A warm but rather lovely day at Ashfield (Notts) CS Open Show with just Jess - and she doesn't let the side down!
Under judge Karen Anderson (Limishka), she wins not only 1st AVNSC Working Open but goes on to take Best AVNSC and then - from a fantastic Working Group of 15 scheduled breeds - she places WG2 behind the beautiful St Bernard that went on to take RBIS. 

Her sister Elska (Fenrirkin Out of the Black) also has a lovely day, taking 1st in her AVNSC Working Post Graduate class and then another 1st in AV Working Post Graduate - well done to her and owner Charlotte!



A venture South West to Three Counties Championship Show, with 3 Greenlands.

We start the day sharing the AVNSC classes with a mix of PWDs, Bouviers and CEDs under judge Vanessa Williams-Wegman, where it is a runner up kind of affair, with Noah taking 2nd in Open Dog to the eventual BAVNSC Winner, Jess 2nd in Post Graduate Bitch to the RBB Winner and Alice Reserve in a particularly nice Open Bitch classes handled wonderfully by friend Racheal Bailey.

We then go onto the stakes classes under judge Hazel Fitzgibbon (Smilesam), where in two 20+ entries I am absolutely delighted to see Jess place Reserve in Yearling Stakes, and Noah place 2nd in Open Stakes against some wonderful hound / working breed competition.




A fantastic day out at Southern Counties with my trio of Greenlands.

Under AVNSC Working judge Keith Baldwin (Nightwish), Noah wins his Open Dog class and goes on to take Best Dog & Best AVNSC, Jess wins Junior Bitch and takes Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex and Best Junior in Breed (her last qualifying show for such an award) and Alice - handled by myself for once! - takes 1st Open Bitch. 
Nothing in either group but my sincere thanks to friend Julie Groves who handles Noah in the Working Group for me so that I can stay on Jess for the Junior Group.



We start the month at one of my favourite Open shows - Staffordshire & Birmingham Agricultural Association - namely because it is twinned with the annual County Show and gives an opportunity to wander around all the wonderful stalls and other competitions between judging.


Just two dogs showing, and both do me proud under AVNSC Working judge Jay Kershaw (Aritaur), with Jess takings 1st AVNSC Junior / Reserve Best AVNSC and Noah winning not only 1st AVNSC Open and Best AVNSC (handled in the challege by friend Sarah Lafford), but in a 10+ entry going on to take WG2 - very proud of him!!





A quick trip out to our local evening Open Show - Boston & DCS - with two of the team in a particularly strong entry of 19 dogs in AVNSC Working under judge Adrian Bicknell (Shimano). Jess places 3rd behind the group winning Siberian and a lovely Alaskan Malamute male in her Post Graduate class, with Noah also taking a 3rd in Open.



At long last, having been unable to exhibit at Birmingham National prsonally, my guys have our first Championship Show with Greenland Dog breed classes since Crufts, and what a fabulous day it turns out to be for the whole Fenrirkin family. Starting with my own trio, we come away with the following under judge Rodney Oldham (Towmena):

* Noah (Handled by Scarlett Burnside in the breed) - 1st Open Dog, Best Dog & Best of Breed!!
* Jess - 1st Yearling Bitch & Reserve Best Bitch
* Alice (Handled by Lorna Graham) - 1st Open Bitch

As if that wasn’t good enough, the other Dylan x Alice littermates competing on the day were not to be out done and made sure to make me super proud with their results too.
* Zippy – Fenrirkin Gives You Wings With Austmans (Owned by Kimberly Jebson & handled on the day by Mark Plummer): 1st Junior Bitch, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex! (her second in as many shows)!
* Elska – Fenrirkin Out Of The Black (Owned by Charlotte Parsons & handled on the day by Brooke Lucas, their first time meeting): 1st SB Bitch, Best Special Beginner in Breed and… SB Working Group 4!! (her third Champ Show SB Group placing in the space of a month)!

So very proud of all the family on their wonderful results, and especially those owners / handlers who get the best from them!


A trip to Scotland today for SKC Championship Show, with four Fenrirkin owned or bred Greenland Dogs exhibiting under AVNSC Working judge Lee Cox (Vanitonia). Results as follows:

- Noah (handled by Scarlett Burnside):1st Open Dog, Best Dog & Best of Breed AVNSC Working!
- Jess: 1st Junior Bitch, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex
- Alice (handled by Racheal Bailey): 1st Open Bitch & Reserve Best Bitch

- Elska (handled by owner Charlotte Parsons): 1st Special Beginner Bitch, Best Special Beginner and - the highlight of the day - a fantastic Special Beginner Group 4 (the only rare breed in the shortlist) - very proud of them both!



A very busy Sunday with four dogs of our ownership / breeding being exhibited across three different shows.


Starting with our two Veterans, Harry & Lucie (aged 9 & 12) both have a wonderful day supporting our breed specialist judges - Lisa Mort (Arcticbreeze) & Tate Forsey (Muzoku) - at the Alaskan Malamute Club of the UK Breed Speciality Open Show.

Harry places 2nd in his Special Veteran Dog (7-9 Year) class behind the BVIS winner, no less, and then goes on to win Best Working Certified Dog in the Stakes!
Not to be outdone, Lucie not only wins a lovely Special Veteran Bitch (10+ Year) class but then takes Best Veteran Bitch In Show in the challenge over a beautiful girl 5 years her junior!

Meanwhile, Alice goes on her travels with friends Lorna & Racheal to Herts & Essex Border CS Premier Open Show so as to support the Breed classes there, and I am delighted to hear gains 1st Open & Best of Breed under our judge Huw Morris (Cwnhapus).

And last but by no means least, Elska (Fenrirkin Out Of The Black, owned and handled by Charlotte Parsons) heads North to Sunderland & DCS Premier Open Show where as well as winning an AV Working Junior class she also represents in the breed classes taking 1st Graduat and Best of Breed under judge Tim Hutchings (Winiwuk)- a massive well done to them!



A day out at Redditch & DCS Open Show which has scheduled Greenland Dog classes for several years now.
Under judge Joan Sheehan (Amaqqut) we had the following results.
Jess - 1st Post Graduate & Best of Breed

Noah - 1st Open & Reserve Best of Breed
Alice - 2nd Open (handled by friend Lorna Graham).

As if that wasn't enough, Jess later went on to place VHC in a large Junior Stakes class (the only Non-CC breed competing) and to my delight and surprise, went on to win Best Rare Breed in Show under judge Malcolm Presland (Kofyn).

Elska (Fenrirkin Out Of The Black, owned and handled by Charlotte Parsons) also had a lovely day elsewhere, placing 2nd in her AVNSC Working Junior class at Chesterfield & Pinxton CS under judge Ian Gabriel, competing against a variety of breeds.




Today was Birmingham National, where I had the honour of judging Canadian Eskimo Dogs. This meant I couldn’t enter my own dogs to support the Greenland Dog classes scheduled, so I was both delighted and relieved when a healthy entry of 6 was published for judge Steve Hall (Shendene).
2 of the dogs exhibiting on the day were sisters from my Dylan x Alice breeding, and it was a rare pleasure to be able to watch fully from ringside instead of mere stolen glimpses while wrangling my own dogs.And it's fair to say, neither girls let the side down!

Zippy – Fenrirkin Gives You Wings With Austmans – owned and handled by Kimberly Jebson (at only her 2nd Championship Show) won 1st Junior Bitch and then went on to take her first Best Bitch against her more mature competition in the challenge – absolutely over the moon for them both!!

Elska – Fenrirkin Out Of The Black – owned and handled by Charlotte Parsons, not only won her class and then claimed Best Special Beginner in the challenge, but went on to make a little bit of Breed History by first being shortlisted in the Working SB Group by judge Martin Sanders (Castelloch) - the only Greenland Dog to have done as much since the classification was brought in by the KC! And as if that wasn’t enough, she then gained 2nd place against some lovely dogs!!

I honestly could not be more proud of both these girls and their owners and their achievement so far.




Some more good news to start the month, as litter sister's Jess & Elska (from our Dylan x Alice 2020 breeding) have received back their BVA Hip Scores 

The Greenland Dog breed average score here in the UK is 13.5 for the last 15 years and 14.7 for the last 5 years - however with the numbers / gene pool quite small in this country every x-ray submitted helps create a more representative range of samples from which to draw such data.

Elska has come in below both averages - and by coincidence identical to her Mum Alice's score - at a fab 11.
And Jess has been graded a super 5 (which is equal with the current lowest a Greenland has been graded in the last 15 years)!

So so pleased with both these girls scores and very proud as a breeder to be making a positive contribution.




We decided to spend Bank Holiday Monday over in wales at one of my favourite Open Shows, Aberystwyth & District Canine Society.

As always it was a fun day, particularly as this time I had the pleasure of finally supporting the Greenland Dog classes they originally scheduled back in 2020 but thanks to Covid have only this year been able to realise!

Alice got to sit the day out due to a severe lack of coat but Jess & Noah did not let the side down.
Both came away with first place cards from their respective Graduate & Open classes, and I was delighted to see Jess take Best of Breed, handled by our friend Hailey in the challenge.
Not content with that but as the only rare breed in the Working Group on the day, Jess went on to take Working Group 2 – so proud!!
And final cherry on the cake, she went into her Graduate Stakes class (an entry of 17 lovely dogs across all the groups) and came away with a third and some prize money!

A massive thank you to both the judges who thought well of my guys on the day (Angie Baker for the breed & group and Nicholas Farrugia for the Stakes) as well as the committee for organising a lovely event and of course those friends who made the day all the more enjoyable.





While due to unforseen circumstances I have had to stay at home, I am so proud of my trio of Greenlands representing the breed at the prestigious 2022 European Dog Show & Championnat De France International Championship Show held in Paris, France.

On Day 1 at the ED, our results under judge Kirsi Tevalin (Finland) were as follows:


Jess - 1st / Exc Junior Bitch, Best Bitch, Best Junior in Breed and Best of Breed, claiming the title of European Junior Winner 2022.

Noah - 1st / Exc Open Dog, CAC, CACIB, Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex, claiming the title of European Winner 2022

Alice - 1st / Exc Open Bitch, CAC, CACIB & Reserve Best Bitch, claiming the title of European Winner 2022


Today, at the Championnat De France 2022 it was judge Harri Lehkonen (Finland) officiating and another wonderful set of results.


Alice - 1st / Exc Open Bitch, CAC, CACIB, Best Bitch and Best of Breed, claiming the title of Latin Winner (FR) 2022

Jess - 1st / Exc Junior Bitch, Reserve Best Bitch & Best Junior in Breed, claiming the title of Latin Junior Winner (FR) 2022

Noah - 1st / Exc Open Dog, CAC, CACIB, Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex, claiming the title of Latin Winner (FR) 2022

Thank you so so much to friends Scarlett for handling Jess & Noah in the breed, Racheal for handlng Alice and Tara for helping out in the groups, as well as all those who have looked after them in my absence - so proud! A few photos from both days below:



A very special happy birthday to my very special Lucie who turns 12 years old today! 
She may not quite as quick as she once was, but still as demanding and gobby as ever (not to mention the only one who keeps Dylan in check)!! Love her to the moon and back, and remain ever so grateful for every moment she is still in my life making memories. We tried for some cute selfies but she insisted cuddles and woos were much more her style! 



A solo trip to Working & Pastoral Breeds Association of Wales Championship Show with Jess, where she was the lone Greenland Dog exhibited amidst an otherwise completely CED entry in AVNSC Working under judge Robin Searle (Surlson). Although still not in full coat, she makes me proud by winning her Junior class over 2 other lovely girls.



Another day out for Noah & Jess, this time at Edwinstowe & DCS Premier Open Show. Our AVNSC Working judge is Russel Mosedale (Knightsbay) who awards Jess 1st in Junior & Noah 1st in Open (over some other lovely boys from a variety of other breeds). Jess goes on to not only take Best AVNSC (with Noah claiming Reserve handled by friend Sarah Lafford) but also gets shortlisted in a Working Group of 14 dogs - very proud! 


Today we venture to Norfolk & Norwich Open Show with 3 Greenland for our AVNSC Working judge Allyson King (Allyking). Jess wins 1st in Junior handled by myself with her Mum Alice placing 3rd in Open handled by friend Racheal Bailey but star of the day is Noah who, capably handled by Stacey Watkins, not only wins the Open class but takes Best AVNSC Working over a variety of other CC Breeds (Newfoundlands, Dobermann, Leonbergers, Bouviers & Portugese Water Dogs to name a few)! As if that wasn't enough, he then goes on to place 4th in the Working Group under replacement judge Simon Luxmoore (Zima) and takes a 3rd in the Open Stakes from a 20+ entry winning me some prize money!


A long but fun day at Wellingborough Premier Open Show - my first show as an exhibitor since Crufts - with 3 dogs in tow.

First up was Harry who despite his hatred of the flooring at the venue came a respectable 2nd in Alaskan Malamute Veteran under breed specialist judge Marina Page (Cedarcreek).

No Greenland Dog classes so it was AVNSC Working for Noah & a still rather naked Jess where I was super pleased with them not only winning their respective Open & Junior classes but going on to see Noah take Best AVNSC (handled by friend Kerry Jelfs in the challenge) & Jess Reserve Best AVNSC under our judge Richard Kinsey (Kitarn).

My extra thanks to Marina Page who took the time to help capture a couple of photos for us; with indoor lighting not the best we optimistically tried for some formal shots outside with our judge where all involved learned that getting 2 somewhat bored Greenlands and their handlers to look vaguely sensible and in the same direction at the same time was not going to happen - but if nothing else we had a laugh and I couldn't not share the one I thought best captured their characters (Noah ready to launch for a squeaky toy and Jess giving the camera some sass)!





While I had the pleasure of judging on the other side of the country, I was lucky enough to still have some of the team representing the Greenland Dog breed at Retford CS Premier Open Show which once again scheduled breed classes for us.

Our judge was Ian Pullin (Whitewalker) who found his Best of Breed in his Junior class winner Zippy (Fenrirkin Gives You Wings With Austmans) handled superbly by owner Kim Jebson. It was a real family affair, with sister Jess winning Post Graduate (handled by friend Tara Fisher) & Mum Alice winning Open (handled by Anthony Johnson), with the latter claiming Reserve Best of Breed. 



A proud breeder moment for me, seeing Elska (Fenrirkin Out of the Black) competing at her first Cani-X race with owner Kurt - by all accounts she had a blast and I think they are both looking forward to more outings! 



Back to Crufts, this time with mother and daughter duo Alice & Elska who were doing their bit to represent the breed on the always popular Discover Dogs stand. The girls had a great time giving plenty of cuddles and kisses to all who visited. 



It wouldn't be March without Crufts!! It really was a fantastic day for the Greenlands, with the biggest entry we have had since 2018 and a mix of UK & Scandinavian bred dogs competing and several owners enjoying their first Crufts experiences!
My own trio didn’t let me down and came away with the following results under respected judge Sigurd Wilberg (Kanix):
Noah - 1st Open Dog, Best Dog & Best of Breed!!
Jess - 1st Junior Bitch, Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex
Alice - 1st Open Bitch & Reserve Best Bitch
Not to forget the lovely Elska (Fenrirkin Out Of The Black) who came 2nd to her sister in Junior Bitch - handled wonderfully by owner Charlotte Parsons as always - and our one Alaskan Malamute for the day, Harry who placed Reserve in Veteran Dog under breed specialist judge Keith Givens.

Of course it wouldn't be a normal day for us without a bit of chaos, and Noah’s group ring performance almost didn’t happen when we managed to miss the tannoy stating they were going to start early and had to literally run from Hall 4 to Hall 1, arriving sweating / panting just as the rest of the Best of Breeds were lining up for the first run in (eek!) – but despite us both being a touch warm and flustered Noah still greeted his individual assessment with standard Greenland enthusiasm and I hope represented the breed as best we could.

As always, my most sincere thanks to the judges on the day for thinking well of my guys and the good humour in which they assessed my always energetic bunch and of course to those who helped handling (Racheal Bailey with Alice, Scarlett Burnside with Noah for his class / dog challenge and Stuart Winterton who grabbed him for Best of Breed challenge while I stayed on Jess)! Our mad rush to the group ring meant we failed to get any good photos of the guys in breed judging but please enjoy what we have had shared from Noah's group experience.



A big happy birthday to our Harry and all the Cash x Kim babies from the Kiyara's Wolf-Pak V litter. Now 9 years old and still a big puppy at heart, making us smile every day with his enthusiasm, affection and all round silliness.





An easy day out at Cheltenham & DCS Open Show with just two dogs. 
Jess has a good outing with 2nd in AVNSC Working to the Best AVNSC winning Newfoundland under judge Alan Mease, but it is Harry who makes us extra proud placing 1st Open and ultimately Best of Breed under judge Racheal Bailey. This win is extra special as it gives him the final point to close his ShCEx (Show Certificate of Excellence) title - very proud!



Another weekend where we have been lucky enough to have Greenland Dog classes scheduled, this time up in the North East for Ashington & DCS Premier Open Show on Saturday, although after the fun of a power cut Friday night courtesy of Storm Eunice I decided to make my life easy by showing just three dogs.

Our judge for both breeds was Linda Pierson (Kiltonoaf) who gave Noah top honours in Greenland Dogs, placing him 1st Open & Best of Breed, with Jess the runner up after winning 1st in her Graduate class.
Harry also came out for the day and although still not a fan of the flooring managed 2nd in Alaskan Malamute Open.

Many thanks to friend Marina Page who assisted in the challenge as well as taking these two freestood photos of the Greenland pair outside the venue.



Today was National Working & Pastoral Breeds annual Open Show. I had entered Harry but decided to focus on the Greenlands who enjoy classes here. Officiating was Allyson King (Allyking) with the results for the Fenrirkin Team as follows:
Noah – 1st Open, Best of Breed *and* a Working Group shortlist from circa 20 dogs under group judge Barry Blunden (Licassa) – very proud! 
Jess – 1st Post Graduate & Reserve Best of Breed
Alice – 2nd Open (handled by friend Sarah Atkins).
Elska – 1st Junior (handled by owner Charlotte Parsons)

My thanks to Sally McKinlay for capturing these photos of them on the day.



We start the month at Isle of Ely CS Premier Open Show, which scheduled both Malamute & Greenland classes.


In Malamutes, Harry has a good day out under judge Adrian Bicknell, gaining 2nd in Open & RBOB to the eventual WG4 winner.

Onto the Greenlands with 5 dogs representing the Fenrirkin Team in the cards:
Jess: 1st Post Graduate & Best of Breed;

Noah: 1st Open & Reserve Best of Breed (handled by myself in the class and Karen Anderson in the challenge);

Alice: 2nd Open (handled in the class by Racheal Bailey)

Nika: 1st Junior (at her first ever show, handled by myself in the class and Anthony Johnson in the challenge)!

Elska: 2nd Junior (owned & handled by Charlotte Parsons) 


An all-round wonderful day with good company throughout. My sincere thanks to Sally McKinlay for sharing some photos of our gang in and out the ring.





Just two dogs and myself at Lichfield CS Premier Open Show today, which proved to be a sucessful outing.
From an AVNSC Working entry of 18 dogs (with 5 or so absent on the day) Jess made me super proud by not just winning her Junior Class but then taking Best AVNSC over some truly lovely competition from a variety of breeds. As if that wasn’t enough, she then went into a super strong Working Group and only made the shortlist to the final 6 from the 16 breeds scheduled!! Absolutely over the moon - especially with her being the only non-CC Breed in the group ring and still so young - and am so grateful to our judge, respected all rounder Graham Hill (Dimland), for his kind words and placings.
Harry also had a good day out. We decided to skip his AV Working Veteran class in light of his now confirmed Veteran Warrant but he still made an appearance in breed judging for judge Josh Henderson (Olijah), where from a decent entry he was his usual giddy self but still managed 1st in Open from 5 dogs prsent (the largest class of the day) and went on to take Reserve Best of Breed in the challenge.



Manchester Championship Show felt a bit like de ja vu, with my Greenland team once again topping the AVNSC Working classes under judge Sandra Marshall (Lowerdon).
Elska - owned & handled by Charlotte Parsons - won her Junior Dog / Bitch class, Alice won Open Bitch & Reserve Best Bitch, Noah won Open Dog & Best Dog and last, but not least, Jess won her Post Graduate Dog / Bitch class, Best Bitch & Best AVNSC! She also made it to the final 7 shortlisted in the Junior Stakes under judge David Guy (Donzeata), the only rare breed to do so. My gratitude to Stacey Watkins for handling Noah and to Anthony Johnson for taking Alice into the Bitch Challenge for me while I stayed on Jess. 



A fabulous first Championship Show of the year for us courtesy of Boston & DCS. No Greenland Dog classes here so it is AVNSC Working under judge Jacque Bayne (Corranroo) where my family trio do not disappoint.
Noah has a great day with 1st Open Dog, Best Dog & Best Opposite Sex (handled by Scarlett Burnside) but it's Jess who comes out on top winning 1st Junior Bitch, Best Bitch & ultimately Best AVNSC at just 13 months of age, with her Mum Alice taking Reserve Best Bitch in the Challenge after winning her Open Bitch class (handled by Racheal Bailey). 
Jess also makes me proud in a large, quality Junior Stakes class under judge Adrian Bricknell (Shimano) by taking VHC from a selection of lovely youngsters.



Our first show of the year is an Open Show outing for Worcester & Malvern CS.
No top honours in breed classes today - with Harry 2nd to the RBOB winner in Alaskan Malamute Open under judge John Ritchie (Dykebar) & Jess 3rd behind 2 nice Newfoundlands in AVNSC Working Junior under judge Lorraine Ratter (Seafar) - but a special day nonetheless as Harry goes on to take 3rd in AV Working Veteran giving him the final points required to close his Veteran Warrant title!!

Very very proud of him, having missed his first year as a Veteran due to Covid and so has achieved this title in just 9 shows over 5 months, and with 2 Best Veteran In Shows along the way - we couldn't resist a little something to celebrate.



What better way to start 2022 than by celebrating what we achieved in 2021?


Whilst it proved a quieter year, comparatively, for the Malamutes, our Greenland Dog Team of Daughter, Mother & Uncle did us proud in the UK Champ Show Scene. Across breed and AVNSC classes they gained 5 Best of Breeds, 11 Best of Sex, 9 Reserve Best of Sex, 1 Best Junior, 8 Best Puppy, 4 Puppy Group Shortlists & a WPG4 .

These efforts culminated in a fabulous set of results in the Our Dogs Top Dog Awards.
Noah - Top Dog in breed
Jess - Top Puppy in breed, Top Rare Breed Puppy in the Working Group *and* Joint Third Top  Rare Breed Puppy across all groups!
Not to mention some shared pride in with Suki (Noah's Mum) Top Brood Bitch, Balder (Noah's Dad) Top Stud Dog & Suna-Sanik (Noah & Alice's Breeder) gaining Top Breeder. Massive congratulations to Marit Ånes & Sofia Wallin.

Big thank you's to all who support us (friends, handlers & judges alike) - and an extra thank you to Jenny Shorer-Wheeler (Koromandel) for sharing her artistic talents to help us celebrate.