A very rainy but enjoyable day at the Lincolnshire weightpull championship today. 

First up, a bit of a surprise with Jess who after actually managed one pull of 400lb in competitive circumstances (!!) After which she promptly reverted back to her ongoing insistence that it is impossible to move from the spot unless I am by her side. But she did still show more inclination to move in her novice pulls and progress is progress - we may get her back from her scare yet!

Onto Alice who showed great enthusiasm up to her final weight of 1100lb (18.64x her bodyweight) to come 2nd to daughter Elska in the 41-60lb class. I skipped the 1200lb pull to go straight to 1300lb where she decided it would be much easier to slip her harness off like a sweater two times in a row (doh)! Nice to know she hasn’t forgotten that particular party trick!!

Harry was the oldest dog competing on the day but was a very good boy and pulled 1700lb (20.73x his bodyweight) to come 2nd in the 81-100lb class (and tortured me once more by pulling that 1800lb more than two thirds of the way before running out of steam).

Noah also had a good day with a final pull of 2100lb (19.81x his bodyweight) to come 2nd in the 101lb+ class, an equal PB and, if he were a different breed, this would be his second WWPDA leg. 

And last but by no means least, another proud breeder call out to Elska (Fenrirkin Out Of The Black) who won the 41-60lb class with a pull of 1300lb (22.81x her bodyweight), also the highest weight pulled by a female dog on the day. Good girl!




Today Elska (Fenrirkin Out Of The Black) attended FDCUK's Dalby rally where by all accounts she and owner Kurts had a good day, teaming up in Bikejore class where they came away with a respectble time. Only attending one day of this two day race meant they weren't in the final podium places but based on Saturday only their time made them the fastest freight dog team and would have put them 2nd in the Adult Male category - very proud of them both!



Another Open Show with breed classes, this time North East to Ashington & DCS. Just Noah showing from our team but he doesn't let the side down, winning 1st Open & Best of Breed under judge Jane Hill (Molson)




An enjoyable day out at National Working & Pastoral Breeds Society Premier Open Show, which see's judge Dolores Montgomery (Gatti) officiating. Coming out on top is Noah, who wins 1st Open & Best of Breed, with Jess conceding to 2nd in the same class but claiming Reserve Best of Breed in the challenge.



A very enjoyable day out at Isle of Ely CS Premier Open Show today, which has scheduled Greenland Dog breed classes for a number of years now. Under judge Helen Taylor-Morris (Pelenrise) Jess wins 1st Open & Best of Breed, with Noah hot on her heels claiming 2nd & Reserve Best of Breed. Not done there, under Working Group judge Tim Ball Jess not only makes the final shortlist in good company from 17 dogs present, but goes on take a fantastic Working Group 2 - a good first show of 2024 for the Ginger one!



Today was the first weightpull competition of 2024, drawing an entry of 20+ Malamutes, CEDs, Greenlands & Sibes across the competitive / novice classes - it certainly proved a fun one and a particularly good day for Team Greenland!

Noah’s successful week continued, coming out on top by not only winning the 100lb+ class with a pull of 2000lb (17.9x his bodyweight) but also claiming the prize for Highest Weight Pulled overall on the day – good lad!! 

Getting to do my proud breeder bit once more, at the other end of the size-scale Elska (Fenrirkin Out Of The Black, owned by Kurts & Charlotte) not only won her 41-60lb class but also claimed Highest Percentage of Bodyweight pulled with a final weight of 1400lb / 25x her bodyweight – clever girl!

On a whim I decided to chuck Alice into her first competition post maternity leave, and although still carrying a bit more weight than she should, resultantly tipping into the 61-80lb class, she surprised me with by how well she did, coming 2nd in the class with a final pull of 1300lb / 19.1x her bodyweight Although she still decided to tangle her way out of a higher weight with her insistent socialising 

On the Malamute front, Harry didn’t seem to be feeling in the pulling mood on the day, although still placed 4th from 8 competing dogs in the 81-100lb class, ending on 1400lb (16.9x his bodyweight) after I skipped the 1500lb and he decided it was a no-go on pulling 1600lb. Hopefully he’ll be back on form for the February pull.

And last but by no means least, half-siblings Jess & Ryan came along to socialise (the former still resting after the previous weeks injury and the latter now fully vaccinated and having his longest van journey to date); I was super proud of how my little man took to meeting lots of new human & canine faces.



The first Championship show of the year for us at Manchester today – and it turned out to be a bit of a special one with two stars of the day!

First up is Noah who under breed judge Marion Hodgson wins 1st Open Dog, Best Dog and Best of Breed. Not done there, however, from 24 breeds present in the Working Group under John Ritchie he only went and made it into the shortlist – the first Greenland Dog to be part of a UK Championship Show Working Group shortlist in almost nine years!!! 
I am sure many understand just how much this means not just to me but to the breed, as with no Greenland Dog having ever been placed in a UK Championship Working Group (only Puppy, Veteran & SB group placings at this level) this now makes him one of only four Greenlands to have had the honour of this final consideration, the first being Chaos (Seacourt Stormy Sky) over 20 years ago, the second, and first male, being Cosmo (Sledog Howling Blizzard) in 2013 and the third Cosmo’s littermate Osca (Sledog Winter Blizzard ShCM) in 2015. How awesome to have my Norwegian powerhouse join this list of special dogs!

As if that wasn't enough, I also get to share a proud breeder boast as Nuuka – Fenrirkin Catch Me If You Can – owned by Jo & Carl came out for her first ever Championship Show, winning 1st Post Gradate Bitch (giving her the Crufts qualification they were hoping for) and then going on to take Best Bitch & Best Opposite Sex in the challenge – what a star! 



Today was a venture to Redditch & DCS Open Show (always a calendar favourite for their much appreciated support of rare & import breeds). Only Noah able to show on the day, but he didn't let the side down coming away with 1st Greenland Dog Open & Best of Breed under judge Jane Paradise (Shardlow).



A happy new year to all our friends and supporters and - as is tradition - we start by rounding up the Our Dogs 2023 Top Dog Awards which saw some fantastic wins for the Fenrirkin Team.


Top Dog in Breed - Jess

Top Stud Dog - Dylan

Top Brood Bitch - Alice

Top Breeder - Fenrirkin


Very proud of the full team and all they have achieved, and especially so as this is our first time with a homebred dog claiming Top Dog and also our first time as top breeder outright (having previously shared this accolade with Kennel Suna-Sanik, breeder of Noah & Alice).