2010 News Blog



Many thanks to Sarah Towers at Wintadreama for this design. She has been kindly making these Card designs over the festive season with all proceeds going to AMCUK Malamute Rescue. Seasons greetings to all - especially those dogs for whom the best Christmas present would be a forever home xx



This month saw Maya turn 7 years old. Not that she seemed to notice, as with the weather as cold she decided she'd rather be out working than having a party. I'm not the best at documenting this sort of thing, and my mobile phone photography attempts end up looking a tad strange in the light of my headtorch, as demonstrated well by this scootering shot of the birthday girl...

Lucie enjoyed her first Open show courtesy of Wigan & District CS despite no other mallies for company. Not exactly on best behaviour, she unfortunately didn't get placed in her AVNSC class against 7 puppies of varying breeds, but didn't seemed too disheartened – after all, she still got to enjoy a day out and lots of bait to munch on along the way!

But what was the big news this month? Why it was all the SNOW of course!! :)


At first we thought it would be just a few flakes...

(Not that this stopped them having the usual "Yay! Snow!" Crazy moments)

However an evening or two later we got lots more of the white stuff!!

It gave Lucie terrible snow nose (and a doppelganger!)

And made her usual divebombing of Stan and Maya much more exciting!

For better or worse the snow didn't stop there and right through to December it has persisted, along with sub-zero temperatures. While the woos love it, actually getting them out to events (even on their regular walks) became a much more difficult task so we decided using the garden as an ice-rink might be the safer option. Roll on December!




Phew! What a month! Autumn is well and truly on its way and all the pups are enjoying longer walks and getting to take advantage of my taking a duvet into the front room.

Lucie continues to progress with her ringcraft training at home well (despite Maya protesting at lack of treat sharing from the kitchen):

As, despite no actual training, does Stan (I haven't the heart to tell him that no testicles are a no no in the ring)!

We enjoy a fun day out with Julie and her three beautiful dogs - Noobie, Dexter & Rocky -spectating at the first Allerton Park Weight Pull of the season. It was a really nice day, watching so many of our friends and their talented dogs do so well!


And to top it off, two day short of her 6 month birthday (and 1 day before my own!) Lucie passes her KC GCDS Foundation Award assessment. Well done Lucie-Loo!!


Admittedly she didn't seem very impressed by her certificate...

But perhaps that was because I was so rude as to insist on an evening, indoor photosession with no decent lighting and without washing her mucky paws first.

Well, that and I wouldn't let her eat it!




The dogs are relieved to find themselves greeted with colder weather and we start easing them back into a working frame of mind, with Maya getting early morning runs on the scooter (too dark and fidgety for photos I'm afraid) and Stan donning his backpack:

The locals didn't seem too impressed by him though...

Lucie continues her ringcraft and KC GCDS training, and enjoys a day out at the 2010 AMCUK Champ Show at Stoneleigh Park, where she (and I!) gets to meet many new and familiar faces, including her cousin Boomer AKA Snowolf Black Ice Lightening, owned by Lindsey Cox.


Many thanks to Margaret Harford for taking and sharing this fabulous photo of the pair watching Lindsey with great intent :)



Lucie starts the month by giving Stan and Maya a much needed break, and while they get to stay with Anne & Co at Danewalk Kennels for a few days she travels down to meet my parents in London.


She behaves wonderfully for my mummy (if not for me)

Gets to meet some gerbils and guinea pigs (admittedly through the bars of their respective cages)...

And all in all has a fun time!

It's tiring stuff though!!

She also commences her puppy classes and starts working towards her KC GCDS Foundation Award.


JULY 2010


July see's us saying happy third birthday to Mr Stan! You've certainly given us some scary times, but a lot of laughs too and I wouldn't be without you Stanners AKA El Capi-Stan AKA Spamuel!!

Now stop sulking 'cos you ain't the youngster anymore!

JUNE 2010


Big big news this month! Fenrirkin are proud to present our newest addition, Little Lucie AKA Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin.

For more information on this special lady please visit her page. Many thanks to Ian & Jayne Hood of Windberg for entrusting this beautiful girly to my care.


MAY 2010


Well, I think it's fair to say Maya and Stan are settling well enough in their Yorkshire home - though it's proved wonderfully warm so it's required a lot of lazing around on their part.


Stan shows the neighbours his daz white tummy:

And stays sunbathing even indoors...

Maya thinks Summer playtime is in order

And gets in on showing off to the new neighbours

APRIL 2010


An exciting time for us here at Fenrirkin because we're moving to Yorkshire! They say it's colder up North - and I'm sure we'll all be very disappointed if we discover otherwise.


Stan and Maya give fond farewells to the view from our house in Cornwall:

"Forget the view - is that a rabbit!?"

No Maya, for the last time the neighbours don't think you're a cat....

And are of course very helpful in packing and the like...


"Thanks for the brew love, I'll just watch some TV while you load that van.."

Wish us luck everyone :)


MARCH 2010


A bit of a difficult time here. Due to unforseen circumstances we had to move home at the start of the year. And shortly afterwards (and very close to his neutering / abdominal surgery to remove an undescended testicle) Stan had a bloat scare.


Being a typical bloke he didn't mind showing off his war wounds though…

And I think secretly quite liked getting to wear my Snoopy "It's not my fault I'm irresistable" nightshirt...

But despite all this bravado please send my little man lots of well wishes everyone. It's not been an easy time for any of us.