2011 News Blog





A big Merry Christmas from us all at Fenrirkin. Our thanks go to Sarah Towers of Wintadreama for designing this card. This year all proceeds from her card designs have gone to AHT Research funds: 



A lovely chilled (no pun intended) Winter backpack today. I took my own Lucie and Joan Sheehan's Womble, and Jo Cornah-Wade provided great company with his sister Porsche. The weather remained dry and crisp, with lots of icy puddles to keep the dogs amused, and all three carry 30% of their bodyweight and earn a leg towards their WPD titles. Well done pupsicles :)




The final Allerton Park Championship weightpull of 2011 where Lucie and I travel with friends Claire, Lee and the beautiful Willow for a fun-filled - but terrifyingly icy - day.


Lucie puts a smile on my face again, gaining her 3rd WWPD leg by pulling an equal personal best of 1500lb (over 21x her bodyweight) and coming 3rd in the 61-80lb class. 
Roll on 2012 for the next pull!




A trip down to Birmingham for LKA Championship Show - the last CC show of the year - and being second in the ring and with large entries to boot it was a long but enjoyable day!


Under breed specialist Kath Howarth (Hawkam), I first got the pleasure of handling at her first Champ show the ever so sweet and beautiful lady in red Nebraska - Cedarcreek Exclusive - (bred by Marina Page and owned by Kirsty Marie Mount Stephens and partner Ian) in a 10 strong Minor Puppy Bitch class, who although not making the final cut showed her socks of and moved a dream.


I was then back in with the wonderfully enthusiastic Quin - Celticice Quinarius Nessie (bred and owned by Gary Roach & Paula Pyper) - who despite a distinct lack of coat and it being her first time out of puppy and in Junior Bitch got placed 2nd in a class of 9, with sister Xhanxi stood proud next to her in 3rd.


My final trip into the ring for the day was with my own Lucie - Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin - now out of Junior and in Post Graduate Bitch for the first time at Champ Show level. In a huge class of 19 entries (4 absent) she did me proud by taking VHC.

Photo by Charlie Bowden.

Extra thank you to Charlie Bowden (Staggan) who has forwarded on to me this video of us both!



We start the month with an Open Show - Otley Canine Society - where under breed specialist judge Kat Copley Holland (Katabatic) Lucie takes 2nd place in Graduate Dog or Bitch despite my usual nerves.

Clearly looking forward to her cheese! Photo Credit: Keith Booth





And what a note to end the month on! At the Allerton Park Weight Pull Lucie does me seriously proud pulling a new personal best of 1500lb - over 21 times her own body weight - earning her second AMCA WWPD Title leg and coming 4th of 17 in her class.

Lucie gets going...
Almost at the end!

Stan also came along for the day out. Of course all he wanted to do was have some cuddles but he did have a couple of turns in Novice class before retiring for the day.




A wet and somewhat miserable day weather wise at the Allerton Park Weight Pull today, but despite this much fun!

Very pleased with Lucie who at her second competitive pull (and in slippy conditions) came 5th in her class by pulling 1200lb - more than 16 times her own body weight, a personal best and earning her first AMCA WWPD title leg.

Maya decided it was too wet for pulling and refused to even try at 500lb - cheeky girl!

Was a lovely day to catch up with friends and may thanks to friends Julie, Noobie, Pixie and Louis for great company :)






A trip to a local Open Show held by White Rose Canine Society where Lucie takes Reserve in Special Yearling under breed specialist Avril Roper (Tokosha).

Not many shows are this local, and with temperatures now dropping, it's lovely to be home by midday so that all three dogs can enjoy a nice long walk on a crisp Autumn afternoon.




Today the Allerton Park Weightpull Championship kicked off, with both Maya and Lucie out of novice and competing this year.


Lucie pulls 900lb (which if she weighed just 1lb less would have been enough for a WWPD leg) but sadly gives up halfway through her 1000lb pull - nonetheless, not a bad first attempt and a good base for the rest of the season!

Photo Credit: Sammy Taylor

Maya clowns around and is as cheeky as always but beats her previous personal best in competition also by pulling 900lb before deciding she wasn't even going to try 1000lb and walking out the chute -she wouldn't even pull when the trolley was being pushed through for her - but enjoyed it all the same!


Thank you to Nick Cornah for capturing perfectly her cheeky smile :)

And more thank you's to Joan Sheehan for these photos of her ladyship actually pulling (and for allowing Maya to borrow Porsche's pretty pink harness for the day)! 

Looking forward to the November pull already!




Contrary to my last update, Autumn is now definitely upon us with temperatures dropping and the rain drizzling constantly throughout a trip to North East of England Working & Pastoral Breeds Society Open Show at Newcastle Racecourse.

Despite the damp weather it's a lovely day and I am pleased to handle Lucie (Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin) to take 3rd in Yearling.

Waiting to go in the ring. Photo Credit: Joan Sheehan
In the line up. Photo Credit: Jonathan Horsman.





Hard to believe we're nearly in October on a day like today where a trip was made to the very local Driffield Championship Show in absolutely blazing sunshine.

I made the decision to handle Lucie - Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin - myself and was chuffed to see her earn her first red rosette at Champ show level by getting a 1st in Yearling Bitch (albeit as a solo appearance) under judge Bob Gregory.

Photo Credit: Joan Sheehan

I also handled Gary Roach and Paula Pyper's homebred girl Quin (Celticice Quinarius Nessie) for the first time and was pleased to see her gain a second in Puppy Bitch.

Well worth taking a day off work for - and I don't even think I got sunburned!



End of the month and it's time for the AMCUK Speciality Championship Show! And what a busy day it was! 

Lucie was handled by Sarah Towers (Wintadreama) in Junior Bitch, where both did me proud by being shortlisted, though sadly not placed, from a 17 strong entry under judge Dolores Montgomery.


I then took her into Special Rescue Stakes Junior Dog or Bitch where under judge Kirsty Terry (Koyukuk) she gained 2nd place, the highest placed bitch in this class - which I was thrilled with!

I swapped leads and went on to handle Womble - BJISS Hawkam Leading The Trail Via Amaqqut WWPD WTD - in Special Rescue Stakes Open Dog where he gained a 3rd.

I finally had the opportunity to take two of Womble's puppies into their first ever puppy classes: Willow (Celticice Semisses Cholet) owned and loved by Claire and Lee Wilkinson - loved every second of her first show and got VHC in Puppy Bitch. Hunter (Celticice Sesterius Tomsk) owned and loved by Bonnie Lindsell (Tarqaq) - was sadly feeling a little off colour and wasn't placed in his Puppy Dog class against a strong entry, but was a very good boy despite feeling under the weather.

In other news Lucie had her BVA Eye Screening for HC and came back clear / unaffected - so yay there!


And while at the show we picked up a copy of the 2012 Rescue Calender which I am proud to say features pictures of Lucie for the months of April (her birthday month!) & August, and Stan in October. If you haven't brought one already, please donate to a good cause (and get a fab calender for the price) by contacting AMCUK Merchandise Officer & Rescue Co-Ordinator.



A fun practice day at Allerton Park where I decide to take Stan (Chevy Bel Air Cruiser for Fenrirkin) along for a day out and a break from the horomonal havoc of a seasonal Lucie at home! Having never pulled in practice at home I enter him in novice expecting a lie down protest, so am amazed when he goes on to pull 800lb before I withdraw him from competition.


There was some initial protest and general goofing around but eventually the concept of pulling sunk in (I think the desire for the cheese in my hand had a lot to do with it)! Many thanks to Marina page (Cedarcreek) for these shots. Chuffed with my Stan the Man and looking forward to getting the girls back out there in October!



September starts with a little bit more coat and a return to the ring for Lucie (Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin), with an outing to Birmingham City Championship where under specialist judge Jim Broadberry she gains VHC in Junior Bitch (6 entries, 0 absent).

Earlier in the day I handle good friend Julie Botterill's girl Noobie - Chayo Black Magic WPD WWPD* (*stc) - in Veteran Bitch (10 entries, 5 absent) where she gets a 3rd against tough competition, qualifying her for Crufts for the second time this year!

Congratulations are also in order for the dog classes where crate-mate Womble gets 2nd in LD and Lucie's Sire BIS / BISS Snowolf Canuck Bullit gets his second RCC - so big well done to Sharon and Bullit too!





With Lucie now even more out of coat than before it's a slow start to the month on the showing front. So instead of the 400 or so round mile trip to Bournemouth Champ show we have a nice chilled Sunday stroll to get Lucie some practice with her backpack. And as the lighting was still so nice we actually got pictures!!

Ready to set off!
On our way back and stopping for a water break.

JULY 2011




 The weekend ends with a practice weightpull session where I am pleased to see Lucie (at only her second real attempt) manage 1000lb before we scratch for the day; not too bad a start! Roll on Autumn and working season :)

Thanks again to Joan for capturing these shots:


Getting a feel for it...
...Head down...

... And nice and steady to the finish line :)




As the month comes to an end Joan and I venture to our Local Champ Show at Leeds where I am down to handle both her boy Womble (BJISS Hawkam Leading The Trail Via Amaqqut WWPD WTD) and, in a rare moment of bravery, my very own Lucie (Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin).


The rather naked Lucie and I manage to get a 3rd in Junior Bitch.


Womble is sadly not placed in a tough Open Dog class but behaves wonderfully for me.

Super-Naked Lucie and I.
Womble & I on the move.



July continues well seeing Lucie - Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin - and handler Sarah Towers (Wintadreama) take 3rd at East of England Agricultural Society Championship Show in Junior Bitch (9 Entries, 3 Absent) yesterday. Well done ladies!

Also pleased to see her sire Bullit - BIS / BISS Snowolf Canuck Bullit ShCM - take the RCC - so big well done woos there too!

Photo Credit: Joan Sheehan



A nice start to the month at Windsor Championship Show where Lucie - Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin - takes 3rd in another good sized Junior Bitch class of 11 entries (1 absent) handled expertly by Sarah Towers.

Camera spotting!
On the move...

JUNE 2011




 A fabulous day at Blackpool Champ Show where under Breed Specialist John Phillips (Stormwinds) Lucie - Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin - gets a 3rd in a big Junior Class of 13 (3 absent).  Many thanks as always to Sarah Towers (Wintadreama) for the great handling and Marina Page (Short Bark 'N' Sides, Durham) for the superb grooming.


I later on went on to handle good friend Julie Botterill's beautiful girl Noobie - Chayo Black Magic WPD WWPD* (*stc) - in Veteran Bitch where she got a 3rd, qualifying for Crufts! So very pleased for this lovely lady.


To top it off, travel partners Joan and Womble - BJISS Hawkam Leading The Trail Via Amaqqut WWPD WTD - got a 1st in a tough Limit Dog Class! So big well dones all round!



 Joan and I took a trip to Honley Show Society's annual Open Show with Lucie - Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin - and Womble - BJISS Hawkam Leading The Trail Via Amaqqut WWPD WTD. Handled by myself for the first time in 6 months, I was delighted to see Lucie get placed 1st in Junior Class! I then went on to handle Womble in Open where he got placed 2nd to what was to be the BOB winner. It was a lovely, relaxed (well, once I finished with Lucie!) day out for us all.
Many thanks to Joan for the fab day out and to Judge Irene Rushfirth (Hikays) for thinking so well of my girl despite my obvious nerves!


Here we see a very chilled Womble and Lucie having finished their bit in the ring:



A lovely gift to start the month from talented handler and designer Sarah Towers of Wintadreama! Please go to my links page and visit Wintadreama's Site to see more of her fab work :)


Thanks again Sarah!

MAY 2011




What a fun weekend!


Saturday kicked off travelling down to Leicestershire with the Amaqqut Crew - Joan, Jeff, Womble, Porsche, Kodi, Kai, Tika - and of course Miss Lucie! First things first was the annual AMCUK Open Show.


Now firm partners in crime, Sarah Towers handled Lucie - Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin - in a very windy Junior Bitch class (12 entries, 3 absent) she takes VHC under Judge Jo Sugden.


With bitch classes clashing with dog classes, and Sarah busy with her own girls, I then (to my terror, having vowed I wouldn't be going back in the ring for some time) handled Womble - BJISS Hawkam Leading The Trail Via Amaqqut WWPD WTD - in her place where he earned despite my nerves a VHC in Limit Dog and a 2nd In Stud Dog (under judges Nicola Singh and Jo Sugden respectively). I also got the pleasure of handling Kodi - Hawkam's Initowinit WPD WWPD WTD - on what was to be his retirement show. He was smiling the whole way through, getting a 4th in Veteran Dog under Nicola Singh, and although unplaced, stood proud in the undoubtedly massive Special Working Certified Class (22 entries!) whose very trophy was named after the efforts of himself and Scooby in becoming the first UK dogs to earn an AMCA working title. Thank you to Joan and Jeff for the opportunity to share this moment!

Serious stuff out the way, it was time to wind down for the evening (with the good company of friend Julie, Noobie and Pixie, and new friends Nikki & Alaska) in preparation for the fun day. And much fun it was! Lucie and I enjoyed the chance to chat and catch up with friends. She got shortlisted for Prettiest Bitch in the Fun Dog Show, had a go at agility (which she enjoyed and is bugging me to let her try again). The highlight of the day had to be the Fastest Malamute Competition. On seal duty for the task, I took Princess Porsche down first to see how it was done (on the left) before Lucie gave it a go - both girls loved it, but weren't too keen on the bit where their lead got put back on at the end - running free was much more fun!


It was a hugely enjoyable weekend and much in the way of thanks has to go to all the committee members and volunteers for AMCUK who's hard work helped make it such a success!



Another groundbreaking day for myself as Lucie - Windberg Paparazzi To Fenrirkin - become my first ever dog qualified for Crufts. Handled again by Sarah Towers (Wintadreama), she did me proud by getting a 3rd in Junior Bitch under Judge Mary Deats, again with a respectable entry of 10 with 3 absent.

Photo Credit: Joan Sheehan

APRIL 2011




What a wonderful day at WELKS Championship Show on Friday 29th! Lucie and I travelled down with friends Womble and Joan. Having not shown much interest in the ring at her first two shows (particularly the bit where the judge goes over her), after nearly 5 months out from showing Lucie surprised us all by taking VHC in Junior Bitch under Judge Marion Sargent, in a tough class of 11 entries with only 2 absent.
Many many thanks going to Sarah Towers of Wintadreama (please see links) for her patient and skilled handling, Marina Page (ShortBark N' Sides, Durham -again, please see links) for the fabulous grooming.

Her mum Kirei - BPIS / BPISS Mottomo Kirei No Yukimigata - earned VHC in a tough Open Bitch class and our travelling companion Womble also got VHC in Limit Dog - so well dones all round :)

Photo Credit: Joan Sheehan
Photo credit: Joan Sheehan


Another fun day at the end of season weight pull with Lucie & Maya and our usual partners in crime - Julie, Noobie, Pixie, Stripeless & other ratty friends. It was glorious weather and Maya decided it was entirely too sunny to pull - and bailed out at a mere 500lb! But had great fun being a cheeky mare about the whole situation!

Lucie had a much more succesful day as she had her first go in novice class.


Admittedly she seemed a bit bemused by the whole idea at first. But soon the concept of pulling clicked into place.

She pulled 800lb before I decided to withdraw her. I'm sure she would have happily given 900lb a go but I didn't want to push her too far - and just shy of 12 times her on bodyweight was more than I could have asked for on her first attempt! So pleased with her!

Well done to all dogs and owners who have done so well over the season - roll on next Autumn!



A fun start to the month at the Allerton Park Weightpull. Maya, Lucie and I went with our friends from Mudiwarx - Julie, Noobie, Pixie (and the ratties Gonzalez and Fabio) - where a fab day was had by all. Noobie got the last leg she needed for her WWPD title (big well done!); Maya had her first time out of novice and in competition where she equalled her current best of 900lb; Pixie meeted and greeted her fan club and Lucie enjoyed the social experience and making new friends :)

It was a great day for title legs and personal bests for all our friends, so a big well done to everyone!


MARCH 2011



It wouldn't be March without mentioning the C word - Crufts of course!!

No entries from me, obviously, but I had a great day on Friday as official Amaqqut assistant (thank you Joan and Womble for the great company), and the opportunity to catch up with more far flung mally friends. 

On Sunday I went back solo to spectate and photographise the Japanese Akita Inu classes, and has a really lovely time catching up with old and making new friends alike.

Well done to all the beautiful dogs who did their owners proud on the day!




Well, lots of fun at Allerton park this month.
At the weight pull event on Saturday, Maya had her first ever go. We entered into the novice class but I am very proud to say she pulled 900lb without any lead, bait, or crossing the line on my part. And I rather think she enjoyed it too!!


Many thanks to Joan Sheehan at Amaqqut for these photos  please go to my links page to visit her site...


It was the trek on Sunday. Joan and Jeff at Amaqqut were kind enough to stick me on their rig with their own Womble (BJISS Hawkam Leading The Trail Via Amaqqut WWPD WTD) & Porsche (Hawkam Lucky Break WWPD WTD). It was a rainy, muddy 10.5 miles - and I provided most of the comedy moments for the day when I realised that the mud and my brakes were not compatible, earning the "most times fallen off" and "muddiest musher" awards - but it was lots of fun and the dogs were absolute stars!

Setting off - mud from the outset: 

(Many thanks to Janine Horsman-Phoenix at Nordicwinds for these pics)

About halfway through 
(thank you to Joan Sheehan at Amaqqut for these photos) 
 And drawing to the finish (and smiling for their mummy behind the camera)! 



A slow but steady start to the New Year as a result of post-Christmas work commitments - so not as much spectating at shows as we'd like! 

But on a positive note, as Lucie is maturing, she has started succesfully training alongside Maya on the scooter. Both have proved good motivators for one another and I am ever so proud of my girlies :)