft. Moved out well has a promising future. BOB and BP. "
24/08/2019 Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show Jeff Horswell (Drakesleat) AVNSC W Puppy Bitch 1st / Best Bitch / Best Opposite Sex CRITIQUE: "V raw but v promising and a delightful temperament. Fem head. Enough neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Moves well. Feet can improve. [BB]"
18/08/2019 Clonmel Nat. Championship Show (IRE) Cheryl Patersen (Terrapin / USA) GD Junior Bitch 1st / Green Star / Best Bitch / Reserve Best of Breed Excellent Grading

Handler: Sarah Cushley

17/08/2019 Navan Group Nat. Championship Show (IRE) Stephen Hourihan (IRE) GD Junior Bitch 1st / Green Star / Best Bitch / Reserve Best of Breed Excellent Grading
05/08/2019 Paignton Championship Show Steve Myring (Fortezza) GD Puppy 1st, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex CRITIQUE: "10 mths B. A very nicely made and well balanced puppy with a good top line and tail set. Correct dentition, nice head with good ear set. Nicely marked which adds to her attraction, she moves really well and was a pleasure to judge."
28/07/2019 Liege Golden Dog Trophy International Championship Show (BEL) Vytautas Baranauskas (LT) GD Junior Bitch 1st & BOS Excellent Grading
27/07/2019 Liege Benelux Winner International Championship Show (BEL) Jos De Cuyper (BE) GD Junior Bitch 1st & BOS

Excellent Grading


Benelux Junior Winner (BE)'19 title!

26/07/2019 Leeds Championship Show Raye Parry (Gwynsias) AVNSC Working Puppy Bitc 2nd CRITIQUE: "Lovely bitch in top condition with such a beautiful head, good front, lovely topline and tailset but was unsettled on the move and let herself down, but lovely promising bitch"
21/07/2019 Kingston CS Premier Open Show Keith Dickensen (Mullak) GD Special Yearling 1st, RBOB, Best Puppy & Best SY CRITIQUE: "9 month old grey & whie bitch, nice wedge head & muzzle, good eyes and dentition, deep chest, strong rear end with good angulation, nice movement."
20/07/2019 Alfreton & DCS Open Show Hillary Mitchell (Seawolf) GD Junior Dog or Bitch 1st CRITIQUE: "9mths old bitch, lovely head with a sweet expression & correct bite. Good shape, moved well."
14/07/2019 Evesham & DCS Open Show Cath Moffat (Kyleca) AVNSC Working Puppy 1st & BAVNSC Puppy

Handler: Lisa Mort


CRITIQUE: "Well-proportioned bitch with feminine head and lovely expression. Pleasing front assembly with good bone and feet. Moved effortlessly with ground covering movement, BAVNSCP."

13/07/2019 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Association Championship Show Chris Thomas (Kingrock) GD Puppy Bitch 1st, Reserve Best Bitch & Best Puppy in Breed CRITIQUE: "Thank you for the Society for this judging appointment. Only a small entry but nevertheless there were some quality dogs...

Quality bitch with a wonderful feminine expression. Correct head to muzzle proportion. Excellent eye shape and colour. Ears set wide apart. Straight front and correct feet. Correct depth of chest and overall conformation. Dense double coat. Strong well angulated rear which she used to her advantage on the move. She has a lot to offer the breed. Res Best Bitch & BP"

05/07/2019 East of England Championship Show Stuart Mallard (Tuckles) GD Puppy Bitch 1st, Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex & Best Puppy in Breed CRITIQUE: "Typical outline, her head is well proportioned and developing to advantage, eye just a tad bold.  Enough neck for carriage into clean front assembly.  Strong straight bone into very good functional feet.  Chest developing, level back with correct set on and well fashioned hindquarters.  BP. BB"
15/06/2019 Ruthin CS Open Show Marina Scott (Belsmard) AVNSC Working Junior 1st

Handler: Sarah Atkins


CRITIQUE: "Outgoing youngster with plenty of verve, ears erect and moving at all times, strong skull, tapering muzzle, medium length of neck with characteristic loose skin, good depth of chest, level back, large bushy tail curled loosely over back, strong movement in all directions."

09/06/2019 Ashfield (Notts) CS Open Show Kerry Rushby (Leosrus) GD Junior Dog or Bitch 1st, Best Puppy & Best of Breed Handler: Sarah Atkins
01/06/2019 Southern Counties Championship Show Marja Talvitie (FI) AVNSC Working Puppy Bitch 1st, Best AVNSC Puppy & Reserve Best Bitch  
28/05/2019 Boston & DCS Premier Open Show Kath Howarth (Hawkam) GD Puppy 1st

Handler: Sarah Atkins



"Striking, feminine young girl who shows promise for the future. It was a close call between her and her [kennel mate] for RBOB, just lost out as she was a little less settled on the move on the day. Skull starting to broaden, correct muzzle, bite, & ear placement. Muscular neck and good angles for and aft, bone in proportion to size.

25/05/2019 Bath Championship Show Meg Purnell-Carpenter (Overhill) GD Puppy Bitch 1st, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex CRITIQUE: "7 months, very immature shown in good order. Movement good. Best Bitch."
19/05/2019 Pollard CS Premier Open Show John Purnell (Yikasown) AVNSC Working Puppy Dog or Bitch 2nd CRITIQUE: "7 months old grey and white, good depth of chest, well angulated, nice level backline with good tailset, moved well"
18/05/2019 SKC Championship Show Melanie Reed-Peck (Byquy) GD Puppy Dog or Bitch 1st, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex CRITIQUE: "7 months with developing head and eye shape and colour ok. I would have preferred a better shoulder placement. General movement pleased but needs to watch hind action with development. Best Bitch"
09/05/2019 Birmingham National Championship Show Richard Kinsey (Kitarn) GD Puppy Bitch 1st, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex CRITIQUE:
"At just 8 months she is understandably raw and loose on the move but given her construction under her plush jacket it should only be a matter of time and maturity to see her flourish into a good example of the breed. She has balance both standing and on the move where she is steady and true she just needs time to tighten all through. BB"
06/05/2019 Aberystwyth & DCS Open Show Sue Steele (Threadgold) AVNSC Working Graduate Dog / Bitch 1st, Best Puppy in Breed & Working Puppy Group 2 CRITIQUE: "6 months old with a thick double layered coat, head well proportioned, broad and wedge shaped with moderate stop, skull flat, ears erect and firm, neck short, level back well bodied up large bushy tail, good strong drive when moved. BP NSC & PWG2"
21/04/2019 Combined Canine Club Nat. Championship Show (IRE) Mr J Madden GD Puppy Bitch 1st, Best Bitch / Green Star, RBOB & Best Puppy in Breed Very Promising Grade
20/04/2019 Combined Canine Club Int. Championship Show (IRE) Mr F Leung GD Puppy Bitch 1st & Best Puppy in Breed Very Promising Grade
14/04/2019 Mountsorrel & DCS Open Show Joe Smith (Mowgli) AV Minor Puppy Stakes Res  
14/04/2019 Mountsorrel & DCS Open Show Chris John (Cristakell) GD Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 2nd  
30/03/2019 Herts & Essex Border CS Open Show Ruth Hearton (Tallatanta) GD Junior Dog or Bitch 1st, Best Puppy & Reserve Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "Stunning 6 month old grey and white puppy bitch. Beautiful brown correct shaped eyes. Correct plains on head, correct angles front and rear. Good feet, correct arctic coat. Perfect temperament. Back held level on the move. Moved strongly with purpose and good drive. Oozed quality and type. Definitely one to watch. Reserve BOB & Best Puppy."
17/03/2019 St Patricks Day Int. Championship Show (IRE) Mrs L Zake GD Baby Puppy Bitch 1st Very Promising Grade
16/03/2019 Celtic Winners Int. Championship Show (IRE) Mrs R Loch-Romans GD Baby Puppy Bitch 1st Very Promising Grade