One final outing for Harry before we close the year, with a trip to Luton CA Open Show where he places 3rd in a nice AVNSC Working Open Dog class under Dave Chapman (Kitsune).




All three dogs showing at Spennymoor & DCS Open Show today under judge Sandy Lipman (Lisvane) with a trio of good results: Harry - 1st Open & Best of Breed; Dylan - 1st AVNSC Working & Best AVNSC; Lucie - 1st AV Veteran in Working Group.




Only Harry & I venturing out to Stourbridge & DCS Open Show, where he does me proud with 2nd AVNSC Working Open Dog or Bitch and Reserve Best AVNSC.




Back on UK soil, so we decide to head up North to Allerton Park for the weightpull competition.
Unsurprisingly, given all the travelling, none of my guys are pulling their best, but Dylan & Harry place 11th & 13th in the 81-100lb class, and Lucie places 1st in the 41-60lb class with a pull of circa 19x her bodyweight - not a bad effort.




Another weekend of European showing, this time in Holland for the Hond2018 International Show weekend in Amsterdam.
Hond2018 International Show weekend starting with the Holland Cup which gave us a nice set of results.
Greenland judge was Guido Schäfer (Germany) who placed Dylan 1st / Excellent Champion Dog, CAC / CACIB & Best of Breed
Malamute judge was William Rodriquez (Costa Rica) who placed Lucie 2nd / Excellent Veteran Bitch and Harry 1st / Excellent Open Dog, going on to award him the RCACIB in the dog challenge (adding to the CACIB & RCACIB he picked up in Brussels the week before – yay Haz)!
Sunday’s Winner show sees the same class placements for all 3 of my dogs.



We venture to Belgium to show this weekend, starting on Saturday the 8th at the Brussels Trophy, with judges Carsten Dirk (DK) for Greenlands and Theo Leenen (BE) for Malamutes.
Dylan – 1st Champion Dog & Excellent Grading, Best Dog, CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed!!
Harry – 1st Open Dog & Excellent Grading, CAC & CACIB, starting both his Belgian and International Champion titles!!
Lucie – 1st Veteran Bitch & Excellent Grading!

Sunday is the Brussels Dog Show, with judges Unto Timonen (FI) for Greenlands and Carsten Dirk (DK) for Malamutes
Dylan – 1st Champion Dog & Excellent Grading, Best Dog, Double CAC, CACIB, Best of Breed – Belgian Winner title!!
Harry – 2nd Open Dog & Excellent Grading, RCAC & RCACIB!
Lucie – 1st Veteran Bitch & Excellent Grading – Belgian Veteran Winner title and subject to confirmation closes her Belgian Veteran Champion title!!



Just Harry out at Woolwich & Bexley DCS Open Show, but he doesn't let the side down with a 1st Open and Best of Breed under judge Derek Allsop (Sandmel).





Another day Open Showing, this time at Sunderland & DCS.

Harry is first up, taking 2nd Open Dog / Bitch & RBOB under judge Pamela Carmichael.

Dylan is next, winning 1st AVNSC Working Open and going on to take Best AVNSC under judge Colin Dowson.

And finally, also under Colin Dowson, Lucie wins Best AV Veteran in the Working Group.



Today is the Nordic Speciality Open Show.
Under Malamute judge Maggi Bryant, Harry and Lucie both win their respective Limit & Veteran classes, with Lucie going on to take Best Bitch, Best Opposite Sex, Reserve Best of Breed & Best Veteran.

Kimberley Jebson judges the Greenland Dogs, awarding Dylan 2nd Open Dog or Bitch to his sister, and ultimately Best Dog, Best Opposite Sex & Reserve Best of Breed.



Wow, what a wonderful weekend we have at the Eurodogshow Kortrijk in Belgium.



On Saturday (Judge Theo Leenen) he takes the Excellent Grade, 1st Champion Dog, CAC, CACIB & Best of Breed. He repeats this effort on Sunday (Judge Myriam Vermeire) – Excellent Grade, 1st Champion Dog, CAC, CACIB & Best of Breed - but also claims the new title of ’Benelux Winner (Belgium) 18', as well as starting his Belgian Champion title.



On Saturday (Judge Frank Kane) she gains an Excellent Grade, 1st Veteran Bitch, Best Veteran and, under Best Veteran In Show judge Ruth Wagner, Reserve Best Veteran in Show!!
Sunday (Judge John Walsh) is also successful, with another Excellent Grade, 1st Veteran Bitch, Best Veteran, as well as giving her the new title of ’Benelux Veteran Winner (Belgium) 18'. This starts her Belgian Veteran Champion title and also closes the requirements for her Benelux Veteran Champion title!



A wet weightpull at Allerton today, but the dogs have fun! Harry & Dylan both go out at a lower weight than usual, for different reasons, but at least they don't come last! Lucie also goes out earlier than usual as the result of stopping millimetres from the end of the chute on her final weight, but still claims 1st in the 41-60lb class.



A good day out for the gang at Walsall & DCS Open Show. Dylan is 2nd Open & RBAVNSC to the WG2 winner under judge Rebecca Kaye. Harry is 1st Open & BOB under judge Penny Salsbury. And finally Lucie is 1st AV & Best Working Veteran, although sadly cannot stay to compete for BVIS.





Lucie, Dylan and I take a trip across the water to Dublin for the Bull Breed Association Championship Show.
In Greenland Dogs, Dylan wins 1st / Exc Champion Dog, Best Dog and Best of Breed - his 12th green star in less than 18 months and his 5th this year which subject to confirmation closes his IKC Annual Champion itle.
Lucie meanwhile gains a 2nd / Exc Champion Bitch in breed judging, but then did me super proud while I was tied up with Dylan by teaming up with friend Scarlett Burnside who handles her to take Runner Up Best in Veteran Stakes - a wonderful result!



It's a weekend of Open Shows and second places for us. On Saturday (20/10) only Harry is shown, taking 2nd in Open at Tredegar & DCS Open Show under judge Jane Brock. Both boys get an outing under judge Colin Woodward on Sunday at Northwich & DCS, though, with Harry placing 2nd Open in Alaskan Malamutes and Dylan placing 2nd Open in AVNSC Working.




Our second day showing in Poland, this time for the presitigious European Dog Show 2018.

Lucie is unplaced in a nice Veteran Bitch class but is graded excellent under judge Erodotos Neofytou (CY).

Dylan is handled by friend Scarlett Burnside where under esteemed judge Gerard Jipping (NL) he is graded Excellent and wins 1st Champion Dog, CWC, Best Dog, CACIB and Best of Breed, which means he not only gains the title of Euro Winner 2018 but also claims his Polish Championship title!



After a long few days travel, we arrive in Warsaw, Poland, to enjoy a weekend of showing which starts with the 80th Anniversary Jubillee Show.

Lucie is graded Excellent and places 2nd in Veteran Bitch under judge Krystyna Opara (PL).

Dylan also has a great day under judge Izabella Krasowska-Salamon (PL), being graded Excellent & winning 1st in Champion Dog, CWC, Best Dog and Best of Breed, giving him the title of Jubilee Winner 2018.



At long last our working season begins with the 1st weightpull competition in the Allerton 2018/19 Championship.

By coincidence, all my dogs go out trying for the 1400lb, giving Lucie 1st place in the 41-60lb class with a pull of 23x her bodyweight, and Dylan & Harry pulls of circa 15x their bodyweight in the 81-100lb class.




Today we are in Wales for SWKA Championship Show.

Our Malamute judge is Christina Chapman (Bukris), who places Harry Reserve in a strong Limit Dog class and Lucie 2nd in Veteran Bitch.

Dylan is showing in AVNSC Working Dog under Meg Purnell-Carpenter (Overhill) - and is certainly he odd one out in an entry otherwise entirely made up of German Pinschers - but nonetheless places 2nd in Open Dog and goes on to take Reserve Best Dog in the challenge.





Dylan ends the month on a high, by heading over to Northern Ireland with friends for Belfast Championship Show. In AVNSC Working under judge Mrs R McCarry-Beattie he places 1st Open Dog, Best Dog & BAVNSC. Extra thanks go to Racheal Bailey & Rebecca Croft who handle Dylan in the breed & group judging respectively.



A wonderful day at the AMCUK Championship Show under breed specialist Maureen Boyd (Icescape).

Harry starts the day well with a 1st in Mid-Limit Dog, however Lucie is the star of the day, not just winning a strong Veteran Bitch class, but going on to win Best Bitch, her 4th CC and her 4th Best Opposite Sex in Speciality Show - over the moon!



Only the Malamutes out and about at Sheringham & DCS Open Show, which sees Lucie place Res in AV Working Veteran and Harry place 2nd Alaskan Malamute Open and RBOB.




A set of mixed results for us at Darlington Championship Show, with Lucie placing VHC Alaskan Malamute Veteran Dog / Bitch under Alaskan Malamute judge Anna Paloheimo and Dylan winning Reserve Best Dog in Greenland Dog classes under judge Simon Luxmoore.




A trip North to Stanhope AS Open Show today. Lucie places 2nd AV Veteran and Dylan places 1st AVNSC Working & BAVNSC under judge Russel Jones (Quemerford). But Harry once again gets the biggest reward for his efforts, with a 1st Alaskan Malamute & BOB under judge Mark Wakeford (Bramikdel), followed by WG3 in a good sized working group under Russel Jones.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Brown, 1 week earlier at CoB Championship Show



Another decent day of results at Wolsingham & Wear AS Open Show. Under judge Simon Luxmoore (Hushwing), Lucie takes 2nd AV Working Veteran and Dylan 2nd AVNSC Working Open Dog. But star of the da is Harry, who under judge Angela Pedder (Caldermist) wins 1st Alaskan Malamute Open and goes on to take Best of Breed.

Harry. Photo credit: Myra Butler



A good start to the month at City of Birmingham Championship Show, which saw Harry take VHC in Limit Dog (Malamutes) and Dylan take 2nd Open Dog (AVNSC Working). Lucie wasn't entered in the breed but earned her keep with a prize money win from 4th in the Veteran Stakes






Another trip to Wales, this time for Flint & Deeside CS Open Show, and what a wonderful day it was.


Harry was showing under judge Kenneth Baines, who awarded him 1st Open Alaskan Malamute and Best of Breed!


Then, under Christina Chapman (Bukris), Dylan starts well by winning 1st AVNSC Working Open and Best AVNSC, and goes on to take WG3 in a nice Working Group (with a special thanks to friend Pat Byrne who helped out with handling the boys in the group together).


But Lucie pulls out all the stops and takes 1st AV Working Veteran, and then goes on to win her 4th All Breed Best Veteran In Show! Over the moon!!



We ventured to Wales today for WKC Championship Show.

In Malamutes, Harry did well with a 2nd in Limit Dog, and Lucie 1st Veteran Bitch and Best Veteran in Breed under judge Richard Kinsey (Kitarn).

Dylan was showing in AVNSC W/P/T under Martin Freeman (Pepsidee) where he came away with 1st Open Dog, Best Dog and BAVNSC. A big thank you must go to Charlotte Druce for takign Dylan into the group for me while I had Lucie in the Veteran group.

I also got the pleasure of handling the lovely 'Kis' - A'taira Kis Kazana At Kamish - in Turkish Kangal Dogs to 1st Open Bitch, Best Bitch and Best of Breed under Frank Kane (Hirontower).




An amazing 3 days of showing in Amsterdam (Netherlands) for the World Dog Show, G5 Speciality and Benelux Winners Shows with Lucie and Dylan.


Thursday is the Benelux Winner Show.

Dylan exhibits under Greenland Dog Judge Bo Skalin (Sweden) where he places 1st & is graded Exc, and goes onto win Best Dog, the Double CAC & CACIB, Best of Breed and earns the Benelux Winner Title!

Lucie exhibits under Alaskan Malamute Judge Kari Jӓrvinen (Finland) where she places 1st & is graded Exc, and does me proud by winning Best Bitch & Double CAC (no CACIB as won from Veteran class), BOS (no Benelux Winner title as won from Veteran class), Best Veteran in Breed and earns the Benelux Veteran Winner Title!


Friday is the Speciality Show.

Dylan exhibits under Greenland Dog Judge Annukka Paloheimo (Finland) where he places 1st & is graded Exc, taking Best Dog / Double CAC and Best of Breed.

Lucie is under replacement Alaskan Malamute Judge Martin Croeser (South Africa) where she places 2nd & is Graded Exc.


Sunday is the prestigious World Dog Show.

Dylan is under Greenland Dog Judge Erna Upmeijer (Netherlands) where he places 1st & is graded Exc, and goes onto win  Best Dog, the Double CAC & CACIB, Best of Breed and earns the World Winner Title!!

Lucie exhibits under Alaskan Malamute Judge Graham Hill (UK) where she places 1st & is Graded Exc, which earns her the Veteran World Winner Title!!


All these results mean that Lucie has now started both her Dutch Champion and Dutch Veteran Champion titles, but even more excitingly mean that subject to confirmation, Dylan has now has completed the requirement for his Dutch Championship title - good black dog!



3am Monday the alarm went off for a worthwhile trip down to Paignton Championship Show.

In Malamutes, under breed specialist Kath Howarth (Hawkam) I was very pleased with Harry placing a respectable VHC in a strong Limit Dog class (the largest class of the day) and Lucie - despite no Veteran classes or awards scheduled - doing me proud with a 2nd in Open Bitch, going on to be called back into the challenge to take the RCC / Reserve Best Bitch.

Dylan had a long wait for his Greenland classes, but well worth it as he won 1st Open Dog, Best Dog and ultimately Best of Breed under judge Toni Jackson (Elbereth) - sadly we couldn't stay for the group but he did me proud nonetheless.

JULY 2018




An enjoyable day out at Sunderland & DCS Open Show with good results for the gang.
Harry places 1st Alaskan Malamute Open and Best of Breed; Dylan places 1st AVNSC Working Open and Best AVNSC; and Lucie wins 2nd in Working Veteran and even won some prize money!



A very busy weekend but an enjoyable one, despite high temperature for the British summertime.

Saturday is National Working & Pastoral Breeds Association Championship Show. In Malamutes, Harry places Reserve in Limit Dog and Lucie 1st Veteran Bitch under judge Rodney Oldham; in Greenland Dogs, Dylan has a good day under judge Jim Broadberry, placing 1st Open Dog, Best Dog and Best of Breed - his 10th UK Championship Show BOB / BAVNSC, no less.


Sunday we travel further South to Kingston CS Open Show with the boys out and about..
Dylan wins 1st Greenland Dog Open and Best of Breed under Darren Clark, and then Harry repeats his efforts also winning 1st Alaskan Malamute Open and Best of Breed under Margaret Bayes.


A quick photos of the gangs haul from their efforts.



Today we wish a happy 11th birthday to our special boy Stan - our first Alaskan Malamute and so special to every member of our family in every way!



A good start to the month - despite extremely warm weather - at East of England Championship Show.

Dylan was in AVNSC classes under judge Chris Thomas where he came 2nd in Open and Reserve Best Dog.
In Malamute judging, under Barrie Croft, Harry took Res in Limit Dog but Lucie despite being in the most cheeky of moods won 1st Veteran Bitch, the Reserve CC / Reserve Best Bitch, Best Veteran in Breed and finally Working Veteran Group 4 under judge Graham Godfrey - what a great day!

JUNE 2018




We end the month at Windsor Championship Show. Malamute judging is officiated by Frank Kane (Hirontower) who awards Lucie Reserve in a mixed Veteran class (2nd Veteran Bitch) and Harry VHC in Limit. Dylan is competing in AVNSC W/P under Peter Jolley (Rubio) who awards him 2nd in Open Dog, behind the eventual Best AVNSC winner, no less.



It was a very wet day at Border Union Championship Show yesterday, but an enjoyable one nonetheless.
The boys had a respectable set of results, with Dylan taking 2nd Open Dog in AVNSC Working under judge Patsy Hollings, and Harry Res in Limit Dog under our judge Jim Broadberry (Hyteton). However Lucie saved the best till last and came away with 1st Veteran Bitch, the Bitch RCC and Best Veteran In Breed - clever girl!



Just the boys having a day out at Ashfield & Notts CS Open Show in AVNSC Working, where under judge Rosalie Cobley Harry wins his class and Dylan comes 2nd in Open behind the eventual BAVNSC winner.



We venture out to Honley AS Open Show, where under judge Keith Rushfirth, Harry places 3rd Open Alaskan Malamute, Dylan takes 2nd Open AVNSC Working and Lucie places 1st AV Working Veteran. But not happy to leave it there, Lucie pulls out all the stops under judge Patricia Clayton (Barvae) to win Best Veteran In Show - her 4th in just over a month!




An amazing day.


Dylan places Reserve in a super strong AVNSC W/T Open Dog class that was headed up by the eventual Terrier Group Winner.

Harry is 2nd in Limit Dog under Breed Specialist Liz Bruns (Kirakoo).


But Lucie is the star, not just winning her Veteran Bitch class but taking Best Bitch, her third CC (which subject to confirmation earns her a UK Champion title) and finishes it off with Best of Breed! Over the moon....



Today we are at Ripon & DCS Open Show.
Harry continues his good form and wins his Malamute Open class & Best of Breed.
Dylan goes one better and wins AVNSC Open, Best AVNSC & Working Group 3!
And Lucie clearly had enough of the boys stealing the limelight and wins Best Veteran in the Working Group and goes on to take Best Veteran In Show - her third in the space of a month, what a star!!



Southern Counties Championship Show today with all three dogs out:
Dylan shows under judge Howard Ogden (Beauview), where is placed 2nd Open Dog in AVNSC Working (behind the PWD that went WG4 no less)!
Meanwhile, under Finnish judge Unto Timonen, Lucie came Reserve in a mixed Veteran class (though I can pretend it was 2nd Veteran Bitch if we ignore the male entries).
But Harry gave me the best surprise despite his lack of coat by winning a nice Limit Dog class and gaining his Stud Book Number & lifetime Crufts qualification!!

MAY 2018




Today we were at Stafford County Open Show, where Dylan was Reserve in AVNSC Working Open, but in the end it was all about the Malamutes with Harry 1st in Open and Best of Breed under judge Jay Horgan (Aritaur), and Lucie winning Best Veteran in the Working Group under judge Mark Wakeland. Nothing in the Group / BVIS but given the sweltering heat was very pleased with them.




A rare evening Open Show at Boston & DCS Premier Open Show, were it was a Best Buddies Night Out for my boy Harry, and friend's Joan, Jeff & Marina's co-owned Tyler - Cedarcreek Frozen River. Malamute judge is breed specialist Anne Nevinson (Wintalakes), who awards Harry 1st in his class, with Tyler then taking 1st and Best of Breed.




A mix of torrential rain and raging temperatures at Bath Champ Show, but the dogs did me proud nonetheless with Harry & Lucie both gained 3rds in their Limit and Veteran classes under judge Sue Hewart-Chambers (Sunhaze).
Dylan took the spotlight, however, with 1st Open Dog, Best Dog and Best of Breed!
I even squeezed in a bit of handling too, and was particularly pleased with friend Racheal Bailey's Shanara - Akna Iskut - working really well for me and placing 1st in her Post Grad class




Not even 12 hours after we get home from our trip to Scotland, we head down South to Coventry for Redditch & DCS Open Show.
In Malamute judging, under Krystyan Greenland (Rajarani), Harry takes 1st Open and Reserve Best of Breed. Under the same judge, Lucie takes 3rd in a nice AV Working Veteran Class. But star of the day is Dylan who under Breed Judge takes 1st Open & Best of Breed, but in a large Working Group goes on to take WG2 behing the eventual Best In Show winner - over the moon!



Our month continues well with a trip up to Edinburgh for SKC Championship Show.

In Malamute judging, under Helen Burke (Firedragon) Harry takes 3rd in Post Grad Dog (the biggest dog class of the day) and Lucie takes 3rd in Veteran Bitch.
In Greenland Dog judging, under Helen Patterson, Dylan takes 1st Open Dog, Best Dog and Best of Breed.




A fun (but long) day at Birmingham National Championship Show.

Our Alaskan Malamute judge was Jill Peak (Bayard), who places Harry 1st in Post Grad Dog, and Lucie also 1st in Veteran Bitch

We are lucky to have Greenland classes scheduled here, with judge Robin Newhouse (Annecy) placing Dylan 1st Open Dog, Best Dog and Best of Breed.



Today the dogs and I ventured into the sunny, Welsh countryside for Aberystwyth & DCS Open Show.


Harry & Dylan were both competing in AVNSC Working under judge Chris Burscough (Kilfinan) and came away with 1sts in their respective classes. But it was Harry who triumphed in the challenge (kindly handled by Huw Morris) for Best AVNSC, going on to take Working Group 3.


Then onto Lucie, who pulled out all the stops, taking first in Group for Working Veteran, and then (despite another sweltering day) taking Best Veteran In Show under BIS Judge Mr T Mervyn Evans – her 2nd in 3 days!



An amazing day for the gang at the AMCUK Speciality Open Show to start the month.

Harry places VHC in Limit Dog under judge Jane York (Snowstruck) and goes on to take Res in Special Open Import and Best Working Certified Dog under judge Jenny Shorer-Wheeler (Koromandel).
Lucie excels herself, winning her Special Veteran (7-9 Year) class and going on to take Best Bitch & Best Veteran Bitch under judge Jenny Shorer-Wheeler (Koromandel). She then goes into the Best In Show challenges, and in conjunction with co-judge Jane York (Snowstruck) & Referee Noel Melling (Penpriory) she takes Best Veteran In Show, Best Opposite Sex In Show and Reserve Best In Show - her third RBISS!
Even Dylan gets a turn in the ring for the Fun Dog Show where he places 4th in Most Handsome Dog under surprise judge Tony Nevinson!

APRIL 2018




We end the month at WELKS Championship Show with all 3 dogs showing.
Dylan is in AVNSC Working and places 3rd in Open Dog under judge Frank Kane.
Out Malamute judge for the day is Breed Specialist Sue Ellis (Chayo), who place Harry 2nd in Post Graduate Dog (Crufts qualifying him for 2019) and Lucie 1st in Veteran Bitch.




The MOYA (Malamute Of The Year) Awards were announced at the AMCUK AGM today, yielding some great results for my crew.

Harry came away with 6th Top Import, 12th Top Dog & 17th Top Malamute.
Lucie won 2nd Top Bitch, 2nd Top Veteran (from only 4 eligible months of showing) & 7th Top Malamute. It was great to see her Father 'Bullit' also in the tables, receiving 7th Top Stud Dog.




A very big happy birthday to my leading lady, Lucie, who turns 8 years old today. No signs of her slowing down just yet as she continues to keep the boys in check and make me proud with her achievements.




Today the end of season trophy presentation took place at Allerton Park, along with a non-championship pull. We were very disappointed to be unable to attend one of our favourite events of the season, but nonetheless had some great results announced.

Harry came 10th of 35+ competing dogs in the 61-80lb class, and Dylan came 12th of 25+ dogs in the 81-100lb class.

But Lucie came away with top honours, taking away the 'Hawkam Trophy' for 1st in the 41-60lb class for the 2nd year in a row, and also winning the 'Lord & Lady Mowbray Trophy' for Highest percentage of bodyweight pulled during the championship season.

Lucie's wins, photo sent live from the award ceremony courtesy of Anne Nevinson.



We have a nice day at Mountsorell & DCS Open Show today with all three dogs.

Greenland Dog classes are scheduled, and under judge Angela Anderson (Cherubini) Dylan places 1st in Open Dog or Bitch and ultimately wins Best of Breed (although sadly cannot compete in the group as the scheduled judge is his registered breeder).
Under the same judge for Malamute classes, Harry places 1st Graduate Dog or Bitch and comes away with Reserve Best of Breed in the challenge.
Lucie has a blue rosette day, and places 2nd in Open Dog or Bitch in breed judging, and 2nd in AV Working Veteran under judge Nicola Singh (Sledog).


Today I head to the Canadian Eskimo Dog Club of Great Britain's Breed Appreciation Day with Harry, Lucie and Dylan, who are acting as demonstration dogs in part of their sled dog breed comparison section. They dogs enjoy getting to mingle with the CEDs and meet lots of people interested in the different sled dog breeds.


Another fun weekend across the water for the Combined Canine Club Easter Classic (2 IKC Championship Shows over 2 days).

Day 1 was the International Show, which saw Dylan Excellent Graded and then win 1st Champion Dog, Green Star Dog, CACIB and Best of Breed under judge Mr H Klibenstein, while Lucie also got the Excellent Grade and took 1st Open Bitch, Reserve Green Star and the CACIB against nice competition under judge Ms E Hakkinen.

Day 2 was the National Show, and Lucie fairly repeated her efforts with another Excellent, 1st Open and Reserve Green Star. But Dylan was not content to leave it at that, and after taking his 11th Green Star and Best of Breed, only went and got a Group Shortlist in a large Group 5 under Mr H Sayama - thrilled is an understatement!

MARCH 2018



Not a bad start to the Easter weekend at Edwinstowe & DCS Open Show where it was a day for the boys.
Harry was as happy as ever, taking 2nd in his AVNSC class under judge Adrian Bicknell (Shimano).
But never to be outdone, Dylan did me proud by winning his Greenland Dog Open class and ultimately taking BOB against a fab entry of dogs under judge Martin Esders (Roxiga).

Dylan in the Group. Photo Credit: Suzanne Iles
Harry waiting in his class. Photo Credit: Suzanne Iles


Today marked the final Championship weightpull at Allerton Park, and what a lovely day it was with actual sunshine, good company throughout and some fantastic pulls from all the dogs.

Dylan didn't quite seem to have his head in the task at hand despite Marina's best efforts, but nonetheless pulled 1400lb (17.3x his bodyweight).
Harry showed the best form he has all season and came 6th of 18 dogs in the 61-80lb class with a respectable pull of 1500lb (19.7x his bodyweight).
Lucie, however was my star of the day, not only winning her 41-60lb weight class but doing so with style, pulling an impressive 1800lb - 33.3x her bodyweight!! She even got the 1900lb going - a weight she has never managed to get rolling before - but just couldn't keep her grip to finish the pull. A great way to end the season.




Another weekend in Ireland, for the St Patricks Day & Celtic Winners International Championship Shows.
Lucie came away with 1st Alaskan Malamute Open Bitch, Excellent Grading & the RCACIB in the challenge against some nice competition on both days.
Dylan of course not to be outdone took 1st Greenland Dog Champion Dog, Excellent Grading, Green Star Dog, CACIB & BOB on both days – which means he can add the title of ’Celtic Winner 2018’ to his name and is now IR CH Sledog Brutte Coffea Del Fenrirkin (An Ch’17, CW’18).

Photo Credit: Sarah Cushley



It's a wet and slippery weightpull at Allerton today and as a result of that - and my ambitiously skipping weights with the boys - all my dogs go out on the same final weight.

For Harry and Dylan this gives them 14th & 12th in their respective weightclasses, but Lucie is my star as always, winning her class with a pull of over 22x her bodyweight.




Back to the NEC for Day 2 of Crufts, but this time with Dylan who teams up with his sister Latte to represent the Greenland Dog in the 'Discover Dogs' booth. They both have a fun but tiring day impressing the public with their breed charm.




An incredibly long day at Crufts for Working Breed judging on Thursday – on the road for 4am as a result of Malamutes starting at 9am, but Greenlands not in the ring until after 4pm- well worth the fatigue as dogs made me very happy.

Harry had his first show outing since November, and although unplaced in a large Post Graduate Dog class was a good boy and got some lovely comments.
Lucie was next up in a 10+ Veteran Bitch entry where she came away with a Reserve against strong competition.
Dylan had a fabulous day in Greenland judging, winning his Open Dog Class and then going on to take Best Dog – over the moon!! He then went on to gain Best Opposite Sex to his Mum, Java.





Today we travelled South to compete in the AMCUK run Eastleigh Weightpull for the first time.
Harry and Dylan both had promising starts but lost concentration after a few pulls placing them 8th & 6th in their respective classes.
Lucie, however, was on good form, and did me absolutely proud beating the boys on weight pulled by 220lb, ultimately placing 1st in her class and gaining highest percentage pulled for the day at 17.89x her bodyweight. Very proud!



A cold but thankfully dry day at the Allerton weightpull today.
Harry had even less concentration than usual and can only boast not coming last in the 61-80lb class – a firm word will be needed for next time!

Lucie worked hard as usual, pulling 24.53x her bodyweight – the second highest % of the day and highest % by a bitch – to win the 41-60lb class. Good girly,

Dylan, however, was my star as he only went and pulled a new Personal Best of 1700lb – 20.24x his body weight! 
This was the highest weight pulled by a Non-Malamute against strong competition today and was enough to see him placed 6th in the always competitive 81-100lb class. 
But even more excitingly, I believe this is a new Greenland Dog UK Breed Record for both weight and percentage of body weight – clever boy! 
Huge huge thanks to Marina who continues to do a fabulous job working with him in the chute – you are also my star of the day




This weekend saw me and the gang heading up to Scotland to take part in AMCUK’s first rally at Carron Valley. A fairly challenging trail which saw the ice, snow and slush on day 1 soon turn to mostly mud on day 2, but such picturesque views over a nice 4.6 undulating miles each day. 
Following my current tradition of a new pairing every time, this event saw me borrowing Canadian Eskimo Dog 'Eiger' (Swiscool Avec Akna**) from friends Racheal Bailey & Sarah Atkin’s  to run with Dylan in MB2. We placed first on Day 1 but lost some time on Day 2, coming 2nd overall – very proud of the effort put in by my ”All Black” team, especially considering this was Eiger’s first run post maternity leave. 
Harry and Lucie also went out in M2 on the first day but we scratched after it became clear Lucie was not willing to run on the tougher, stony sections of the trail which were only worsened when the snow melted on Day 2. An enjoyable weekend with good company all through.





An amazing weekend with another Greenland Dog 1st!
Back in December I received an email confirming Dylan had qualified for Navan Dog Club’s inaugural ’Best of the Best Supermatch’, a 1 day competition in Dublin where all the Top Dogs / Bitches / Puppies / Veterans for Ireland’s 2017 show season are invited to represent their breeds in a round by round match set up under a group of respected all round judges. 

Such wonderful news, with Dylan being the first ever Greenland Dog to participate in such an event.

After an overnight Ferry on Friday night, Dylan was the first in the ring Saturday morning against a beautiful SH CH Cocker Spaniel – and to my delight he won his match under respected judge Jeff Horsewell - yay Black Dog!  

I also had the pleasure of handling the ever so sweet Canadian Eskimo Dog 'Kola' - Akna Kohler - on behalf of friend Racheal Bailey for her Puppy match against 3 other lovely youngsters. Despite having never had me on the end of a lead before, she too made it through to the next round too under judge Zena Thorne-Andrews - what a clever girl!

The next round saw Dylan put on a good performance versus his LC Chihuahua pairing but not make it through any further. Kola however did win her way into the Semi-Final, where she was a very good girl but conceded with a smile to a lovely Boxer and Aussie Shepherd.

A lovely weekend all through.



Round 5 of the Allerton Weightpull Championship today.
Harry weighed into the 81-100lb class for the first time this season, where he ended on a pull of 1400lb (around 17x his bodyweight) .
Dylan was in the same class, where I was really pleased with him pulling an equal personal best of 1600lb (just under 19x his bodyweight) in a speedy 12 seconds, coming 9th of 18 dogs (the highest weight pulled in the fastest time by a Non-Malamute on the day).
And Lucie was a very good girl too, winning the 41-60lb class with a pull of 25.93x her bodyweight, the second highest percentage pulled for the day.




This weekend it was up to the Lake District for the AMCUK Grizedale Rally for a weekend of first time teams, with Harry having his first competitive run with Afear Logan's CED  'Ember' in MB2, and for my team in the same class, Dylan having his first ever run with Gaynor Donley William's Siberian Husky 'Tokala'. She might have been 8.5 years older than Dylan, but she certainly knew how to keep him in line and worked her socks off to give us both such a fun 9+ miles over both days! 

Even Lucie even got a leg stretch by heading out in the Recreational class with Patricia Byrne's CED Kolu as another first time pairing.
In the end, my Dylan & Tokala team placed 2nd in MB2, but I was over the moon to see Harry & Ember win 1st place on both days – fab work puppies!



Today saw our first Championship Show of 2018 at Boston & DCS.
Harry escaped a bath as I ran out of time to groom after work, so just the B&W duo.
Lucie placed 3rd in a particularly nice Veteran Bitch class in breed judging under specialist Keith Givens (Shomont) and to my delight was shortlisted in a big Veteran Stakes class later in the day under Keith Baldwin (Nightwish), kindly handled by friend Sarah Atkins.

Meanwhile I was busy with Dylan who placed Reserve in AVNSC Working Open Dog and 1st in AV Rare Breed Open Dog (although sadly didn’t get the opportunity to challenge for Best Dog as no Best of Sex declared for these classes as has been done in previous years).

I also managed to squeeze in some handling for the day with Racheal Bailey's red boy 'Azlan' (Akna King Peak) who took Reserve Best Dog in breed judging and then worked well with his mother & sister to win the  Working Breeder Group. Well done Team Akna!