NAME: SUI / ESP / IRE / INT CH Suna-Sanik's Electric Noah Of Fenrirkin (WW'22, EW'22, LW-FR'22-ES'22, CW'24, BW'22, AS'21, BJW-BE'19)

Sire: SE(POLAR)-CH / SE-UCH Kallasgårdens Balder
(SE-UCH Stuor-Irkes Arnaqmiut x Kallasgårdens Niaq)


Dam: NO-UCH / NO-TCH Suna-Sanik's Wanted Suki

(Amkida's Ajugakangitok Amarok  x NO-TCH Suna-Sanik's Longdistance Devdi)

DOB: 18th September 2018

Hips: BVA 8 (R4 / L4)
Eyes: Clear Sep-20



Show Results (and judges critiques if available)




** First Greenland Dog to gain a UK Championship Show Puppy Group Placing **
** UK Weightpull Breed Record Holder for Highest Weight Pulled (2100lb) **

International Champion
Spanish Champion
Irish Champion
Swiss Show Champion
UK Championship Show Working Group Shorlist

2x Crufts Best Of Breed (2020 & 2022)
3x Crufts Best Dog (2020, 2022 & 2023)
World Winner 2022
European Winner 2022

Latin Winner (FR) & Latin Winner (ES) 2022
Celtic Winner 2024
Brussels Winner 2022

Alpensieger (Alpine Winner) 2021
Benelux Junior Winner (BE) 2019
Our Dogs / Purina Top Puppy 2019
Our Dogs / Arden Grange Top Dog 2020* / 21 / 22
*(2020 on points but cancelled due to Covid)

GDCGB Greenland Dog Of The Year Top Dog 2022
GDCGB Greenland Dog Of The Year Top Opposite Sex 2021 / 23

KC GCDS Puppy Foundation Obedience Award

Multi KC Discover Dogs Breed Representative


At UK Championship Shows (AVNSC & Breed Classes)...

1x Working Group Shortlist

18 x BOB (inc 2x Crufts)

30 x Best Dog (inc 3x Crufts)

13 x Reserve Best Dog

1 x Best Junior in Breed

8 x Best Puppy In Breed

1 x Working Puppy Group 3 (Breed first!!)
Crufts Qualified 2020-25


At FCI Championship Shows...

International Champion
Spanish Champion

Irish Champion
Swiss Show Champion
World Winner 2022

European Winner 2022

Latin Winner (FR) 2022
Latin Winner (ES) 2022
Celtic Winner 2024
Brussels Winner 2022

Alpensieger (Alpine Winner) SUI 2021
Benelux Junior Winner (BE) 2019

11 x BOB (6x IRE, 2x ESP, 2x SUI, 1x NED)

14 x BOS / RBOB (4 x BEL, 4x FRA, 1x ESP, 2x SUI, 2x IRE, 1x NED)

12x CACIB (3x FRA, 3x SUI, 2x BEL, 2x ESP, 2x IRE)
32 x CAC (8x BEL, 6x FRA, 7x IRE4x SUI, 3x ESP, 2x NED, 2x DK)

2 x RCAC (1x DK, 1x IRE)

2 x Best Junior in Breed (BEL)

2 x Best Baby Puppy in Breed (IRE)


At Open Shows (AVNSC & Breed Classes)...

30 x Best of Breed

18 x Reserve Best of Breed

2 x Working Group 2
2 x Working Group 3
3 x Working Group 4

2 x Working Group Shortlist

4 x Best Puppy in Breed


In Harness

UK Breed Record Holder For Highest Weight Pulled
PB of 2100lb / 19.61x bodyweight
Dryland Racing

1x 1st Place (1x SHCGB E3)
4th Top Dog 2022-23

Please say hello to our Norwegian boy, the handsome Noah!

He is bred by Marit Ånes of Suna-Sanik Kennel in Norway being cousin to our, Alice.


His Mum, Suki, was infamous as one of the strongest lead dogs in Marit's kennel, demonstrating the uniquely stubborn but dedicated character that makes this breed so special. Her success is seen in both her racing and showing accolades and has been passed onto her offspring, making her a leader for Suna-Sanik in many ways.

His father, Balder, is a sweet character with a strong working ethic, having finished both the Polardistans (160 km) and Beaver Trap Trail (100 km) races, with 4x1st places from other races. He has had a great show career in Sweden too, with multiple CACs / BOBs and even a Best in Show accolade to his name as well as Champion titles!

Noah has a wonderful mix of cheeky and sweet - loves his cuddles but seemingly unaware of his size can still be a bit of 'bull in a china shop'. He adopted our Malamute Harry as his "big brother" at a young age, enjoying chasing him for kisses & playtime (and often getting a telling off in the process for barging and jumping on him for attention) and has delighted us with his non-confrontational approach to other dogs, whether male or female - definitely a lover not a fighter! He has been a breed representative on the Kennel Club Discover Dogs stand on numerous occasions and is always happy to share his affection with an interested public.

His show career started well, with a trip over to Ireland in Mid-March for his first Baby Puppy classes where he gained not only back to back 1st / Very Promising gradings, but took Best Baby Puppy in Breed on both days!

In the UK his success was just as strong, with numerous Best Puppy and even Best of breed accolades at Open Shows, alongside a cluster of Reserve Best Dogs and Best Puppy wins at Championship shows, even making breed history by being the first Greenland Dog to win a UK Champ Show Puppy Group placing under judge Roy Baker at Birmingham National in 2019!

His 2019 continued well, starting his Junior Champ & Championship titles in Belgium, Ireland & the Netherlands, as well as racking up the class wins at both Open & Championship Shows in the UK, although sadly our FCI plans were soon put on hold by a combination of Brexit & Covid-19 restricting travel.

2020 proved a strange year, with the coronavirus pandemic cutting short many show plans, but nonetheless yielded some amazing results for Noah, not least his winning Best Dog & Best of Breed at Crufts in March - his first such accolade at a Champ Show in the UK, and what a way to do it! 

When UK shows finally recommenced in June 2021, despite a lack of coat for the first few months he still hit the ground running, racking up 2 Best of Breeds, 5 Best Dogs & 3 Reserve Best Dogs in the less than 4 months of Champ Shows we enjoyed, resulting in him being able to claim the accolade of Our Dogs Top Dog 2021 (as well as giving Suki & Balder Top Brood / Top Stud awards and along with Alice giving the Suna-Sanik Kennel Top Breeder in the UK).

2022 has given Noah a cracking run at Championship Shows, unbeaten to Best Dog in breed classes with multiple Best of Breeds, including his second such award at Crufts, not to mention multiple Open Show Best of Breeds / Best AVNSCs and group placings!

We also ventured back across the water to Paris for the European Dog Show & Championnat Du France in April, and he made us ever so proud with the CAC / CACIB & Best Opposite Sex on both days, earning him the European Winner & Latin Winner 2022 awards!

A couple of months later he ventured to Spain for the World Dog Show and once again earned the CAC / CACIB at all three shows, claiming the World Winner title and closing his Spanish Champion title!

2023 saw Noah once again unbeaten to Best Dog at UK Championship Shows, including adding a Crufts Best Opposite Sex to his tally, as well as enjoying multiple Best of Breeds / BAVNSCs both in the UK and abroad, closing his International Champion title with his final CACIB win in Ireland and an enjoyable trip to Denmark for the European Dog Show where he came runner up to his littermate Vodka but enjoyed catching up with Marit and his Suna-Sanik family.

2024 saw an amazing start to the year for Noah, seeing him not only get Best of Breed at our first Championship Show of the year but going on to get shortlisted in a strong working group, making him the first Greenland Dog to achieve a UK Championship Show group shortlist in over 9 years!!

Noah unsurprisingly, started working with great enthusiasm.

His initial foray into weightpull had to be taken at a slower pace, as he initially failed to understand why he should do something if not allowed to do it at 100 MPH, but showing much improvement by the end of a season in novice class.
After the CV-19 pandemic caused a couple of years gap between competitions, Noah came back to the chute with a bang, and over the course of the 2022-24 season saw an improvement at virtually every pull, culminating in him acheiving a new UK breed record for highest weight pulled of 2100lb!

He absolutely loves to run in harness and had his first competitive experience running at SHCGB Sherwood in January 2020, where friend Sarah took him out with her CED girl Peech and my Harry for an inaugural CED-Malamute-Greenland team - and they won their class!

While his competitive time at rallies has been more limited (partly due to the CV-19 driven gap and partly due to his poor sense of direction relegating him to training runs unless in a larger team) Noah undoubtedly still loves his time in harness, and his kind nature has seen him swap around and run with a variety of different team mates!

At 2 years of age, he started backpack training and so far is very much enjoying it - although doesn't seem to understand it doesn't require him to pull the whole way round. We hope to find more time in the coing years to enjoy some longer pack walks and work towards the titles the breed is eligible for here in the UK.

And finally, to prove there are some brains alongside the brawn, he is one of only 7 Greenland Dogs in the UK (1 being his cousin Alice and another 2 her daughters) to gain a KC GCDS Puppy Foundation obedience award - clever boy :)

We are very excited to see what Noah can bring to our kennel as well as the breed in the UK & beyond, and remain looking forward to the future.