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2022 Results

05/11/2022 W&PBAS Championship SHow Steve Hall (Shenedene) Open Dog 1st, Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex Handler: Marina Page

"Large upstanding dog with lots of energy and eager to please, no mistaking his gender, good firm body would have liked a touch more width of forechest. Strong rear action."
29/10/2022 Midland Counties Championship Show Jenny Miller (Feorlig) Open Dog 3rd  
16/10/2022 Aberystwyth & DCS Open Show Kris Kingsley (Dainoak) Open 1st, Best of Breed & Working Group 4 CRITIQUE: "4yo dog, white with black patches, powerful, close coupled dog in excellent coat, well-proportioned head, dark eyes obliquely set, well set ears, alert expression, short, heavy neck, well angulated shoulder with correct upper arm, well boned legs and large feet, well sprung ribs with depth reaching to elbow, level topline, well bent stifles and broad width of thigh, tail well set and bushy, moved with strong drive and purpose. BOB & G4."
04/10/2022 Norfolk & Norwich CS Open Show Patricia Blunden (Licassa) Open 2nd Handler: Sarah Lafford
01/10/2022 Walsall & District KA Open Show Angie Johns (Alepenkye) Open 2nd & Reserve Best of Breed Handler: Rebecca Cunningham
25/09/2022 Bedford & District CS Open Show Helen Gutteridge (Qiqern) AVNSC W Open 2nd Handler: Sarah Lafford

"An exceptionally eye catching and powerful looking boy. Masculine head on strong neck. Moderate angles all round. Well boned , strong pasterns and good feet. Moved well."
24/09/2022 Great Yarmouth Gorleston & DCS Open Show Sue Jones (Medicinehat) Open 1st & Best of Breed Also shortlisted in Working Group under judge Gary Gray

CRITIQUE: "4-year-old black & white piebald striking powerful looking male, in excellent coat with a broad wedge-shaped head with well furred ears, alert expression, kind eyes good shape and set. A well-muscled dog with good heavy bone, broad deep chest well sprung ribs. Good lay of shoulder fore legs strong and straight with slight slope to pastern, rear angulation mirrors front, broad thigh into well turned stifle and let down hocks. Correct feet, excellent coat, bushy tail set on high with correct carriage. On the move, held his top line powerful and effortless gait, strong rear drive good front reach sound coming and going. The full picture pleased to see him short listed in the group"
18/09/2022 Sheringham & District KA Premier Open Show Sophie Wray-Ramsden (Takhisis) Open 1st & Best of Breed CRITIQUE:
" 4-year-old black & white dog of super substance. Flat skull of good size, with a strong muzzle in proportion and strong underjaw. Muscular neck and excellent front with super bone and powerful hindquarters. Good depth of chest and strong, level back giving a very balanced outline. Moved steadily, keeping his topline well. BOB."
17/09/2022 Darlington Championship Show Christina Chapman (Bukris) Open 2nd, Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex

Handler: Mark Plummer


CRITIQUE: "4yr old mature male. Good masculine head, strong topline, good chest & balanced angulation giving good movement all ways, BD & RBOB"

01/09/2022 City of Birmingham Championship Show Tim Ball (Kaitak) AVNSC W Open Dog 1st, Best Dog & Best AVNSC CRITIQUE: "3 yr old Greenland Dog. Impressive boy who presented a super outline with muscular neck of correct length to balance, firm topline, good depth to chest, excellent ribbing, well-muscled loin and curled tail set on high. Masculine head; wedge-shaped with flat skull of good breadth, moderate stop, eyes of correct placement, ears set well apart and carried firmly erect and scissor bite. Good angles front and rear, nice straight forelegs, excellent feet and muscular hindquarters with well let down hocks. Efficient action with plenty of drive from the rear. Good coat. Best Dog & Best AVNSC Working." 
28/08/2022 Horley & District SS Open Show Krystyan Greenland (Rajarani) AV Open Special Charity Stakes 2nd  
28/08/2022 Horley & District SS Open Show Caroline Friend-Rees (Amical) Open 1st & Best of Breed Handler: Sarah Gibbons
19/08/2022 Welsh Kennel Club Championship Show  Rachel Barney (Verrami) AVNSC W Open Dog 1st, Best Dog & BAVNSC  
13/08/2022 Sedgefield AS Open Show Racheal Bailey (Akna) Open 1st & Best of Breed Handler: Tara Fisher

"My first appointment judging these and one i was really looking forward to. A really lovely entry from such a minority breed. Some quality attributes from all the dogs and ALL had wonderful temperaments. Having spent a lot of time in the ring with them it was great to finally get my hands on them.... 4 year old male of  impressive stature. White and black with an amazing headpiece. This dog is masculine throughout. Although not out of proportion for his size. Really nice nature, such a gentle giant with myself and his ring mates. Excellent leg length compared to height ratio with ample bone to hold his frame. Correct front construction with good chest, strong neck and solid topline. The same is to be said for his rear construction. This powerful dog both in stand and on the move out and back and side profile just oozes strength. A dog you would certainly like on your team to get you through deep snow. Being picky i would prefer a slightly better eye shape.  Pleased to award him Best Of Breed as he seemed to have the edge in the heat with his ground covering movement but certainly was well challenged by the graduate winner."
05/08/2022 Paignton Championship Show Tan Nagrecha (Chandlimore) Open 1st, Best Dog & Best of Breed Handler: Jenny Shorer-Wheeler

CRITIQUE: "Dog in full bloom, masculine and upstanding, powerful and imposing, he has good proportions and in general moved well, a little wide behind. BD & BOB"
31/07/2022 Llandysul & District CS Open Show Graham Hill (Dimland) Open 1st, BOB & WG4 Handler: Lydia Mellor

CRITIQUE: "An upstanding male who has a masculine head. Pleasing bone and body with attractive overall shape and proportions. In good coat. Moved well with a powerful gait. Best of Breed. Working Group [4]"
22/07/2022 Leeds Championship Show Geoff Corish (Sealaw) AVNSC W Open Dog 2nd CRITIQUE: "Greenland Dog and nearly all white boy. Much heavier in type [to 1st] and also a much stronger head, his expression is good but his ears could be a little higher set. He’s a very sound dog and really showed well."
17/07/2022 Durham County CA Premier Open Show John Purnell (Yikasown) Open 1st & Best of Breed Handler: Donna Jarvis

CRITIQUE: "3 years old dog, black & white of good size. Good balanced head with good well placed ears, good strong shoulders, straight back and front, in good coat, moved well. Awarded this dog Best of Breed."
16/07/2022 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Championship Show Jeff Luscott (Jalus) Open 1st, Best Dog & Best of Breed Handler: Jenny Shorer-Wheeler
08/07/2022 East of England Championship Show Bridgette Bodle (Lionsridge) Open Dog 1st, Best Dog & Best of Breed CRITIQUE:

"A powerful and imposing 3 yr b/w with a calm disposition who is very well off for bone, wedge head of good proportions and well set ears, short strong neck into muscled shoulders , forelegs straight with feet of good size, brisket and strong straight topline, a powerful mover displaying good drive and easily outmoving the two girls today."
24/06/2022 World Dog Show 2020 (22 - ESP INT CH Show) Rafael Espigares Martín (ES) Champion Dog 1st / Exc / 
Handler: Scarlett Burnside

World Winner 2022!
23/06/2022 Group V Speciality CAC Show (ESP CH Show) Rafael García Parrondo (ES) Champion Dog 1st / Exc / 
Handler: Mark Plummer
23/06/2022 RSCE Winner Show (ESP INT CH Show) Rafael Malo Alcrudo (ES) Champion Dog 1st / Exc / 

Handler: Mark Plummer


Latin Winner (ES) 2022!

21/06/2022 Royal Cheshire AA Premier Open Show Barry Blunden (Licassa) AVNSC W Open 3rd Handler: Charlotte Delgarno
19/06/2022 Northwich & District CS Open Show Martin Sanders (Castelloch) AVNSC W Open 1st, BAVNSC & Working Group 2 CRITIQUE: "This exhibit draws your attention on entering the ring. Masculine all through with correct proportions in head with keen eye and expression all topped off with neat well placed ears. Powerful in neck with a correct front assembly. Top line is sound with excellent ribbing. Firm in loin with correct croup and tail set. He stands on good bone with neat compact feet. It’s on the move that he displays eye catching reach and drive displaying excellent profile on the go around. Presented in good order and well handled. BNSC and pleased to award him Group 2."
18/06/2022 Ruthin CS Premier Open Show Chris Roberts (Joybull) Open 1st & RBOB  
10/06/2022 Three Counties Championship Show Hazel Fitzgibbon (Smilesam) Three Cos Open Stakes 2nd CRITIQUE: 
"Maturing nicely. Lacking undercoat today but in well muscled condition, shown at the correct weight. Moving out well, with a scopey action, lively and ready to go."
10/06/2022 Three Counties Championship Show Vanessa Williams-Wegman (Essvana) AVNSC W Open Dog 2nd CRITIQUE:
"Lots to like here. 3 yrs white & black mature dog with tawny slightly oblique set eyes, short erect ears, masculine wedge shape skull, powerful torso full of substance and bone, well balanced and sound determined mover, looks easily capable to do the job he was bred for pulling a freight sleigh. Just unlucky to meet 1 who was on fire today."
05/06/2022 Southern Counties Championship Show Keith Baldwin (Nightwish) AVNSC W Open 1st, Best Dog & Best AVNSC CRITIQUE: "Greenland Dog, three and a half years old black and white, top quality boy powerful throughout, masculine head of good proportions, tawny eyes and scissor bite, muscular neck into broad shoulders with firm level back and tail well carried, front legs viewed straight with good bone and large feet, balanced rear quarters providing power on the move, well presented. Best Dog and Best of Breed."
02/06/2022 Staffordshire & Birmingham AA Open Show Jay Kershaw (Aritaur) AVNSC W Open 1st, Best AVNSC & WG2  
31/05/2022 Boston & DCS Open Show Adrian Bicknell (Shimano) AVNSC W Open 3rd  
29/05/2022 Bath Championship Show Rodney Oldham (Towmena) Open Dog 1st, Best Dog & Best of Breed Handler: Scarlett Burnside

CRITIQUE: "Although this lad was the only male present on the day he stood away as a great representative for BOB being masculine in outlook yet maintaining a clean balanced outline, in action he really comes into his own covering the ground with consummate ease. "
21/05/2022 Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show Lee Cox (Vanitonia) AVNSC W Open Dog 1st, Best Dog & Best AVNSC

Handler: Scarlett Burnside


CRITIQUE: "All male, strong and powerful. Moved with enthusiasm and drive. Attentive showman, in good order. BD and BAVNSC"

14/05/2022 Redditch & DCS Open Show Joan Sheehan (Amaqqut) Open 1st & RBOB CRITIQUE: "An impressive male with size and substance. He has a large wedged head with correct eyes and ears and moderate stop. Short neck, broad, deep chest and well sprung ribs. His rear shouts power, good straight legs and large feet. His movement was balanced and powerful but for me, I felt he needed more covering to carry off the size. RBOB"
02/05/2022 Aberystwyth & DCS Open Show Angie Baker Open 1st & RBOB CRITIQUE: "3 year old white and black male powerful and well put together, he moved with purpose and drive but I felt for me the previous winner had the added edge. However he is a lovely boy who was a little unsettled but still had a lovely outline, coat and moved effortlessly with all the attributes of the breed."
23/04/2022 Championnat De France (FRANCE) Harri Lehkonen (Finland) Open Dog 1st, CAC, CACIB, Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex, Latin Winner (FR) 2022 Excellent Graded

Handler: Scarlett Burnside
22/04/2022 European Dog Show (FRANCE) Kirsi Tevalin (Finland) Open Dog 1st, CAC, CACIB, Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex, European Winner 2022 Excellent Graded

Handler: Scarlett Burnside
15/04/2022 Edwinstowe & DCS Premier Open Show Russel Mosedale (Knightsbay) AVNSC W Open 1st & Reserve Best AVNSC CRITIQUE: "... another striking boy unfortunately not fan of the heat today, head is well proportioned, broad and wedged shape, moderate stop, correct shape and colour eyes, ears are short and firm, strong jaw, excellent pigmentation, neck is short and muscular, forelegs straight, feet large, chest deep and broad, ribs well-sprung, strong hindquarters, well-muscled with second thigh muscle, tail set on high, moved with reach and powerful drive"
13/04/2022 Norfolk & Norwich CS Open Show AVNSC: Allyson King (Allyking)

Group: Simon Luxmoore (Zima)
AVNSC W Open 1st, Best AVNSC & Working Group 4 Handler: Stacey Watkins

Also 3rd in Open Stakes (20+ entries)

CRITIQUE: "Impressive masculine lad with Good markings. Eye is dark and well pigmented, ears compliment overall head shape, jaws strong with strong dentition. Neck fits into well placed shoulders, chest has width and depth stands on straight front legs and correct feet. Hind quarters balanced to front which gives positive balanced ground cover with ease. Jacket is well textured."
09/04/2022 Wellingborough & DCS Premier Open Show Richard Kinsey (Kitarn) AVNSC W Open 1st & Best AVNSC CRITIQUE: "3 ½ year old male. Full of type in construction and body toning. Strong well developed head piece with correct ear set on high and used well when attracted. Mid brown oval eyes. Strong jaws and teeth. Well muscled in forehand with straight well boned limbs and compact feet. Ample spring of rib and depth of chest, holds a firm back at all times. Presented in correct double jacket to complete the picture BAVNSC"
10/03/2022 Crufts Championship Show Sigurd Wilberg (Kanix) Open Dog 1st, Best Dog & Best of Breed CRITIQUE:

"After having written my [critiques] I now know that three of the dogs shown under me were from my homeland. I found that very interesting because I was close to this breed in my younger days. A few of my friends was sled dog racing. and we had some fabulous Greenland dogs which frequently won groups and even BIS...This is a fabulous dog which on the day was in a class by himself. I loved his head and his overall performance. A Greenland dog like I love to see them BD & BOB. "
19/02/2022 Ashington & DCS Premier Open Show Linda Pierson (Kiltonoaf) Open 1st & Best of Breed  
12/02/2022 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society Open Show Allyson King (Allyking) Open 1st & Best of Breed Also Working Group shortlist under judge Barry Blunden (Licassa)

"D 3 ½ Bl/W. Upstanding masculine lad. Quality boned throughout and in firm muscle-tone. Good head ratios skull is broad with good wedge shape right amount of stop, dark eyes and alert ear set and usage, muzzle is strong with strong teeth set square. Muscular neck into withers, stands on straight front legs and large strong feet, ribbing is deep and chest has width. Firm topline and good rear and sound hocks gives him such powerful ground cover. Quality harsh jacket. BOB"
05/02/2022 Isle of Ely CS Premier Open Show Carol Cavanagh (Shimano) Open 1st & Reserve Best of Breed CRITIQUE:
"Impressive male with lovely bone and substance, good head shape with expressive head. Strong neck deep chest well angulated with good feet and bone moved well in all directions. Res Best of Breed."
22/01/2022 Manchester Championship Show Sandra Marshall (Lowerdon) AVNSC W Open Dog 1st, Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex Handler: Stacey Watkins


Well proportioned head, nicely placed ears. Strong legs and feet, well boned, good spring of rib, well set on tail. Profuse coat. Moved well. BD."

06/01/2022 Boston Championship Show Jacque Bayne (Corranroo) AVNSC W Open Dog 1st, Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex Handler: Scarlett Burnside

CRITIQUE: "BD. 3 year old male. Strong well proportioned head, correct wedge shape, good ear placement, strong forequarters, muscular, strong bone. Good spring of rib, compact. Well angulated. Thick coat but presentation could improve. Correct tailset. Moved well."


2021 Results


28/11/2021 Sunderland & DCS Premier Open Show Susan Benyon (Kaijasholme) Open 1st & Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "
3yr black and white male, some staining to white elbow and foot but powerful and impressive. Top end of the height and would prefer a little more bone to balance. Well made with good angulation and level topline, lovely tail carriage showed strong drive and covered the ground with power. BOB"
27/11/2021 The Nordic Speciality Open Show Dolores Montgomery Open 1st & Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "What a lovely show the Nordic still is. It is such a joy too see so many Spitz breeds together. Despite the terrible weather on the day, it was good to see so many people turn up. What a strong bunch dog people are. I was delighted to be invited to judge 2 of my much-loved breeds, so many thanks to the committee for the invitation.
Greenland Dog
Although only 2 examples of this lovely breed were present on the day, it was wonderful to get a chance to go over them, something I have not done for a several years. Quality and quantity are not the same thing, so I was delighted to find that both entries were of such good quality.
Open... 1.... A lovely example of this breed; stunning head with a good wedge shape; masculine expression; correct bite; strong jaws; muscular neck; good forequarters deep chest; correct angulation of forequarters and hindquarters; excellent outline; powerfully built throughout moved well around the ring but I did feel he could have done with a larger ring to match his stride. I really liked this boy. BOB"
21/11/2021 Geneva CACIB / Crufts Qualifier (SWISS) Annika Ulltveit-Moe (Sweden) Open Dog 1st, BOS, CACIB & CAC

Excellent Graded


"Strong well built, on a bit long lines, exc. Head, well placed ears, strong bone, big feet, good tail carriage, in exc. condition, between in coat, exc. mover"


20/11/2021 Geneva CACIB / Alpine Winner (SWISS) Tijana Konrad (Serbia) Open Dog 1st, BOB, CACIB, CAC, 
Alpensieger '21

Excellent Graded


"Correct size, good proportion of a male, correct line of head, ears all set, correct bite, little bit open in front, correct angulations behind, coat in correct condition, tailset well set" 

19/11/2021 Geneva CACIB (SWISS) Anna Albrigo (Italy) Open Dog 1st, BOB, CACIB & CAC Excellent Graded
19/11/2021 Geneva CAC (SWISS) Beatrix Märki Casanova (Switzerland) Open Dog 1st, BOS & CAC Excellent Graded
14/11/2021 Douai CACIB (FRANCE) Mattera Cassandre (France) Open Dog 1st, BOS, CACIB & CAC Excellent Graded
13/11/2021 Douai CAC / Breed Special (FRANCE) Michael Griol (France) Open Dog 1st, BOS & CAC Excellent Graded
26/09/2021 Birmingham National Championship Show Jill Peak (Bayard) Open Dog 1st, Best Dog & Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "3 yr old male lovely type, strong wedge shaped head, good pigment, nice eye, ears well set, good neck and shoulders, strong bone, straight legs, strong feet, body deep with good ribbing, strong well muscled quarters, moved well with power reach and drive. BD & BOB."
19/09/2021 Sheringham & DKA Open Show Helen Gutteridge (Qiqern) Open 1st & Best of Breed CRITIQUE:
"3 year old B/W pie male. What a big lad, with a strong masculine head, medium length strong neck. Well ribbed up, good width of chest. Strongly made all through with moderate angulation. Bushy tail in a loose curl. Oval slant set eyes and well furred ears. Movement sound and powerful. BOB"
17/09/2021 Darlington Championship Dog Show Martin Esders (Roxiga) Open 1st, Best Dog & Best of Breed CRITIQUE:
"I believe my entry of Greenland dogs topped the rare breeds table today, thank you to all the exhibitors, some good handling certainly shone through today showing the breed to a very high standard. I based my awards on type, soundness and movement, temperament was never questioned and enthusiasm was excellent, well done and thank you again to all handlers, their dogs and the good sportsmanship around the ringside... 3 year old male, a very imposing strong dog with dark markings, coat thick and well groomed, nice head with tapering muzzle, correct scissor bite, good ear set with alert expression, strong neckline and broad shoulders. Front and rear quarters giving balanced outline, movement was controlled with head dropping slightly and with minimum convergence, large strong feet, handled very well, pleased to award both dog and handler the class. Best Dog and Best of Breed, well done."
15/09/2021 Thame & Oxfordshire County CS Open Show Avril Roper (Tokosha) AVNSC W Open 1st & RBAVNSC CRITIQUE: "A substantial dog good in profile exhibiting great strength. Good head strong & well made. Dark eyes & well set ears. Strong body & moved with energy and strength. Res AVNSC"
10/09/2021 Richmond Championship Show Simon Parsons (Deavitte) AVNSC W Open Dog 2nd CRITIQUE: "Classy Greenland with so much to like, admired the head, eye and expression, clean neck and shoulder, straight front, excellent topline and hindquarters, free active mover, could be a shade truer in front action but put up a strong challenge to the winner and to the young Bouvier"
30/08/2021 Great Yarmouth Gorleston & DCA Cath Moffat (Kyleca) AVNSC W Open 1st & Best AVNSC CRITIQUE:
"Handsome male of nearly 3 years, alert and expressive head. Nicely angulated with good feet and bone. Steady top-line when moving, he showed sound, effective movement in all directions, BOB."
26/08/2021 Driffield Championship Show Darren Clarke (Peluche) AVNSC W Open Dog 2nd & Reserve Best Dog Handler: Scarlett Burnside

"Strong and masculine with a functional outlook. Excellent wedge shaped head. Good eye shape. High set, small ears. Strong neck. Excellent conformation. A bit long in loin. High set tail, carried correctly. In Summer coat, but what he has is coarse with some undercoat. Attractive colour. Scopy, free mover."
03/08/2021 Bath Championship Show Jeff Horswell (Drakesleat) Open Dog 1st, Best Dog & Best of Breed Challenge / Group Handler: Scarlett Burnside

"Good size and proportions. Very good profile action, could be firmer out and back. Well proportioned head. Strong neck. Moderate and balanced in angulation. Well bodied. Harsh jacket."
17/07/2021 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society Championship Show Beryll McCallum (Glentops) Open Dog 1st, Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex CRITIQUE: "Stood alone. Upstanding all male young man only just coming up to 3 yrs of age. Standing presents a solid outline. Good head, correct ear placement, calm, friendly eyes giving good expression, strong bone, good neck and shoulders, firm back, good coat and condition, powerful quarters with good second thigh, moved extremely well with plenty of rear drive, sound in all departments, well handled. Unfortunately he had suffered a particularly nasty mosquito bite on his neck just where the lead/collar rested, nonetheless he allowed me to examine him, as usual, without a flicker of an eye. What a trooper. BD and RBOB."
11/07/2021 East of England Championship Show Hazel Fitzgibbon (Smilesam) Open Dog 1st, Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex CRITIQUE: "Happy to see a lovely representative entry of Greenland dogs. I have never understood why they are not more popular. All temperaments were typical and sound. I would imagine that they could all work well... Strong wedge shaped masculine head and erect ears. Well made all through with a strong topline and muscular loin. Muscular hindquarters and correct tail set. Moved out soundly and well, although a bit of a handful. A strong, lively upstanding male. BD. "
27/06/2021 Southern Counties Championship Show Keith Thornton (Karnak) AVNSC Working Open Dog 2nd & Reserve Best Dog Handler: Scarlett Burnside

"A very beautiful boy. Terrific head, strong neck and body, good coat, lovely mover. Two top class dogs."
22/06/2021 Royal Cheshire CS Premier Open Show Patsy Hollings (Gunalt) AVNSC Working Open Res  
20/06/2021 Southampton CS Open Show Krystyan Greenland (Rajarani) AVNSC Working Open 2nd CRITIQUE: "Totally naked and hiding absolutely nothing here. Large sled dog of good all-round type and construction. Up on his toes and stepping out very well indeed once settled. Perhaps looking a tad long here. Lots to like and so well presented."


2020 Results


07/03/2020 Crufts Championship Show Kevin Young (Sunkap) GD Junior Dog 1st, Best Dog & Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "A very striking young male who is full of quality and ring presence. I like his size and overall balance to give a pleasing outline. Skull broad and flat with powerful muzzle. Giving an alert expression. Good depth of body with compact appearance. Presented in firm condition and well handled. Best male & BOB" 
23/02/2020 Billingham Synthonia CC Open Show Peri Burnside (Libertia) AVNSC Working Open 3rd  
15/02/2020 NW&PBAS Open Show Penny Roberts (Archaeus) GD Junior Dog or Bitch 2nd CRITIQUE: "

As a minority breed with only a small number of dogs shown I was very pleased with my quality entry for my first Greenland appointment.  Temperaments were superb (handlers and dogs!)... Junior D/B (2).  These two clearly showed the ‘marked difference’ in size required by the standard....  16 mo male.  Impressive in size, with good height and correct strong bone and feet.   Very much the ‘teenager’ at the moment, needing to broaden and drop into himself as he matures, to show off his proportions to best advantage, but a really lovely boy.  The best head of the day, good flat skull and correct proportions, lovely expression.    Super weatherproof coat so well presented. On the move he is very sound with good drive.   Look forward to seeing him when fully adult."

01/02/2020 Isle of Ely CS Open Show Angie Johns (Alpenkye) GD Junior Dog or Bitch 1st & Reserve Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "Maturing boy but correct for age. Nicely broad, wedge shaped head. Good muscular neck into broad shoulders. Well balanced all through. Straight front and rear, well-muscled and powerful. Very good temperament and moved well. RBOB"
16/11/2020 Manchester Championship Show Marion Sargent (Tegwani) AVNSC Working Junior Dog or Bitch 1st CRITIQUE: "16 mth old Greenland, big male, with good bone to match, strong head, with flat skull and good ear set, correct eye giving good expression, good width on front, well ribbed, would like stronger topline, nice rear with correct amount of stifle, moved well when settled"


2019 Results


23/11/2019 The Nordic Speciality Open Show Joe Smith (Mowgli) GD Special Yearling 1st CRITIQUE: "Male of 15 months. Super breed type, this bolshy teenager has a ball in the rain, caught glimpses of a stunning outline. Lovely balanced head type, strong muzzle, correct ear set, good bite. Excellent bone"
29/09/2019 Maastricht INT CH Show (NED) - Day 2 Veli-Pekka Kumpumäki GD Junior Dog 1st, CAC, Best Dog, Best Junior & Best Of Breed Excellent Grade

Handler: Stacey Watkins
28/09/2019 Maastricht INT CH Show (NED) - Day 1  Francesco Di Paolo Nuzzo GD Junior Dog 1st, CAC, Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex Excellent Grade
14/08/2019 Darlington Championship Show Tom Mather (Barklots) GD Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st, Reserve Best Dog & Best Puppy in Breed Handler: Racheal Bailey

Critique: "Best Puppy & Reserve Best Dog.  Well grown and masculine; broad, well balanced head, good ear set.  Strong body with good depth of chest.  Impressed on the move with drive from the rear.  Shows and presented to best advantage"
31/08/2019 City of Birmingham Championship Show Jean Lanning (Clausentum) GD Junior Dog 1st, Reserve Best Dog, Best Junior & Best Puppy in Breed [Critique Unavailable]
26/08/2019 Leicester City CS Open Show Trish Goodyear (Harvestbank) AVNSC Working Junior 1st

Handler: Racheal Bailey

CRITIQUE: "Good breed type. Correct angulation throughout which showed in his easy movement."

24/08/2019 Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show Jeff Horswell (Drakesleat) AVNSC Working Puppy Dog 1st, Reserve Best Dog & Best Puppy CRITIQUE: "Raw but v promising. Correct shape. V good head. Lengthy neck. Well balanced in angulation. Firm topline with a well set tail. V easy mover. BP & RBD"
18/08/2019 Clonmel Nat. Championship Show (IRE) Cheryl Pattersen (Terrapin / USA) GD Junior Dog 1st VG Grading
17/08/2019 Navan Group Nat. Championship Show (IRE) Stephen Hourihan (IRE) GD Junior Dog 1st / Green Star / Best Dog / Best of Breed Excellent Grading
05/08/2019 Paignton Championship Show Steve Myring (Fortezza) GD Junior 1st, Reserve Best Dog & Best Puppy CRITIQUE: "10 mths. D. A nice big puppy dog who is well covered and correct throughout. He has a strong head that fits in well with his overall look. He moved with drive and looked a bit of a handful but his handler was always in control and showed him very well. I watched him in the Group and he didn’t let her down"
28/07/2019 Liege Golden Dog Trophy International Championship Show (BEL) Vytautas Baranauskas (LT) GD Junior Dog 1st & Best Junior Excellent Grade
27/07/2019 Liege Benelux Winner International Championship Show (BEL) Jos De Cuyper (BE) GD Junior Dog 1st & Best Junior

Excellent Grade


Benelux Junior Winner (BE)'19 title!

26/07/2019 Leeds Championship Show Raye Parry (Gwynsias) AVNSC Working Puppy Dog 1st, Reserve Best Dog & Best Puppy CRITIQUE: "Greenland Dog, lovely puppy in top condition, lovely head, straight front, good shoulders, well muscled hindquarters, sound mover covering the ground well Best Puppy & RBD."
21/07/2019 Kingston CS Premier Open Show Keith Dickensen (Mullak) GD Special Yearling 2nd Handler: Leah Scales

10 month old black & white dog of good size with nice head, straight front with good depth of chest, powerful rear end with nice angulation, movement a little off as a bit out of proportion. Going to be a real contender in the future."
20/07/2019 Alfreton & DCS Open Show Hillary Mitchell (Seawolf) GD Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st & Best Puppy Handler: Leah Scales

CRITIQUE: "10mths old dog, good head & expression, correct bite, good overall shape, moved well. BP."
14/07/2019 Evesham & DCS Open Show Cath Moffat (Kyleca) AVNSC Working Puppy 2nd CRITIQUE: "Upstanding male with balance and good body proportions. Masculine head with good shoulder and well-muscled rear. Sound top-line, he moved well with easy ground-covering gait."
13/07/2019 National Working & Pastoral Breeds Association Championship Show Chris Thomas (Kingrock) GD Puppy Dog 1st & Reserve Best Dog  CRITIQUE: "Thank you for the Society for this judging appointment. Only a small entry but nevertheless there were some quality dogs...

A dog that is majority white with dark head giving a striking appearance. Correct bite with correct muzzle to head proportions. Well set ears, correct eye shape. Well placed shoulders, straight front legs. Level topline to well angulated rear. Tail carried high. Correct overall conformation. Moved well. Pleased to award him Reserve Best Dog"

05/07/2019 East of England Championship Show Stuart Mallard (Tuckles) GD Puppy Dog 1st & Reserve Best Dog  CRITIQUE: "9 month old, upstanding and all male.  His well constructed frame presents a typical outline so he ought to have a fun future when he gets his coat.  RBD"
30/06/2019 Deise Championship Show (IRE) Mrs M Grant-Cook (IRE) GD Junior Dog 1st VG Grade
29/06/2019 Kilkenny Championship Show (IRE) Mr S Dunne (IRE) GD Junior Dog 1st, Reserve Green Star Dog & Reserve Best of Breed Exc Grade
15/06/2019 Ruthin CS Open Show Marina Scott (Belsmard) AVNSC Working Limit Dog or Bitch 1st, Best Puppy & Best AVNSC CRITIQUE: BP & BAVNSC. Very striking young dog who is inquisitive and holding a strong shape in profile, using his prick ears and curling long bushy tail over the back, with a strong firm topline, driving from behind on the move, good substance overall."
09/06/2019 Ashfield (Notts) CS Open Show Kerry Rushby (Leosrus) GD Open Dog or Bitch 1st & Reserve Best of Breed  
01/06/2019 Southern Counties Championship Show Marja Talvitie (FI) AVNSC Working Puppy Dog 1st  
28/05/2019 Boston & DCS Premier Open Show Kath Howarth (Hawkam) GD Junior 1st, Best Puppy & Reserve Best of Breed CRITIQUE: "

"RBOB & BP. Promising youngster, Well constructed , with good width & depth of chest, Wedge shape head with correct ear set and oblique eye,  well off for bone with good length to leg. Forelegs straight, with large well arched feet.  Powerful mover."

25/05/2019 Bath Championship Show Meg Purnell-Carpenter (Overhill) GD Puppy Dog 1st, Reserve Best Dog & Best Puppy in Breed CRITIQUE: "8 months, extremely smart, good head and expression, well constructed throughout with excellent angles. Movement extremely sound when he settled. Best Puppy and Res Best Dog."
19/05/2019 Pollard CS Premier Open Show John Purnell (Yikasown) AVNSC Working Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st CRITIQUE: "8 months old black and white dog, good size for age, good depth of chest, straight front and back, nice balanced head, good strong muzzle, level backline retained on the move with good tailset. Moved well."
18/05/2019 SKC Championship Show Melanie Reed-Peck (Byquy) GD Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st, Reserve Best Dog & Best Puppy in Breed CRITIQE: "8 months up to size with movement fore and aft very good. Head properties very good. Res Best Dog & BP"
09/06/2019 Birmingham National Championship Show Breed: Richard Kinsey (Kitarn)

Group: Roy Baker
GD Puppy Dog 1st, Reserve Best Dog, Best Puppy in Breed, Working Puppy Group 3

BREED CRITIQUE: "Exciting youngster that has a lot to offer for the future of the breed judging from his performance today. Strong well made head with dark eyes and well set ears. Good length of neck into clean well laid shoulders and strong forehand. Ample spring to ribbing, level topline and muscular quarters. Easy mover from any angle. RBD & BP".


"... From a rich and diverse selection I short-listed nine: the Alaskan Malamute, Boxer, Bullmastiff, Dobermann, Giant Schnauzer, Greenland Dog, Rottweiler, St Bernard and Siberian Husky... 

Group 3... The Greenland Dog... although coming from [a rare] breed with a very small entry I thought this boy was superb and with such a confident, assured temperament. Well-proportioned head, muscular neck, solid forehand, displaying immense strength for so young a dog, powerful parallel gait, presented in excellent coat & condition."

23/04/2019 Eastwood KA Open Show Allyson King (Allyking) AVNSC W Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st CRITIQUE:

"Bl/W super head markings and ear set. Dark eye of good shape, overall a good wedge shape to head and good dentition. Muscular body tone, [good] stifles and hocks[. Ease] when covering the ground. Harsh jacket texture"
14/04/2019 Mountsorrel & DCS Open Show Joe Smith (Mowgli) AV Puppy Stakes Res  
14/04/2019 Mountsorrel & DCS Open Show Chris John (Cristakell) GD Post Graduate Dog or Bitch 1st, Best Puppy & Best of Breed  
30/03/2019 Herts & Essex Border CS Open Show Ruth Hearton (Tallatanta) GD Junior Dog or Bitch 2nd CRITIQUE: "Another stunning puppy. A 6 month old black and white piebald dog. Lovely expression, correct head onto strong neck, straight front legs with corect turn of stifle on rear. Good feet, moved strongly holding topline level. From the same kennel as winner of this class and another oozing quality & type; one to watch."
17/03/2019 St Patricks Day Int. Championship Show (IRELAND) Mrs L Zake GD Baby Puppy Dog 1st & Best Baby Puppy in Breed  Very Promising Grade
16/03/2019 Celtic Winners Int. Championship Show (IRELAND) Mrs R Loch-Romans GD Baby Puppy Dog 1st & Best Baby Puppy in Breed  Very Promising Grade