We start the year with some exciting working news, as Noah & Alice get their first rally experience at the SHCGB Sherwood event.

Noah is ran by my friend Sarah Atkins in E3 class alongside my own Harry in wheel, and her girl Peech. Probably one of the few CED / Greenland / Malamute teams ever run in this country, so we are thrilled with them gaining a trophy for 1st place over the 2 days.

Alice is run by myself alongside Dylan in the D3 class, and I am super proud of them both making great improvements day on day and also coming away with a trophy for 1st place.

Very proud of both teams!

Lucie is not forgotten, however, and on while cheerleading from the van on Saturday, on Sunday spends the day with friend Joan at the Allerton Weightpull. She, unfortunately, weighs 1lb too much for her usual <60lb class so no Championship points and so is up against the bigger boys and girls, but still manages a pull of just under 20x her bodyweight before stopping inches from the finish line on the next weight, and certainly has fun being pulled by her "Auntie" Joan.