Our last show for 2019 meant a trip down South to Wealdstone & Northolt CS Open Show in support of their putting on breed classes for the first time.

Lucie & Noah stayed at home, so only three of my gang present but they didn't let me down.

In Malamutes, Harry was 1st Open & Best of Breed under breed specialist Tate Forsey (Muzoku).

In Greenlands, Dylan was 1st Open and Reserve Best of Breed, but it was Alice who came out on top taking 1st in Junior and then winning Best of Breed, also under judge Tate Forsey (Muzoku).



A good day at the Allerton Wieightpull competition, even with damp and slippery conditions.


Lucie wins the 41-60lb class with a pull of 1500lb - this also gives her the highest percentage pulled at 27.3x her bodyweight.
Alice also has her first time in competition and in the same class pulls 900lb - 16x her bodyweight - placing 3rd on time!

Dylan & Harry don't pull anything spectacular in the 81-100lb class, but Noah continues to show improvement in the novice class pulling 1000lb without any assistance from the chute handler - just need to figure out doing it without food in my hand!




Only Dylan travels with me to Belgium this weekend for the Brussels Dog Show, and he doesn't let me down!
Under judge Guido Schäfer (DE) he places 1st / Exc Champion Dog, CAC, CACIB & Best of Breed, with some lovely comments too,
This not only gives him the Belgian Winner 2019 title, but (subject to approval) now closes the requirements for his Belgian Champion title too - his eighth champion title! 



Just the older boys out to start the month at Burton on Trent KA Open Show.


In Alaskan Malamutes under judge Stephen Anderson Harry wins 1st in Open and Best of Breed.


Not to be outdone, Dylan then wins 1st in AVNSC Working Open and Best AVNSC against nice competition!





A huge happy birthday to my special Dylan dog and all his littermates on their fourth birthday - so many memories made and many more adventures to come, I am sure!



A day out at Allerton Weightpull (only our second of the season having missed one earlier in the month) – no rain, but very damp conditions and strangely humid, so whilst the overall weights weren’t the highest we’ve seen there were still lots of dogs seemed on good form.

Noah & Alice both had their second try in novice class and this time pulled up to the maximum 1000lb; Noah showed a lot of improvement  whilst Alice continues to show a huge amount of promise.

Harry & Dylan both started well enough before deciding to slip into bad habits, which affected their final weights due to me skipping rounds – but they weren’t last in their class, so will take that.

My superstar of the day was Lucie, who not only won the 41-60lb class against her CED & Samoyed competition but ultimately pulled 1500lb.
This equaled the highest weight pulled by opposite sex on the day (beaten on time) and gained highest percentage pulled at 25.4x her bodyweight!




After a relatively quiet month, I take 5 dogs to the Nordic Speciality Open Show.


In Greenlands, under judge Joe Smith (Mowgli), Noah & Alice take 1st & 2nd in Yearling, and Dylan takes 1st Open and Best of Breed in the challenge.

In Malamutes, under Mike Vines (Parvodene) Harry is 1st Open dog; Lucie is 1st Veteran, RBOB / BOS & Best Veteran.





The Greenland Dog AGM today, and what a wonderful set of results we had in the Greenland Dog of the Year Awards!


Dylan - Top Greenland (for the 4th year in a row) & Top Male.

Alice - Top Puppy, Top Female & Runner up Top Greenland.

Noah - Runner Up Top Puppy, Runner up Top Male and 3rd Top Greenland.


We celebrated with two lovely adverts courtesy of Wintadreama Design.



Something slightly different today as myself and friend Charlotte head South with Alice & Dylan to represent the Greenland Dog at the Kennel Club's Discover Dogs event, hosted at the ExCel London.

As always, it's a long but worthwhile day; the stand seemed popular and the dogs did me proud, graciously accepting the attention, cuddles, questions and photographs of the interested public in typical Greenland style:


A rather rainy first weightpull of the season at Allerton Park today - the conditions didn't make for any personal bests, to say the least, with only Lucie claiming anything of notice coming 1st in the 41-60lb class; but the exciting part was the puppies having their first go in novice class!

Noah didn't actually seem to notice he was pulling anything until around 600lb, at which point he became a bit less certain (or perhaps that is focused). I let him try up to 900lb and then decide to call it a day; definitely need some more time to build confidence and technique but a good first try.
Alice however was a superstar, pulling 800lb without any aid from the chute assistant (18x her bodyweight I might add!!) before I decide to let her end on a "good note" - very promising indeed!




A fun weekend showing in the Netherlands for International Championship Dog Show Maastricht.

I bring only 3 dogs but they all enjoy success.


Noah is 1st / Excellent Junior Dog / Best Dog / CAC on both days, taking Best of Breed on Day 2!
Alice is 1st / Excellent Junior Bitch / Best Bitch / CAC on both days, taking Best of Breed on Day 1!

Lucie is 2nd / VG Veteran Bitch on Day 2, but on Day 1 she more than makes up for this placings 1st / Exc Veteran Bitch, and going on to take not only the RCAC / Reserve Best Female but also Best Veteran in Breed.


This starts Netherlands Champion & Netherlands Junior Champion titles for Noah and Alice, but also closes Lucie's Netherlands Veteran Champion title! 



A huge happy birthday to our Alice, along with the other pups from the Suna-Sanik Freidige litter - she celebrates with her first CAC & Best of Breed in the Netherlands <3



A different kind of day today as my guys stayed at home, and I attended the Tibetan Mastiff Club of GB Championship Show as handling help for my friend Caroline of the Callowdale kennel under judge Tan Nagrecha (Chandlimore).


First up I was in with Levi – CH Legenda Tibeta Tsehovik (IMP RUS) – who not only won a strong Open Dog class, but went on to take the DCC and then Best In Show!! Absolutely over the moon.

I also got to handle one of his gorgeous daughters for the first time, Maysee - Callowdale Maysee Gray. She was an absolute star, not only winning a lovely Open Bitch class but going on to take the RCC to her sister in the challenge – clever girl.



A very big happy 1st birthday to the Noah pup, and the rest of the Suna-Sanik Electric litter!



Today, me and 5 dogs attended the Canadian Eskimo Dog Club of GB’s Breed Appreciation day to generally grab dogs as required, provide Greenland & Malamutes for the breed comparisons and to enjoy the pleasure of mentoring some really lovely judges on a breed that is very close to my heart.
I very much enjoyed my day, as did the dogs who appreciated being demo dogs and all the attention.




Today was Darlington Championship Show, where I decided to leave the two Malamutes and concentrate on the Greenlands with it being the last Championship Show of the year to schedule breed classes for them – and they didn’t disappoint!

Alice was 1st Puppy, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex handled by Sarah.
Noah was 1st Post Graduate, Reserve Best Dog and Best Puppy in Breed handled by Racheal.
Dylan was 1st Open, Best Dog & Best of Breed with me on the end of the lead.
Both boys were unsettled in the group, for different reasons, so unsurprisingly nothing further but a great end to the Champ Show year, as this pretty much seals the deal of their being Top Dog & Top Puppy in Breed for 2019.

Of course leaving two dogs at home freed up a bit of time for handling duties  ;-)
In CEDs, I nipped in for the Bitch challenge with Sarah’s lovely Peech – Akna Peechee* - who came away with a green card for Reserve Best Bitch.
In Tibetan Mastiffs, I got the fun of handling Caroline's Levi – CH Legenda Tibeta Tsehovik (Imp Rus) – who was a good boy and took a respectable 2nd in Open Dog to the eventual Best of Breed winner.
And last but not least, I had the pleasure of handling two lovely Belgian Shepherd (Tervuerans) for the first time on behalf of their co-owners Anne & Julie.
Kit (Fablehawk Wolfheart) & Cree (Fablehawk Creole Dreams Ambrajai) were both absolute stars, not only both winning their respective Post Graduate Dog & Post Graduate Bitch classes, but then both going on to take both RCCs in the challenge – so pleased!!





While I stayed in the UK, Dylan was off road-tripping with some of his favourite lady friends for the Luxembourg International Championship Show where under breed Judge Myriam Vermeire (BEL) he not only beat his brother to 1st Champion Dog, but went on to win Best Dog / CAC / CACIB, Best of Breed *and* is now a Luxembourg Champion!! A massive thank you to Scarlett Burnside for her superb handling of Dylan to achieve these awards.

Meanwhile I travelled South to City of Birmingham Championship Show with only 3 dogs as Harry stayed and kept Stan company at home.

In Malamutes (under judge Liz Dunhill Lucie placed 1st Veteran Bitch.

In Greenlands (breed judge Jean Lanning), Alice was 1st Junior Bitch & Reserve Best Bitch, with Noah winning 1st Junior Dog, Reserve Best Dog, Best Puppy in Breed and Best Junior in Breed!

 I also snuck in a bit of CED handling with the handsome Azlan - HR CH Akna King Peak** - on behalf of owner Racheal Bailey where he placed 3rd Open Dog at their annual Club Open Show under judge Kath Howarth (behind the BD / BIS & RBD winners, no less!


We stay a little bit more local today heading down to Leicester City CS Open Show.


The Greenlands had a great day in their AVNSC classes, with Alice, Noah & Dylan all winning their respective Puppy, Junior & Open classes under judge Trish Goodyear (Harvestbank), with Alice being the superstar of the day by taking not only Best AVNSC Puppy but also Best AVNSC over the boys in the challenge at still only 10 months old - clever puppy!

Harry was also entered in breed classes, where despite his hatred of the flooring in this venue he tried his best and came away with 1st Open and Best of Breed for his efforts under judge Huw Morris (Cwnhapus) - very happy!

A massive thank you to friends Racheal Bailey, Sarah Atkins & Lorna Graham who assisted with handling the Greenlands when Malamute breed judging clashed.



An early start today to head North of the Border for the Scottish Kennel Club Championship Show.

Malamutes were first in the ring under Jeff Horswell (Drakesleat).
Harry claimed a respectable Reserve in Limit Dog.
Lucie won 1st in a nice Veteran Bitch line up. She also went on to claim VHC & some prize vouchers in her AV Working / Pastoral / Utility / Toy Veteran Stakes class against very nice competition under Jill Peak (Bayard).

No breed classes here, so it was AVNSC Working for the Greenlands, also under Jeff Horswell.
Dylan was 2nd in Open Dog to the eventual BAVNSC winner.
Noah did me proud with 1st Puppy Dog and then Reserve Best Dog in the challenge.
Alice not to be outdone then went on to take 1st Puppy Bitch and then Best Bitch against more mature competition – yay Alice!
Noah took Best Puppy in the challenge, and although sadly couldn’t compete in the Puppy Group this time very much enjoyed his lap of honour!

I also snuck in a bit of CED handling with the handsome Noorvik - Akna Ross At Koroyza** - while owner Rebecca was tied up with another breed; he didn’t let her down, taking 1st Open, Best Dog & Best of Breed under judge Sue Pollock-Yule.



A fabulous weekend in Ireland for Navan & Clonmel Championship Shows.


Lucie was entered in Veteran Stakes rather than breed classes and she didn’t disappoint.
On Sunday she was 2nd / Runner Up in Stakes against nice competition to a beautiful Tibetan Terrier under judge Deborah Harbin. 

On Saturday she went one better and won 1st / Best in Veteran Stakes under judge Pia Dempsey - which even included some prize money and chocolates - yay Lucie-Lou!! 

Harry however was in Breed judging on both days. 
On Saturday he came away with 1st / Exc in Open under judge Stephen Hourihan. 
On Sunday he repeated this result under judge Keith Baldwin, but then went on to win the Green Star Dog – adding another point towards his Irish Champion title – and then Best of Breed!! 
I was happy enough with that, but in a good sized Group V he then only went and made the shortlist to the final 6 under Group judge Cheryl Patersen – go Haz!!

In Greenland Dogs, Alice was consistent, winning 1st / Exc Junior Bitch, Green Star Bitch & Reserve Best of Breed on both days under judges Stephen Hourihan & Cheryl Patersen respectively. 

This gives her more points towards her Irish Champion title & starts her Irish Junior Champion title.

Under the same judges, Dylan won 1st / Exc Champion Dog on both days, claiming the Reserve Green Star on Saturday and the Green Star & Best of Breed on Sunday – good black dog.

And last but not least, Noah was 1st / VG Junior Dog on Sunday, but more than made up for this on Saturday where he was not only 1st / Exc in Junior Dog, but went on to beat Dylan to the Green Star in the dog challenge and then take Best of Breed at 1 day shy of his 11 month birthday! This starts his Irish Champion title and adds another point towards his Junior Champion title – clever boy!!




A slightly reduced show team to start the month at Paignton Championship Show, as with no Veteran classes or groups here Lucie got a well earned day off. 
Just Harry to show in Malamutes where under judge Noel Melling (Penpriory) he comes away with a pleasing 2nd in Limit Dog.

The Greenlands were out in full force though, where under judge Steve Myring (Fortezza) Alice wins her Puppy class, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex, Noah Wins Junior class, Reserve Best Dog & Best Puppy in Breed, and Dylan wins the Open class, Best Dog & Best of Breed.






Two days in Liege, Belgium, for the Golden Dog Show.


Saturday hosted the 2019 Belgium Benelux Winner and yielded some awesome results – even though everybody clashed (thank goodness for friends)!!

Malamutes were judged by Eliza Loizou (PL).
Harry – 1st / Exc Open Dog
Lucie – 1st / Exc Veteran Bitch & Benelux Veteran Winner (BE) 2019 title

Greenlands were judged by Jos De Cuyper (BE).
Noah – 1st / Exc Junior Dog; Best Junior in Breed; Benelux Junior Winner (BE) 2019 title & Belgian Junior Champion title started
Alice - 1st / Exc Junior Bitch; Best Opposite Sex; Benelux Junior Winner (BE) 2019 title & Belgian Junior Champion title started
Dylan – 1st / Exc Champion Dog; CAC / CACIB; Best Of Breed; Benelux Winner (BE) 2019 title. And even more excitingly, as posted about earlier in the week, he went on to gain a Group V shortlist under judge Jane Serafimov (MK) – potentially a breed first!

Sunday was the Golden Dog Trophy which had some more mixed results but was a nonetheless successful day.

Malamutes were judged by Alessandro Zeppi (IT).
Harry – 1st / VG in Open Dog 
Lucie – 2nd / Exc Veteran Bitch (to the BOS Winner, no less)

Greenlands were judged by Vytautas Baranauskas (LT):
Noah – 1st / Exc Junior Dog; Best Junior in Breed & another point towards his Belgian Junior Champion title
Alice - 1st / Exc Junior Bitch; Best Opposite Sex & another point towards her Belgian Junior Champion title
Dylan – 1st / Exc Champion Dog; CAC / CACIB, Best of Breed & Golden Winner 2019 title



Today was a rather muggy & warm Leeds Championship Show in the UK.
The Malamutes were both exhibited under Breed Specialist Louise Forster (Kachemak).
Harry came away with Res in a nice Limit Dog class and Lucie did fab by not only coming 1st in a super strong Veteran Bitch class, but going on to take Best Veteran in Breed, despite us both really feeling the heat!
The Greenlands had no breed classes, but enjoyed the company of some lovely Hovawarts in AVNSC Working under judge Raye Parry (Gwynsias).
Alice was 2nd in Puppy Bitch; 
Noah was 1st in Puppy Dog, Reserve Best Dog and Best Puppy in AVNSC; 
Dylan was 1st Open Dog, Best Dog & Best AVNSC!



Two shows in one today, starting with Evesham & DCS Open Show, who are kind enough to split their Malamute dog & bitch classes so as to appoint two B List judges, meaning in support both Harry & Lucie made a guest appearance.

Harry makes me super proud with a 2nd in Open Dog under judge Averil Cawthera-Purdey (Lireva) behind the eventual BOB / WG1 winner, no less.
Lucie not to be outdone not only takes 1st Open Bitch under judge Anna Ballington-Graham (Catua) but goes on to take Best Bitch and, in agreement with the Co-Judge, Best Opposite Sex.

The duo also squeeze in a respectable 3rd & Res at the AMCUK Show under judge Fran Kaye (Dafrabek).


No classes for Greenlands at Evesham so we are relegated to AVNSC Working, but enjoy good company all the same under judge Cath Moffat (Kyleca).

The Norwegian duo are both in Puppy, with me handling Noah & friend Lisa handling Alice, and I am thrilled to say Alice takes 1st & BAVNSC Puppy with Noah 2nd.
Dylan is then in Open, where he not only wins his class but goes on to take BAVSNC Working.



Today we are in the South West for National Working & Pastoral Breed Association's Championship Show.

My first trip into the ring for the day was with the ever so handsome Tibetan Mastiff Levi – CH Legenda Tibeta Tsehovik (Imp Rus) – who not only won his Open Dog class but went on to take the Dog CC under judge Tim Ball (Kaitak)! Massive congratulations to his owner Caroline, who on top of this went on to win the Bitch CC with his daughter and take both Best of Breed and then Best Puppy in the challenge (Levi and I were happy to concede to BOS to the ladies).

Meanwhile in the Mal ring, under breed specialist Jenny Shorer-Wheeler (Koromandel) I unfortunately clashed with Harry’s Limit Dog class, but good friends to the rescue meant Sarah grabbed him for me and gained a respectable Reserve.
I did manage to make it back for Lucie though, who made me ever so proud at 9.5 years of age by not only winning her Veteran Bitch class but went on to take the Reserve CC / Reserve Best Bitch in the challenge, as well as Best Veteran in Breed – yay!!


After a fair bit of waiting (and just a little bit of ring-change confusion) we make it into the ring under judge Chris Thomas (Kingrock) for Greenland Dog classes.
No puppy classification here, but nonetheless Noah is 1st in Post Graduate Dog & Reserve Best Dog (with talented handling from Rebecca Croft), Alice is 1st Post Graduate Bitch & Reserve Best Bitch, and Dylan is 1st Open Dog, Best Dog & Best of Breed (with his Mum Java taking Best Opposite Sex too)!




A wonderful day at EoE Championship Show with both Malamutes and Greenlands being judged by respected All-Rounder Stuart Mallard (Tuckles).

The Greenlands gave me a fantastic run of results with Dylan winning 1st Open Dog, Best Dog & Best of Breed; Alice winning 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex & Best Puppy in Breed; and Noah claiming 1st Puppy Dog & Reserve Best Dog!

The Malamutes were also on good form with Harry winning 1st Limit Dog (his 4th Limit class win on the bounce) and Lucie enjoying a yellow card day, with a 3rd in breed judging but also a 3rd from a super-strong Veteran Stakes class under judge Bridgette Bodle (even bringing me some pocket money home too)!





Another day in Ireland for Deise Champ Show, and one that yields very special results.


In Malamutes, under breed judge Grainne Keeling (Kishdriga) Harry makes me proud with not just 1st / Exc Open Dog, but goes on to win Best Dog / Green Star and Reserve Best of Breed, starting his Irish Championship title.
Not to be outdone, Lucie is on even better form winning 1st / Exc Veteran Bitch, Best Bitch / Green Star and Best of Breed. Subject to IKC confirmation, this finishes her Irish Championship title!!

The Greenland boys are also showing, with Dylan once again handled wonderfully by Scarlett Burnside to win 1st / Exc Champion Dog, Best Dog / Green Star & Best of Breed under judge Mrs M Grant-Cooke. Noah is also 1st in his Junior Dog class but settles for a Very Good grading as the long grass in the ring proves too much fun to ignore and gait properly!



We head across the water for Kilkenny Championship Show in ireland today, with 4 dogs in total.

The Greenlands have a wonderful start to the day under judge Mr S Dunne. 
Noah is 1st / Exc Junior Dog, Reserve Green Star and Reserve Best of Breed, starting his Irish Junior Champion title.
Dylan is handled superbly by friend Scarlett Burnside and wins 1st / Exc Champion Dog, Best Dog / Green Star & Best of Breed.

The Malamutes are showing under judge Mr E Drudi. Harry is 1st in Open Dog but not to the judges taste and settles for a VG grade. Lucie however wins her Veteran Bitch class with an Excellent Grade, which subject to confirmation closes the requirements for her Irish Veteran Champion title!!




2 Days of showing in Wels, Austria, to finish my European "holiday".

Day 1 (Saturday)  is the prestigious European Dog Show.

Under judge Anna Albrigo, Luce places 2nd / Exc in Veteran Bitch, winning the Reserve V-CACA.
Dylan is 1st / Exc in Champion Dog, winning the CACA, CACIB, Best Male and Best of Breed. This gives him the title of European Winner 2019!

Day 2 (today) is the Austrian Winner International Championship Show.

Lucie is exhibited under judge Gerard Jipping, handled wonderfully by Scarlett Burnside, and places 1st / Exc in Veteran Bitch, winning the V-CACA & BOS-V, giving her the title of Austrian Veteran Winner 2019!

Under judge Anna Albrigo, Dylan is 1st / Exc in Champion Dog, winning the CACA, CACIB, Best Male and Best of Breed. This gives him the title of Austrian Winner 2019!

Under the same judge, I also handle CED bitch Fleur - Akna Dale** - who is 1st / Exc in Open Bitch, winning the CACA, CACIB, Best Female and Best Opposite Sex with the title of Austrian Winner 2019!



Whilst I am across the water, I am lucky to have Alice & Noah taken on a road trip to Wales for Ruthin CS Open Show for some extra practice.
Under judge Marina Scott (Belsmard) I am thrilled with Alice not only winning her AVNSC Working Junior Class, but Noah going on to win his AVNSC Working Limit Class and go on to take Best AVNSC Puppy and Best AVNSC Working over more mature competition! Thank you again to friend Racheal Bailey (Akna) for her super handling.




3 days of showing in Hungary for Komarom CACIB International Shows with Lucie & Dylan, and a fabulous set of results.

Dylan receives:

3x 1st Greenland Dog Champion Dog / Excellent Grade
3x CACIB Dog
3x CAC
3x BOB
New Hungarian Champion title!!

Lucie comes away with:
3x CAC
3x BOS-Veteran
2x BOS / Best Bitch
New Hungarian Veteran Champion title!!



Whilst I am travelling across Europe with Dylan & Lucie, I am lucky to have friends who were able to travel with Noah & Alice to support Ashfield (Notts) CS Open Show having Greenland Dog classes for the first time.

Noah puts in a good effort and wins 1st Open Dog or Bitch and Reserve Best of Breed, but Alice -is the star, winning not only 1st Junior Dog or Bitch but also Best Puppy in Breed & Best of Breed over her kennelmate.

Alice on her way to BOB with handler Sarah Atkins. Photo Credit: Sally McKinlay
Noah being awarded RBOB with handler Yasmin Needham. Photo Credit: Sally McKinlay



An early start to Southern Counties Championship Show, but certainly a worthwhile day.
In Malamutes, under judge Joan Sheehan (Amaqqut), Harry wins 1st in Limit Dog – his third such win in as many shows!! - and Lucie wins 1st in Veteran and takes Best Veteran in Breed – good woos!
No Greenland classes here, but we are entered in AVNSC Working under judge Marja Talvitie (Finland). Dylan stays at home, but Noah wins his Puppy Dog class and Alice not only wins her Puppy Bitch class, but wins Best AVNSC Puppy and Reserve Best Bitch against nice competition! 
And finally, I had the pleasure of handling in Turkish Kangal Dogs, also under Marja Talvitie, the handsome Ender – L’Ender The Legend of Kangal At Kamish (IMP FR) – who was just fabulous and won 1st Open Dog, Best Dog and Best of Breed! 






Just me and the pups out tonight to support Boston & DCS Premier Open Show scheduling Greenland Dog breed classes for the first time. Under judge Kath Howarth (Hawkam), Alice places 1st in Puppy; Noah goes one better and places 1st in Junior, Best Puppy & Reserve Best of Breed!

Noah is also shortlisted in a huge 50+ entry puppy stakes class.



Another good day's showing, this time at Bath CS Championship Show.


In Alaskan Malamutes, under Judge Derek Smith (Clickham), Harry is 1st Limit Dog & Lucie is 1st Veteran Bitch

In Greenland Dogs, under Judge Meg Purnell-Carpenter (Overhill), Dylan is 1st Open Dog, Best Dog & Best of Breed, Alice is 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex, and not to be left out, Noah is 1st Puppy Dog, Reserve Best Dog & Best Puppy. Many thanks to Mark Plummer for his assistance in handling Noah in both the breed and the Puppy Group.



Today we stayed a bit more local and went to Pollard & DCS Premier Open Show
I decided to leave the Malamutes at home in an attempt to make the day slightly more relaxed, so it was just the 3 Greenlands in a decent sized AVNSC Working entry under judge John Purnell (Yikasown).
Alice was 2nd in Puppy & Noah was 1st in Post Graduate – but Dylan was the star of the Day, placing 1st in Open and ultimately Best AVNSC – good black dog.



It was a 250+ mile journey North with my 5 Dog Show Team for SKC Championship Show.

Alaskan Malamutes were first, judged by Sarah Robinson (Rigrunner) and I was over the moon with Harry being placed 1st in Limit Dog, followed by Lucie being placed 1st in Veteran Bitch (even more delighted that both were considered in their respective run offs for the RCC).

Greenland Dogs are fortunate to have classes here, with our judge today being Melanie Reed-Peck (Byquy).
Alice was 1st in Puppy, Noah was 1st in Post Graduate, Dylan was 1st in Open; Dylan ultimately claimed Best Dog & Best of Breed, Alice Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex and Noah Reserve Best Dog & Best Puppy!
A big thank you must go to Rebecca Croft & Mark Plummer for stepping in to handle Noah for me in both the breed challenges and the puppy group while I was tied up with Dylan.

I also snuck in a bit of Canadian Eskimo Dog handling between my own dogs, being on duty with Grimm (Akna Maugrim**) for the day on behalf of owner Racheal Bailey. He not only won his Puppy class but went on to gain Best Dog, Best Opposite Sex & Best Puppy in the challenge under judge Jeff Horswell (Drakesleat). Clever boy!



Today is the AMCUK (Alaskan Malamute Club of the UK) AGM which as well as covering the usual agenda also announces the AMCUK MOYA (Malamute of the Year Awards) & Working MOYA for 2018/19, an award scheme for AMCUK Members acknowledging their show and working achievements.

I am super proud of my 2 dog team for coming away with multiple top 5 placings:


1st Top Bitch
2nd Top Alaskan Malamute
2nd Top Veteran
2nd Top Weightpull Bitch

8th Top Open Show Winner

8th Top Weightpull Malamute

2nd Top Import
2nd Top Open Show Winner
4th Top Dog

6th Top Malamute
9th Top Weightpull Dog
17th Top Weightpull Malamute


An extra well done must go to Lucie's father Bullit & mother Kirei who came 5th & 4th respectively in their Top Stud Dog & Top Brood Bitch classes.



Today was Birmingham National Championship Show, a special day marking the puppies first UK Champ Show outing.

The Malamutes had a respectable day under judge Robin Newhouse:
Lucie – 2nd Veteran Bitch
Harry – 3rd Limit Dog

The Greenlands fared even better, however, under judge Richard Kinsey:
Dylan – 1st Open Dog, Best Dog & Best of Breed. 
Alice – 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex
Noah – 1st Puppy Dog, Reserve Best Dog & Best Puppy – and then Working Puppy Group 3 under judge Roy Baker, a breed first in this country and an amazing first show for him.

This also means all 5 dogs Crufts qualified for 2020 - good puppies!



A trip to Wales, today, for Aberystwyth & DCS Open Show under judge Sue Steele with a trio of dogs:
Harry – 1st Alaskan Malamute Open, Best of Breed & Working Group 1!!!
Dylan – 1st AVNSC Working Open, Best AVNSC & Working Group 3!!
Alice – 1st AVNSC Working Graduate, Best AVNSC Puppy & Working Puppy Group 2!
A huge thank you to Ann-Marie Plant for the help with handling Alice in the BAVNSC Challenge followed by Dylan in Group.



We start the month with a bit of backdated news; back in March Alice & Noah passed their KC GCDS Puppy Foundation Obedience award (yay)! However due to work commitments clashing with the usual training day it has taken me this long to get myself organised and sort their official certificates and rosettes – thank you to the Trent Valley DTC for providing the fun training classes and for getting the awards out to me despite my disorganisation :)





A trip down to Coventry for Eastwood KA Open Show.

In AVNSC Working classes under Allyson King, Alice is 3rd in a nice Junior class (behind the RBOB & BP winners, no less), Noah is 1st in Post Graduate and Dylan is 3rd in Open.

But superstar of the day is Lucie, who in a strong AV Veteran class with a 10+ entry places Reserve.
This might not be her highest ever award, but it is a very special placing as it gives her the final point needed to close her KC Veteran Warrant title, and I believe (subject to KC confirmation of course) makes her the first Malamute to gain this award!!



A trip across the water to Dublin, Ireland for the Combined Canine Club show weekend, with good results across the two days for the dogs I brought with me.

Saturday (International Show, Judge Mr F Leung for Malamutes & Greenlands):
Lucie – Excellent Grade, 1st Veteran Bitch
Dylan – Excellent Grade, 1st Champion Dog, Green Star (CAC), CACIB & Best of Breed
Alice – Very Promising Grade, 1st Puppy Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed

Sunday (National Show, Judge Mrs C Scotton for Malamutes & Mr J Madden Greenlands):
Lucie – Excellent Grade, 1st Veteran Bitch, Green Star (CAC) & Reserve Best of Breed.
Dylan – Excellent Grade, 1st Champion Dog, Green Star (CAC) & Best of Breed
Alice – Very Promising Grade, 1st Puppy Bitch, Green Star (CAC), Reserve Best of Breed & Best Puppy in Breed
Lucie also gained 3rd in Veteran Stakes under judge Miss F Hurley.

Absolutely over the moon, as this adds more points to Lucie’s Irish Champion & Irish Veteran Champion titles and starts Alice on her Irish Champion title at only 6 months of age (clever puppy)!

A massive thanks to Scarlett Burnside & Sarah Cushley who supported over the two days with handling.



A fabulous day for the show team at Mountsorrel & DCS today.

Harry starts proceedings well with a 1st in Open Dog or Bitch and ultimately Best of Breed under judge Allyson King (Allyking).

Onto Greenland Dogs under judge Chris John (Cristakell). Noah and Alice compete in Post Graduate Dog or Bitch, with Noah placing 1st & Alice 2nd, whilst Dylan is  placed 1st in Open Dog or Bitch. Onto the challenge, which sees Noah win not only Best Puppy but also Best of Breed, and Dylan place Reserve Best of Breed (extra thanks to friends Sarah Atkins who handles Alice in the class and Racheal Bailey who handles Dylan in the breed challenge).

Lucie then wins Best Veteran in the Working Group, also under judge Chris John (Cristakell).
And finally, Noah & Alice get some extra practice in the Stakes classes under judge Joe Smith (Mowgli), where they both do me proud in big 10+ entries with Alice taking Res in AV Minor Puppy Stakes & Noah Res in AV Puppy Stakes, even gaining me some cash in the process!



Today was the Allerton Weightpull Championship end of season trophy presentation where much fun was had with a non-championship weightpull competition and a great lunchtime offering!

The boys held their own in the 81-100lb class, with Dylan placing 8th & Harry placing 10th of the 26 dogs competing over the season. 
Lucie, however, came out on top, winning the Hawkam trophy for 1st place in the 41-60lb class for the third year in a row - not bad for a week shy of her 9th birthday!





A super special show for us at Herts & Essex Border CS Premier Open Show today, as not only do we get to support them  putting on Greenland Dog classes for the first time, but this is also Noah & Alice's first UK show experience.
Starting with Greenlands, under judge Ruth Hearton (Tallatanta), Noah is 2nd in Junior, beaten by “cousin” Alice who wins the class. Dylan then goes on to win his Open class and take Best of Breed in the challenge, with Alice not only winning Best Puppy but also Reserve Best of Breed at 6 months and 2 days of age (extra thanks here to friend Angie who handled her throughout to these fab results).
Harry stayed at home due to a severe lack of coat, but Lucie has a fun time being naughty in AV Veteran and places 3rd.



The final Allerton Championship Weightpull for the 18/19 season today, and all of my dogs put in a good effort. 
In the always competitive 81-100lb class, Dylan places 10th with a pull of 1600lb and Harry shows unusual focus with a pull of 1700lb – 20.24x his bodyweight (so so close to the 21x his bodyweight we need for that final WWPDA leg)!!
Lucie of course never lets me down, winning her 41-60lb class against nice CED competition with a more than respectable pull of 28.9x her bodyweight – not too bad for nearly 9 years old and enough to earn Highest Percentage pulled by a bitch on the day.



A fabulous weekend in Ireland, a particularly exciting trip as it marked Harry’s first time in Ireland and the puppies official first shows under FCI regs.
In Greenlands, Dylan places 1st in Champion Dog both days, and on Day 1 wins the Green Star / Best Dog, CACIB & Best of Breed, giving him the title of Celtic Winner 2019. 
Noah & Alice were both 1st in their Baby Puppy Classes, with Noah winning Best Baby Puppy in Breed both days.
In Malamutes, Harry had a good time winning 1st Open Dog and the RCACIB on both days. 
Lucie was on excellent form winning her Veteran Bitch class both days, taking the Reserve Green Star on Day 2, and on Day 1 winning her 5th Green Star / Best Bitch, Best Veteran and Best of Breed!! This gives her the titles of both Celtic Winner 2019 & Celtic Veteran Winner 2019, and also starts her Irish Veteran Champion title.
I also got my first time handling an English Mastiff with the ever so sweet Kizzy (Karolinka Debra-Damo of Wiggenall) on behalf of owners Tina & Andy Facey, who was a good girl and won her Junior Bitch class. 



Back to Crufts today, but this time it is for Alice & Noah deto do their bit for Greenland Dog PR on the breed Discover Dogs stand. A long day for two pups, for sure, but they were still keen to share with the general public some Greenland Dog character & cuddles all the way through the day. V proud of them



Crufts Championship Show day for us today.
Not my day in Malamute judging, Harry & Lucie were good pupsters in big double figure entry classes.
Over to the Greenland Dog ring with Dylan, who placed 2nd Open Dog and Reserve Best Dog (a Sledog family affair all round with his Mum Java taking Best Bitch / BOS & Sister Latte taking RBB).
A little later in the day, I was in the Tibetan Mastiff ring with the handsome Levi (CH Legenda Tibeta Tsehovik) on behalf of owner Caroline Lowes, who was a good boy for me, as always, and won 1st Open Dog, Best Dog / Dog CC and BOS!! 

A good day all round.



A fabulous day at weightpull today. Harry is not on his best form, but the black & white team make up for it.

Dylan ultimately pulls 1700lb (an equal Personal Best) and places 2nd in the competitive 81-100lb class – clever boy!
Lucie not to be outdone, pulled her socks off in the 41-60lb class with a final weight of 1600lb, 27.6x her bodyweight, not only giving her 1st place but also Highest Percentage of bodyweight pulled on the day.




Wath West Melton & DCS Open Show today, which sees Harry place 1st Open & Best of Breed under judge Irene Green.

Lucie also places 2nd in AV Working Veteran.






Just the Malamutes at Caernarfon & DCS Open Show where Harry takes 1st AVNSC Working Open & Best AVNSC, and Lucie wins her AV class to place Best Veteran in the Working Group


Today we head North-West to Barrow & District KA Open Show.
Harry starts proceedings with 1st Open & BOB under judge Linda Peirson.
Dylan then matched his efforts with 1st Open & Best AVNSC Working under judge Helen Burke.
With thanks to a lovely Gent named Andy who took Dylan for me, both boys went into a nice group (10 scheduled breeds) where I was over the moon to see Harry win WG3 and Dylan win WG4
Lucie also squeezed a naughty performance into AV Working Veteran where she takes 2nd to a nice rottweiller.



Having attended their Champ Show for many years, today marked my first time attending National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society's Open Show, in support of their scheduling Greenland Dog classes for the first time in a few years.

In Greenlands, under judge Ed Forsey (Muzoku), Dylan is 2nd in Open and Reserve Best of Breed.
In Malamutes, under Breed Specialist judge Anne Nevinson (Wintalakes) I start with handling 'Babe' – Blacksummit Burled Arch - on behalf of owners Sam & Ryan, where at her first show she takes 2nd in Puppy to her BP / RBOB winning sister.
I then go in with my own Harry who was 1st Open and ultimately Best of Breed.
Before the group, I have the pleasure of handling for the first time Tibetan Mastiff Levi - CH Legenda Tibeta Tsehovik - for owner Caroline Lowes where we had a lot of fun and took 1st Open Dog & BOB.
And last but not least, while I was busy clashing with breed judging, Lucie goes into a 20+ entry Veteran Stakes class thanks to friend Karen Anderson for stepping in to handle, where under judge Pete Simmons she only goes and wins the class, earning a bit of prize money in the process too.



A nice day at Allerton for the Weightpull competition, with a smaller than usual entry giving an early finish. Dylan & Harry both went out trying for the same weight, although as a result of my skipping weights with Dylan, Harry placed higher in the overall rankings. Lucie was my star not only winning the 41-60lb class against her CED competition, but also winning highest percentage of bodyweight pulled overall.
Noah & Alice also got a lovely day out, socialising with friends and dogs of all ages and sizes.






Just the boys showing at Coalville & DCS Open Show today, both under judge Sue Mycroft (Supeta) where Dylan is 2nd in AVNSC Working Open, and Harry is 1st Alaskan Malamute Open & BOB. Noah & Alice also enjoy a nice day socialising, especially getting to meet up with our friend Sarah's Canadian Eskimo Dog puppies who bring an unexpected photoshoot and much hilarity courtesy of Sally McKinley.



After a short break from the ring, we had a full team out at Lichfield CS Open Show today. Harry starts the day well with 1st Alaskan Malamute Open, followed by BOB under Breed Specialist Julie Botterill (Muddiwarx).
He then went into a large Working Group (14 breeds scheduled) where I am over the moon with him taking Group 3 under judge Sandra Taylor (Bruernish).
Team Black & White enjoyed a decent day too, also under Sandra Taylor, with Dylan taking Reserve Best AVNSC from the Open class, and Lucie winning Best Veteran in the Working Group too.
And finally Noah & Alice get their first UK indoor show experience, with plenty of new sights & sounds to take in, as well as cuddles from friends, and even sneak in a little bit of ringcraft practice.



A very exciting day as we welcome two new additions to the Fenrirkin pack - please say hello to our two youngest Greenlands, Noah & Alice.

It was a hefty few days of travel to fetch them - setting off 9pm Sunday for a round trip totalling 18 hours of driving, 7 hours of flying plus an hour on a train under the sea – covering circa 4,500 miles in the process – but to say I am excited to bring these two cousins into the country is an understatement! They come from generations of Greenland Dogs who are successful in both the show ring and on the trail, not least their Mums – littermates Suki & Pocahontas – who are two of the team's best lead dogs and have numerous show accolades as well as thousands of kilometres racing miles and wins under their belt.
Please take the time to vist their pages to learn more about them :)



Our first Championship Show of the year at Boston & DCS, Peterborough.
No Greenland classes here, so Dylan was in AVNSC Working where he came 2nd in Open Dog under judge Sue Bird (Bridus).
Onto Malamutes under judge Tim Ball, which saw Harry take a respectable Reserve in Limit Dog, and Lucie 1st in Veteran Bitch.
Lucie and I also ventured into Veteran Stakes, where against a strong, 20+ entry under Colin Ashmore she placed 5th, winning me some cash in the process

Outside my own dogs, I had the pleasure of getting some extra time in the Malamute ring with the Flintsky girls as stand in runner / back up handler for friend Red Bowes. Both girls were on good form, with Nevada (Articrainbow Lovely Day at Flintsky) Crufts qualifying at her very first show, and Memphis (Northspirit Born to Shine At Flintsky) placing Res in her Limit Bitch class.
I was then on CED duty for friend Rachael Bailey (Akna). This started with a quick run round in breed judging with Hudson - Harpan Hudson Bay Via Akna - to claim Best Puppy Dog in the Dog Challenge, then taking Akira - HR CH Akna Asavakkit** - into the Breeders Group with her Son & Daughter where the team ultimately placed 2nd, and finally taking Azlan - HR CH Akna King Peak* - into AV Rare Breeds where he came away with Reserve Best Dog.